Free Cities Pregmod Weight Gain update 0.3

As far as i know there is a Mobility Assistance rule for the girls but i have never witnessed it being used.
Is it possible to add some kind of genetic/mechanical heart modification so that slaves with bigger (hyper) sized genitals can fuck pc normaly?

Maybe this is just me, but are there plans to increase the maximum weight of the MC and/or slaves?
I mean, the current cap could be overcome by getting surgery, ignoring the health risks, or having your genes spliced.

Yeah. I’d really appreciate if the author of this could just release a diff / patch file for this specific feature, and then I am happy to maintain a copy locally on top of the actual main branch upstream for personal use.

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Sorry if this has already been answered, but how do you get the hoverchair? If it hasn’t been implemented yet, is there a way to make your servants mobile if they’re too big besides weight loss?

The hoverchair, I believe, isn’t implemented yet. The only way I can think of making them mobile again is modifying the base code, but since this is a compiled release I’m not sure how you’d do that.

Oh ok, I’ll just wait then. There’s not much you can do when they are all immobile! X_X

I’ve been hoping to see something like this for so long! Though it can be ambitious to implement, it’s always refreshing to see characters have agency over the player.

I’m looking forward to the new update!

I’m starting to think the javascript code controlling the max weight of a slave might not be that difficult to edit, anyone know what file of the source code deals with this issue? I’ve opened a few random files with the word slave in the title but none of them are in control of slave body weight, although some of them were in control of related things like slave description text generation.

With roughly 500 files to skim through, there’s no way I’m gonna just read them all, surely someone on this thread just happens to know the correct file in the source for this?

edit: looks like there are a lot of weight clamps during weight gain during end of week code in src/endWeek/saDiet.js · pregmod-master · pregmodfan / fc-pregmod · GitLab

as well as during new slave creation, although this probably exists in many files not just this one src/npc/generate/generateNewSlaveJS.js · pregmod-master · pregmodfan / fc-pregmod · GitLab

the other question though is, does letting a slave reach 300 weight make webgl instantly adapt? that is what the OP of this thread implies? but maybe the author of this thread edited the webgl files themselves as well?

although, it looks like, the author of all the webgl code, set the max weight to 300 in the file src/art/webgl/art.js · pregmod-master · pregmodfan / fc-pregmod · GitLab

so if you edit the code to allow slaves to reach 300 weight it should work perfectly, above that, the webgl code may need editing as well (not sure)

Is there anyway to open my 950 KB save? Kinda sucks that I cant access it now because I had made over 400 million dollars.

Have you tried using the FCHost player?

To quote the documentation:

FCHost is an alternative HTML renderer for playing Pregmod based on Chromium. It has multiple advantages compared to normal browsers:

  • No browser cache limits, allowing arbitrarily large save files.
  • Saves are stored in an easily accessible way on disk, allowing for easy manual editing.
  • No lost saves due to accidentally cleared cookies.
  • Can be noticeable faster.

The game falls apart that far into the game anyways, you could always play in cheat mode in the future, and/or export your favorite slaves.

Thanks I didnt even know this existed

Really the only reason I have a save that I now see is over 800 days is because i set a personal goal of owning every acrology