Feeling the Weight of It All - Weight gain VN

Oh nice! Another Weight gain VN pops up after Forks being canceled ill watch up the update tried it out so far. Nice game! I have unpopular opinions but gosh shy girls hit the spot! (Im def going Abby route first cause I like voluptuous tops) But as a VN enjoyer, every route needs to be played. Also, the first choice of the game doesn’t seem to have much of an impact, I wonder if it is intentional. (Sorry for my awful English it is not my main language) Stay determined @smugdotexe ! You will make a wonderful project. It’s already better than what I managed to do in a whole summer of doing Ren’py and tryna learn how it works.

Hey there @Amos00000000 , I’m glad you enjoyed the game so far! And to answer your question about the first choice at the moment it doesn’t change too much with the story but it will later on.


So does this mean the current build of the demo has no wg sequences? I did play it but I couldn’t seem to find any scene or progression yet, just curious

There is a small wg seq. if you pick the right dialog path for naomi’s route

I’ll have to go back and find this! I wonder how I missed this

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Hi, I’m trying to launch v0.2 in Linux (Intel HD Graphics 520 on i7) and renpy fails to start with X Error of failed request: BadLength error.
But I can fix this by resizing game/gui/window_icon.PNG (currently 4096x2842) to 2047x1420. (2048x1421 still produces the error). I guess this is just icon for something like taskbar or task manager, so 128x128 should be probably enough.


Hey there, I assumed that it might have a issue with people running with linux but I’ll fix it when I get home later tonight. Let me know if you run into anymore issues with the game for linux.

Nope, everything was smooth, so I got to enjoy all current storylines and I like it a lot.


@ebik glad you got to enjoy the game! Let me know if there is anymore issuses with it.

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I’m having the exact same issue as ebik but I can’t find window_icon.PNG and even if I could, I don’t see how that helps me fix anything. Any help?
This is my full error message

X Error of failed request: BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length error)
Major opcode of failed request: 18 (X_ChangeProperty)
Serial number of failed request: 245
Current serial number in output stream: 245

Hey there I can look at the code and see where the error appears.

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That file is compressed in archive.rpa. You have to use unarchiving tool (unrpa) to extract it. The game uses unpacked version of the file if has choice.
EDIT: alternatively just put any placeholder png image to game/gui/window_icon.PNG

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This somewhere in initialisation deep in used frameworks, I guess that assigning icon to running program is done by X11 Property on window, and there is some limitation on the icon size. I guess renpy uses some library/libraries to assign the icon to the window, so you need to go very deep If you want to actually debug this. I was lucky to stumb on some google page that suggest it may be game icon, so I just replaced it and it worked.

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The potential for this VN is amazing! Really can’t wait to see more updates soon.


I just wanted to say I really liked the game. I enjoyed all the content so far and it’s definetely on my most wanted list on the site, loved the art!

Oh boy, sorry for not being active on here as much but I been busy with work and starting school again soon so it’s been alot lately :sweat_smile: but I have returned to let you know what’s up with the game so far

The next update will try and focus on Abby’s background a bit more and some elements of Zoe’s background as well.

Also with this update I’m going to try and get into completing the first part of Naomi’s arc and get into so actually WG lol

But thank you all for sticking around and all your support it’s been alot for me to do as of late to try and stay current with everything but I’ll try my best to keep everyone informed on what is going on!


At first glance the game reminds me of Forks which has sadly been cancled. This game has thus sparked my interest


Can’t wait! Ash is definitely my favorite so far along with Naomi. I’ve been following development closely, thank you for doing your best! I hope you don’t feel too pressured, you’re doing great.

Quick question, I was a little surprised that Ash didn’t seem to have a weight gain sprite after where her story ends in the current version. Is there a plan for that in the next one?


Dont know why, but I missed this game somehow. Glad the thread popped back up. I really enjoyed it so far and the art style is just so unique and hella cute.


Posting this teaser for the first CG for the game its still a WIP but hope you all enjoyed it!