FOOD (a WG Doomclone) v0.21

This project is on hold for now as I’m more interested in moving on to other projects, but I’m uploading what I’ve added since the last release to my page. Additions include a switch to the new input system (which should hopefully fix some input bugs that previous releases suffered from) and exactly one new level, featuring two new enemy types and a powerup system.

Download version 0.21 here!



  • added weapon keys back in!


  • hopefully fixed bug preventing game from recognizing input, particularly on the intermission screen

  • fixed the AI navigation bug causing enemies to disappear under specific circumstances

other stuff:

  • added a new, longer level

  • added two new enemy types: Killer Kone (lost soul) & Flying Saucette (cacodemon). Both are only found in the new level and are not compatible with Carbopedia in this release

  • added a new powerup system featuring two new powerups: XXXXXL environment suit (protects against sauce pools, a new environmental hazard) and Special Sauce (increases the amount food fills you up until it runs out)

  • Minor change to the flinch system so it’s a random chance per hit (like in DOOM) instead of a check against a flat value for each enemy. This means shotguns are the best weapon for consistently flinching tougher enemies.



  • Fixed bug preventing changing weapons with number keys when current weapon is out of ammo

  • Fixed bug preventing jumping on downward slopes



  • Fixed bug causing enemies with charge attacks to decide to stop existing

other stuff:

  • Improved ability of charging enemies (mostly burger babes) to deal with slopes

  • Added a bit more variability in Boss moveset

  • Added switching weapons with number keys and toggling always-run with Caps Lock to Manual

  • Decreased volume falloff of enemy sound effects



  • Fixed bug causing Soft Server projectiles to make sound when game is muted

other stuff:

  • Brightness slider, invert y axis, mouse sensitivity added in Options Menu

  • Added Free Look (toggleable in Options Menu or by pressing Tab in-game)

  • enemy alert sounds added

  • Pistol, shotgun & chaingun now fire hitscan projectiles, as do the zombie & fry fiend enemies. The enemies’ accuracy has been made a little worse to compensate.

  • clowngirl projectiles are no longer homing & slightly less likely to cause infighting

  • Boss reworked to be more dynamic

  • Ammo Scarcity slider added to difficulty select (no longer connected to a specific difficulty setting), default is now more abundant

  • Number keys can now be used to switch weapons

  • Caps Lock toggles always-run

  • revamped armor system: armor increases to the level of stomach fullness & stacks with protection from fat. Rewards aggressiveness, improves playability of higher difficulty settings.

  • Several levels tweaked & secrets added to all levels

  • Intermission updated with visible player character

  • Carbopedia notification system added. A feature I didn’t acknowledge at all in the original post but is now more visible.

  • Added one (1) bell & one (1) whistle

old versions

FOOD 0.1

FOOD 0.11

FOOD 0.12

FOOD 0.121


Well, this game is…interesting, to say the least. It looks amateurish, and it’s kinda different from Doom, but it’s got some potential. I wish the monsters were done in pixel art though

Great game, really reminded me of games from the late 90s early 2000s. Really good game, my only complain is the clown girls that throw bottles are ear piercingly loud for some reason (could be my headphones) but other than that great game

So I got a bit of feed back for you;

  • These maps are dark, so dark that it’s really hard to see doors. I’d brighten the place up so that isn’t an issue.

  • Maps often jam a bunch of enemies in a closed space and have them walk directly at the player, the fourth level is particularly bad with this. Combined with the fact you are kinda sluggish, and the shotgun, the best weapon, is also sluggish means you are going to either back peddle or camp doors and corners to stay alive as opposed to something more interesting.
    I’d open up some of the bigger arenas as well as the doorways and maybe leave ammo, health or something in the area itself so the player has a reason to go in them before everything is dead.

  • Enemies lack idle growls, alert noises, and firing sounds, the lack of these make it very easy for an enemy you might have missed blind side you, doesn’t let you know you just alerted a bunch of enemies, and also makes the specters wannbes way more annoying because they also blend into the levels because they are just so dark as well as basically being silent until they attack.

  • Clowngirls are probably the most dangerous enemy because their bottles are both fast and have the ability to home in on you, and are very loud. despite this you still fight giant clusters of them, so you are kind of forced to do door and corner camping to deal with them.
    I’d slow down their attacks velocity and frequency by a bit so you aren’t forced to camp to deal with the big groups of them.

  • The chain gun is bad, really bad. You get way less damage than the shotgun, it’s less accurate, projectiles are slow, and the amount of ammo you get from pickups is way too low for how many shots you need to kill enemies.
    I’d give it and the pistol faster projectiles and give them better accuracy and maybe a bit more damage so it’s more useful.

  • The rocket launcher is good and fun to use, but you get it so late in the game that you hardly have time to appreciate it, that and you need all the ammo you can get for the twins right after you get the thing, so you can’t go hog wild in the only rooms where you have it and you fight regular enemies.(unless I missed a secret that had a rocket launcher)

  • Bullet sponge is the best way I can describe the twins, I went into their fight with a good chunk of ammo, and it took nearly every bullet I had minus 7 shotgun shells, to win. There’s no additional ammo in the arena, so if you go through too much in the last arena, you are screwed. Also their butt stomp move only happened once the whole fight with them, otherwise you just circle strafe until you win.
    I’d reduce their health by a bit add some ammo in the arena with them, and make them use that butt stomp more to try and stop the player from circle strafing them to death uninterrupted.

  • Speaking of the twins, with how insane the baron’s individual health pool is, having them as regular enemies later on would be awful to deal with, assuming you’re planning on adding more levels and have them as regular enemies.
    I’d cut their HP by a lot if you plane on making them regular enemies.

  • Lastly, the fat armor honestly doesn’t feel that impactful, it takes forever to build up and you don’t quite feel the defensive value out of it.
    You could add some additional benefits to getting to the higher fat levels, like having a change that enemy projectiles bounce off of you sometimes, and this happens more at higher levels, that way, the player can feel the defensive benefits more than a minor defensive boost that doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything.

There are some more issues I have but these are the more major ones I could think of while I played through this.

I hope you work on this more because this is a pretty promising FPS project.


Hiya! I had a lot of fun with your game so far! However I do agree that the game does need some balance readjustments. Even on the lowest difficulty, there were quite a few moments where there were just way too many enemies to deal with unless I basically cheesed it drawing aggro and luring them through a doorway while staying out of the range where they would actually attack me. I understand that enemies dropping food is the main way you’re supposed to get fat, but I never really felt like I could reasonably reach that point without doing the aforementioned. That being said I do really like the fat armor idea (Obligatory will we be getting bigger in the future?)! I do kind of wish we could see ourselves in full at some point though. I know Doom is primarily a FPS where you only really see Doomguy’s face but I think it would be nice to see the “fruits of our labor” if you will at some point during the game. Excited to see more from you!

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Thanks for playing!

Level design and sound design are things I have very little experience with, so your input is very much appreciated. The current state of the maps is a little bit filler-y. I’ll add alert sounds, and maybe try and improve general audibility.

I might switch the clowngirls from homing projectiles to dumbfire AOE ones, the guaranteed damage at range was probably a poor choice for run & gun gameplay. Will also look into reworking some other things you’ve mentioned.

This is something I was thinking about! This will probably go on the intermission screen instead of the flat background.

Wasn’t this already done, but with bunnies, and the cast of that fatty office game who’s name escapes me?

Think you could update with some screenshots?

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The game is definitely good, I can definitely say that I liked it

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The game you are thinking of is Sweet! by ImpossibleSnail. It’s on


loved this game so far! Can’t wait to see what you cook up in the future!

This is lovely! Honestly, it has so much charm to it! I really hope you keep working on it, and give us a way to donate/support this.

Two things bothered me, however, one which is an actual problem is the cream launcher has an annoying issue with the audio that. The other doesn’t matter so much, but would be nice as quality of life, looking vertically. I get that wasn’t how it was in the 90’s, but it’s a bit jank nowadays and a bit annoying to shoot enemies above or below you. Another good option might be an option to toggle sprint by default.

Just my thoughts, however! The art and feel of the game, as I said before, are lovely. :two_hearts:

This game is awesome. It is a little dark but turning your brightness up a bunch helps.
My only real critique is I wish the weapons were bound to number keys instead of just the mouse scroll wheel.

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Loved it! I would LOVE to see more levels and more enemies in the future! This was actually a good bit fun to play, but if I had one suggestion, it would be to add secrets to all levels as I was looking for secrets in two levels that did not have any. 9/10

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Updated! Thanks to everyone who suggested improvements, I put a lot of them in there.


I just got done playing da new update and it’s definitely an improvement over v0.1

  • Maps are now brighter and map design is better overall, particularly for the fourth level.

  • The chaingun is now good, very good vs the clowns, fries, and undead guards but the shotgun is better at dealing with the burger pinkies/specters. Also the fact it’s ammo economy isn’t the best stops it from invalidating the shotgun.

  • The fat armor feels more useful now, although I didn’t keep track of the exact change in damage mitigation, it definitely feels more impactful.

  • Clowngirls now are no longer the most dangerous non boss enemy and now all non clown enemies are more dangerous, which is nice.

Now on to the so so stuff I found

  • Enemies now have alert sounds and firing sounds but they are all really quiet, I had to cut the music volume in half to hear them. Also alert sound over distance are barely perceivable , which isn’t all that bad now, but it is going to be an issue if the maps sight lines get bigger and more dangerous hitscan enemies are introduced (i.e. chaingunners and archviles)
    I’d bump up these sounds a bit and increase the range where the player can hear them.

  • The twins now no longer take nearly all of your ammo and are more active in using their non lightning attacks, however this gives them a really strict attack pattern, they will shoot lightning, then do a shoulder charge, and finish with a butt stomp and then start all over again. I can’t tell if this is intentional or not but i’d change up their attack parameters a bit, give a bit more randomization so they aren’t so predictable.

Lastly I have a game breaking bug involving the twins:

  • If one of them tries to charge you while you are near a ledge, they will do a butt stomp and fly off the platform to their death, preventing you from getting one of the keys making the level impossible to finish.
    I’d add a invisible wall so that doesn’t happen, or have a invisible wall that only stops enemies if you still want the player to be able to fall to their death.

Lastly some misc feed back for ya:

I’m seconding having 1-0 key binds for weapons, while the scroll wheel works, it’s a bit awkward to use in the middle of a fight as you might scroll past the weapon you wanted.

Overall, really good update, glad you continued working on this!


you need mouse wheel to swap weapons? damn, I only have a top roller mouse

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Shit! I think this is a bug involving their navigation AI deciding they’re off the navmesh and moving them to the origin of the scene. I thought I fixed it when it didn’t happen for a bit, I guess not. I’ll see what I can do about that.

I’ll play around with the probabilities a little bit. The charge-and-stomp is treated as one move, they’ll stomp after charging no matter what. They can still sometimes just do the stomp, maybe they should do that more often or have longer possible cooldowns.

Oh, and I did this! It’s buried in the changelog, I should add it to the manual probably.

Fuck this reminds me I forgot to add joystick support!

Okay, another tiny update to fix that bug and add a couple other things. v0.2 will hopefully have a new episode and more content in… maybe another month or so.