Good time of day everyone :D

Hello everyone, ive been lurking about the site for a very long time but ive finally decided to join you all :slight_smile: You can call me Shatteraura, Qwibble or Peter. Any of those will work lol. I am a student studying games design at university (I am WELL above the age of 18 lol). When I remembered you guys had game jams occasionally I realised I could potentially enter one, to my surpirse there is one on now lol (I would like to join the current Jam if possible, but I am aware I have missed the beginning and have only just signed up, so no big deal if im not allowed lol). I hope to release some sort of WG themed game regardless of if i can enter the Jam or not (Good practice for my course an all that). At any rate, nice to meet you all and I hope to be active to at least a small degree on the site :slight_smile:


First off welcome to our little corner of the internet!

As for signups and registrations we dont have any. Anyone can enter by simply making a submission post under the correct game jam subcategory. So in short, you just need to submit a game before we close it on August 9th to be able to enter.

You can find more info for this year here:

And here:

Rules and scoring details can be found here:

Good luck! And if you have any questions feel free to ask and we will answer the as soon ad possible.

Thanks man, I appreciate the welcome :smiley: If I come up with something in time I will make sure to join the jam!

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Welcome to the forums.

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Welcome and have a good time~

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