FOOD (a WG Doomclone) v0.21

I have the same problem as the guy above and tried resetting my data no luck though. Now I just can’t play the other levels. =(

This is almost certainly a problem with Unity’s legacy input manager, which this game is still using. Gonna try porting over to the new input system and see if that helps.

Really enjoyed playing the game. It’s certainly one of the more unique games on the site.
I do have a possible suggestion; which is that as the player gets fatter, you could have a tradeoff for abosrbing hits better by having the players movement speed and sprint stamina decrease as they gain weight. And I guess to counter this there could be a way to lose weight?

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I kind of rejected the idea of decreasing movement speed out of hand because it sounds like it would be un-fun in this kind of game, the movement is already slower than in DOOM. I also prefer to keep gaining weight as an absolute positive without any downsides in my games, I just find it more fun.

With that being said, I’m probably going to add some kind of hyper-fat weight level which makes you nigh-invulnerable and slows you down for a limited time. Maybe in the form of a powerup, or just as an ability you can trigger when your meters are full.


So you would make something like a juggernaut? Oh how about you make it so you attack with your belly (melee) while in the mode? Since you tend to gain food (health) when you kill the enemies it could be some form of demolishing giant crowds and making the players experience a pretty sweet dopamine rush.

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What about changing the momentum mechanics rather than slowing down? Like the power up could turn you into a boulder to run over things but you can’t turn as easy?

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I noticed a bug with the boss room at the end, the twins will sometimes when butt slamming, land on top of where their starting pillars are, or will butt slam onto them, but be clipped under the main floor and fall through the rest of the way if they move again… only seems to happen if they land in the area of the walls surrounding them when you enter the room

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Thanks for reporting this, I’ll look into it.

Was thinking about adding this! I don’t know if it’ll be damaging by itself but I like it as a more subtle effect.

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Yeah I just came out of a Warhammer 40k Boltgun playthrough, one thing that game does incredibly well is sell you on the fact that you are a huge space marine the size of a silverback gorilla charging around the map. The sound of the footsteps, the fact that you damage enemies when you fall on them from high enough, letting you charge into enemies to kill them, etc.
Might be worth a look if you haven’t already for some inspiration.


I also have a bug which is whether I can’t continue after completing the left doesn’t go the ESC buttons which is a jump into the menu doesn’t go spacebar which is continue to the next level the only thing that goes is R which is a restart of the level and alt+F4 it turns off the program almost 2 months ago there was this bug from people who wrote it but I still don’t see a patch update or something similar type of advice how to fix it I don’t have any other driver plugged in just the keyboard and mouse reset also doesn’t help does anyone know what to do???

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Just updated with a new release that should hopefully fix this issue.


on episodic 2 works spacebar but on episodic 1 works nothing but R

Do the buttons not work either? In previous releases the cursor stayed locked on the intermission screen, they should be clickable now if the UI input system is working.

the cursor there is going with it to move but you click only on the reboot of the other button not doing anything in episode 1 in the second episode it all goes normal but the first not

Has anyone managed to find all the secret rooms?

like the update, but the weapons keys are also not working on the new level

they aren’t working in general, cant tell if it’s the old no ammo in current gun bug or just a new not working bug

Just uploaded a new version with weapon key functionality! It was one of those things that needed to be ported over from the legacy input system that I forgot about until right now.


Ok I gave the new level a couple of runs, and its quite nice.

  • The new level is quite dark but it’s still easy to see doors so I don’t have an issue with it this time.

  • The new lost soul look a like is really interesting, as so far its the only enemy in the game where the shotgun is poor at dealing with them. Combined with the fact that the pistol is really good at stunlocking them, you have a good reason to actually use your pistol after you get the shotgun for more than just ammo conservation (at least until you get the chaingun).

  • The new cacodemons are… interesting, they have by far the most health out of every enemy barring the barons, their spread shots are really hard to dodge normally, but you can still side step them if you wait until they’re about to fire then change your movement direction, their shots clip straight through walls(this is probably a bug), and their new sauce makes it very easy to hit maximum weight.

  • On that last part, with this new episode and the new secret sauce, you can hit max weight about half way through the episode, which makes food pick ups kind of a waste once you hit max weight and fullness. If you do end up picking this project back up (which I hope you do because this is one of my favorite games on weight gaming) I’d either increase the weight cap or add in new enemies that are capable of removing weight, giving food pick ups more value.

This is WIP stuff I’m afraid, there just aren’t any lights in the level and the “flying saucers” (which is their terrible name) aren’t super final. The spread shot in particular is in need of a rework.

The idea for episode 2 is that you can hit max weight in every level but it resets between levels, your energy stolen by the Cyberdemon equivalent when you step into the portal. Probably something would happen if you got to max weight every time.

Thank you! I’ve graduated from “working on other projects” to fully “stalled out by life stuff”, so the chance I’ll come back to this once I’m doing the thing again is slowly improving. Very, extremely slowly.