Free Cities Pregmod Weight Gain update 0.3

I grabbed the latest commit as of a few hours ago and built it myself to compare to yours. The version I built has the text “This art is currently (06/12/22) the most actively developed”, and it links to this different MEGA download.

I think the relevant commit adding the new webgl is this one

Out of interest with the changes you have made given they’re tied to slave generation, will they work when loading existing saves?

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Would it be possible to increase the max threshold of other parts? i would love to see some more hyper WebGL renders

Ah, I see. Well, the prebuilt file is from the 4.0.0-alpha.17 release assets and it is using the 19.05 version, that is why they mismatch, the error even points at it
The new update will be for the latest version, thank you.

Yes they will work. Slaves existing/generated by vanilla will work in this version too.

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Looking at point 6 on your plans for 0.4, will this be optional or avoidable?

Optional. You basically have to just decline to avoid it.

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This is great. The work people do on github is good and all but I don’t know how to manually run the patches since they haven’t been officially merged.

Very happy to be able to play this game again with more WG content. All looks really good.

Awesome job.

Amazing cheers. Thanks for all of this by the way. And thanks for answering my inane questions lol

I do have one last question, would you be willing to distribute the changes as a patch file to apply with git in addition to the precompiled html file?

Would that hover chair be available to leadership of other facilities?

I’ve personally had hell trying to run the WebGL rendering while using firefox. It lags my machine up pretty badly.

Is there any chance you would add alternate outfits for the PC?

This mod seems mostly about the PC getting fat, if there is slave content, is there a way to only have that and avoid the PC focused content?
Prefer to play as a slim male PC.

Normal game from the site has standard slave only gain based content

According to the dev and verified in my own gameplay, PC weight gain is entirely optional. It’s entirely down to you just changing which diet you’re on from the personal management screen, which defaults to “healthy.” Slaves have new content in the sense that the WebGL assets have been tweaked to end up being much larger and the weight cap has been massive increased. So you still benefit from having this mod.

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I like this a bunch, but two things:

  1. PC WG is much too fast. While I know this game isn’t exactly a bastion of plausibility, roughly a dozen weeks from “healthy weight” to “stuck in bed” is just absurd. At the absolute least, the gain rate should be an asymptotic curve (starting with a little indulgence and building to near-constant eating) progressing over a year or more.

  2. For the longest time I have wanted to be able to do literally everything you can do to a slave to the PC. Pump them full of enhancing drugs, surgery, aphrodisiac addiction, cum/milk in their food, etc. If it can be done to your slaves and they remain functional, you should be able to do it to yourself. You probably need to be a master surgeon for the more extreme stuff, though = P (This could and should also see you able to indulge in the slave food cookies on an otherwise healthy diet.) Most importantly, though, you should be able to give yourself cybernetic/genetic enhancements to better handle being Huttishly corpulent.

ETA: Oh, and my goddamn lactation keeps stopping, even if I use the milkers. (Of course, being able to dose myself with pro-lactation drugs would be one way to “fix” this = P)


Finally was able to find the code for this. The function you’re looking for is in src/js/statsChecker.js called globalThis.tooFatSlave(slave)

The problem here is that while indeed a girl only needs to have 50 Muscles in order to avoid immobility in the base game because of the upper limit on weight, removing that limit means that even with max muscles you can only go up to the 210 weight before becoming immobile.

There are some ways to go around this. The simplest would be to add return false; at the beginning of the function to remove immobility altogether, but you could also change the function to be more forgiving if you wanted to keep some slaves immobile by either raising the base stat from 190 or changing how much fitness affects mobility by editing the /5 or replacing with a multiplier, but this does mean that weak or frail slaves will become immobile much faster.

I already added a brand new code that checks for the hoverchair, and if it is 1, then the slave is no longer immobile. Thank you for your findings!

Also sorry everyone for the delay, I am on vacation and the source is on my computer :frowning:

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Had another thought, this has bothered the heck out of me for a while because the rules assistant is… wonky to work with.

Could you put in a Dietary method to maintain a given/current weight? Something that will account for slave cookie access and gluttonous tendencies to automate putting slaves just on the cusp of immobility due to size? That or simply put a check in place that prevents slaves in mobility-necessary assignments (eg all Facility Heads, House Servants) from becoming too big to move?

Couldn’t you set this up yourself using Rules Assistant?

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Hmm, I’m worried about this mod’s compatibility with a game that has merges almost every day it seems.

The change I care most about I simply the clamped weight limit for slaves. Is there a minimum amount of code changes to do undo this?

Or am I worried about nothing and this mod isn’t going to break if I’m constantly pulling updates from git every day/week?

if you gave me the hint of which merge request added the weight clamp, I could probably figure it out myself, but off the top of my head I can’t find it just yet over at


I guess maybe it’s hidden in a more general merge that doesn’t mention it?

edit2: Like ideally I’d like to just edit that one variable clamp and continue my normal version/save/etc, not that your other changes aren’t great, but well, the last time this forum put together it’s own mod, after a year or so it was abandoned and well behind the main fork. (not that that will happen again here…)

edit3: So, to clarify, the reason I’m not a fan of downloading this copy of the game, and I’d rather have a small mod that makes a few changes, the main branch of the game has had like a literal dozen bugfixes committed in just the past month, which this download won’t include. Unless the OP is updating his download link every couple days.

As I said, the Rules Assistant is wonky. Whoever designed/wrote it in the first place… It’s an idiosyncratic nightmare. I looked at it again to see if I could make it do what I want and quickly wanted to put my fist through my monitor, it is that goddamn aggravating to work with.