Fur Food Contest!

You don’t know how much I LOVED reading to your post, Thanks so much for sharing those “key tips” to everyone!

The game is not that hard to be honest, as you say, it is just matter to keep used to how to play, build your character/foods and do combos while the food is still “falling”


I’m still not sure I get it. Isn’t trying to take your time something the game will punish? And a lot of times, even if I take the time to look, I still don’t find much.

Also, when clicking and holding a character, you can see their statistics, and it looks like they can level up, but nothing I’ve done so far has affected their level up bar.

Sometimes you can get bad boards, but when you can, the best way to score is to get as long a combo as you can. The longer the combo the higher the score multiplier, while stuff is falling look for spots where you can make your next combo.

New update for this game boes and gurls!

Public version of Fur Food Contest v.1.1 is here! Newcomer character on the image belongs to
thaasteo (https://twitter.com/thaasteo)


Is it just me, or has the difficulty gone down? I found it much easier to get to maximum weight then I used to be able to. Also, really curious as to what that new character looks like.

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yep, I have decreased a little the difficulty of the game ~


For what it’s worth, I appreciate the change. Even with the upcoming leveling system, it still often feels like I’m at the mercy of RNG.

Speaking of difficulty, does the AI difficulty setting in the options menu apply to battles to unlock characters?

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i got a question. is the extreme cold challenge food related or do i just gotta beat the cold contest again? i also kinda don’t know what a full MCcombo is but i didn’t initially want to ask that because i thought i’d look dumber than i already do…

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve done the extreme cool challenge© but I think I had just chosen the character with the highest cold resist and then chose the coldest food items. For the full McCombo©, I chose all the foods I figured would be closest to something you’d get at a fast food place. Hamburger, fries, soda, etc

my newest probably dumb question. who’s the other character from far away?

It’s the deer person. By far away, they mean that the character’s owner is foreign

Fur Food Contest v.1.2 Public release is here! Changelog and download links: https://ziul-walls.itch.io/fur-food-contest/devlog/477161/fur-food-contest-v-12-devlog


The new version is cool! The skill points are a great thing to come back to.

@lupusGamer @sleth In fact, using the Cold shield skill, I just got the “maximum cold challenge” achievement with the ice cream + soda + eggplant + sushi + the new jelly. I got over 400+ lbs in the cold challenge, so I think it could be tied to how big you get.


Wow, if that was really all it took, that’s pretty funny.

The new skill system is definitely interesting, it’s gotten me up play more of the single player mode. I’ll have to post my current record because some of these skills are nutty. In a good way

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So there’s a bug with the interaction with “Instant Reset” and “Feeding Fairy” where if both activate at the same time the game just pretty much crashes. Mind, this is a rare occurrence, due to both the fact that only 3 characters have both these skills (Luis, Turly, and Xiao We), and the fact that “Instant Reset” is a high cost skill, but it is a harsh bug never the less.

Though I would like to see getting additional skills for each character outside of the 9 they start with, possibly requiring a boss fight against whichever character best exemplifies the skill that’d be unlocked for everyone. Said boss fight would be like the character unlock fights but the difficulty is locked to Very Hard and they have access to skills while you don’t, Basically making you work for those skills… Though, now that I think on it, that’d be a bit annoying.

I will say though the cost for the later skills is a bit much, what with it requiring you to work a lot to get to the level to use just that skill.


thanks for the bug report and the suggestions ~ I will probably change the cost of higher skills

hello, can someone give me some tips on how to get the characters?

Tips in what way?? Hints on how to unlock or strategies to win??

I think he meant strategies since there is a menu in the game that tells you how to unlock characters

It wouldn’t be the first time that people have asked for assistance in unlocking characters tho. With all those questions on the ultimate cold challenge…