Growing Rivalry

Hey it seems like I can’t access your patreon. Is that on purpose or is there a glitch?

That’s weird. Billing is paused for February as I’m busy and won’t have time to work on anything, that might be causing it…? But otherwise it might be a small glitch?

Got such error when characters were gaining height for their victorys:

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Yeah, there were a few images I was meant to remove but forgot to.
For now, just copy Nina6 and change the name to Nina8 (same with Nina7)
It’s a temporary fix so that doesn’t keep appearing.

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got softlocked because of this

For a temporary fix, rename an image to Laura9 (copy one, rename it and save in the img/picture folder)

Should let you continue

Is there any way to get access to the patreon version as of now or the discord?

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Not just yet. Patreon will be re-enabled in 2 days (just needed to catch up :P)

Shut up and take my money moment?

Or NickSav suffering from success moment?

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Haha, nah, planning my wedding at the moment and combined with worked, haven’t had a chance to work on the game :smiley: don’t wanna charge for not doing anything


The card list does not scroll properly or reflect the cursor on the card.
Also, if you try to leave the screen without realizing that you are caught in some kind of deck restriction (60 card limit, per card limit, etc.), you will not be able to accept any operations.
This is a bug that has been there since the demo version, if you can’t fix this, you should be able to save anytime.

Unfortunately that’s an issue with the way MZ works with its scrolling bars. It goes clunkier than it needs to be and causes the issues.

I have brought this up with the developers and they are working on a fix for it.

Mostly it’s taking time as it requires a lot of overriding of the source code for the engine.

I found if you use the keyboard, you can usually bypass the error and it won’t lock you from (just the mouse goes a bit weird)