Fill Me Up (Formally "Untitled renpy feedee game") "January" update now available on Patreon.

Incase anyone was wondering what the game would look like if I used a realistic 3D renderer. Maybe you can see why I made the choice lol.


Out of curiosity, do you make all the images for each update and then write scenes for them after the fact, or do it as you go? It sounds like you’ve been making really great progress since you released V0.3 either way!

I do it in the following steps.

  1. Rough idea of what I want to see
  2. Generate images tp that tune
  3. Consider how it can be stringed into the story
  4. Adjust images to help facilitate that
  5. Write the script, code etc, trouble shoot.
  6. Go back and add images where needed.

I do prefer the realistic 3D rendering. Makes the lighting look so much more natural

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Maybe the next game can be done like that. Long down the line when this game is complete I’m looking at doing a more semi realistic adventure style game.


Honestly I prefer the more anime-like style, but it still looks great

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these look so good except the realistic one… though the realistic one is a bit tad creepy looking with how makes akane look.


man these images look awesome! super excited for the next update. Her sheer fatness rules! Love the stretchmarks.

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I found this game few days ago and it’s really awesome. I like the slow pace of weight changes and story is good. There definitely should be more different stuff to do since the progress takes so many days. Also I think it would be nice to have some sort of journal or diary for Akane where she could write down about her feelings or what she had noticed from other person.

In the name of honesty I still have to say that after first playing the publicly available 0.2.0 I decided to subscribe to the Patreon and after trying newer 0.3.0b I was quite disappointed by the change in the art style. Now I get it’s easier to use AI art but the huge problem that bothers me with it is that the consistency is terrible and there is lots of images where something is wrong. I also liked the previous art style. It reminds me about games like Necrobarista or even the Wind waker. The consistency is IMO especially important in game like this that moves slowly forward and we are going same basic things multiple times. Different hair colors, body shapes, and lack of stretch marks etc in some pics can easily effect the quality of overall experience.

Also big plus points from me about stretchmarks in the first place and use of animations.


I agree with the consistency part, but luckily it seems like there will be an option to change the art style back to the original.


Goodness me we might actually see this released within a month or two at the rate you are working at.
(I am perhaps being too Optimistic here, i apologize in advance)

Anyway can’t wait to see the next update though i’m going to take a rough guess that it’s either Iroha or Chika in those images since there around Akane same height (More likely Chika due to her size currently) but i digress and and perhaps ask a question since there has been no word about it other than this post i’ll try and keep it simple.

(Edited question to make more sense no need to reply to it)
If you had chosen you fatten up as many characters from the previous stages how much of an knock on effect will it have by the time the story gets into stage 7 since i bet Akane would be really struggling along with the others girls who are just as or fatter than her now since how much heavier they are now in that stage how much of an effect will this have on the story if this route is taken i.e mobility eating a ton of food & lack of other people being able to help due to most of been roughly around or bigger than Etc?

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The answer to who the blurred person is might surprise you! I’m trying to work out exactly how each path will knock on going to stage 7 as there are a lot of possibilities for the feedee route alone. I think people will be surprised at some of the options I’ll have in the next update.

As for when it will be out, I’m not hopeful for the end of this month as come July 1st I’ll be on a small business trip which I’m dreading.
I’ll make a public post on the patreon so everyone can see later but the current status is

Images 80% done
Scripting still to be done (this usually takes 3-5 days)
Then bug testing and working on image compression. Someone kindly offered help with this but I haven’t gotten around to testing it yet so if you’re reading this thankyou!

But going through what I have so far it’s looking really good. I don’t want to say best update yet right now but I’m happy with how it’s looking.


bobothesecondtwo Hello, i have a question, in update 0.3.0 Akane reached 129 kilograms according to the scales. I was wondering how much she will weigh in the new update, what changes should we expect?

Hi I wanted to ask if there is exact date when version 0.3.0 will be free ?

I think that after the next update is posted we’ll get it free