Feeder Fantasy by Fallboy - Translations & Mods (Ver. 1.2.2, Original Ver. 5.0)

Not really. The English one builds off of whatever the Japanese one puts out, usually. That’s part of why they’re taking it slow on the update, iirc.


We can only hope. Do you know who the artist of the game is?

It’s Sunny3257, here is a link to their twitter if you want https://twitter.com/Sunny3257_29

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What do I even do past Alicia’s first weight stage?

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Assuming that she’s started refusing food for the first time: You need to get the Specialty Shortcake from the bakery to nudge her over the line.
If you are at the second blockage, you need to give her her old armor to see what happens.

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So is the self blob ending and the Labyrinthe Temptation ending supposed to be blank black screens and only text boxes? I would very much like to see the sizes of the characters in those cutscenes.


Both Japanese localisation and the translation mod doesn’t have any CG/pictures to show the process, ending and aftermath so yeah black screen for now


What about the snacks that Karen wants?

Tavern there are two I think one liked on e not

Progress the Tavern quests, if memory serves correctly.

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So the Original? Is their like the New Game plus things? Like weight manipulation, or weight gain sprites and arts Im playing a version of it but Im not sure

The original or Japanese localisation of the game has new game things but it doesn’t have like weight manipulation tool as well no fat sprite for the mc but there’s some CGs for the mc😗
Edit: if I’m wrong about no weight manipulation tool, my bad

you can use the “master password” that’s basically all cheats, basicallly infinite food, infinite money, can use a weight manipulator that lets you get fatter or skinnier whenever you want, gives you all quest items from the start, etc. the password is EZ$ (literally just how i wrote it)

Does anyone know how to fatten alice up? cause im at the second stage and it feels like there is no pass it unless there is a way. but thank you and hope you have a good day today :blush:

assuming you mean Elise, one of the tips from the info vendor tells you what you need
it’s just a matter of going through the game until you get it


feed the fairy

They probably mean Alicia.

@Blade_Upbeat if you mean the former hero Alicia and she has started to refuse food. You need to get the shortcake from the bakery. And if you are at the next weight stage her armor is at the blacksmith.

If you need it there is a detailed guide to the game in the README file that is included with the game. Just scroll down past the changelog and credits within the README to see how to progress each girls’ quest.