Growth RPG

well maybe it’s just by mistake or he thought it has been made in unity since he said ( not my game ).

the game is on itch and it is an unreal engine game

Well it looks like somebody fixed the tags at some point, so that’s sorted.

You can customize your abilities by clicking on the squares near the bottom of your screen whenever you open up your inventory. Abilities share a lot of the same icons so check what you are equipping before you do so.

Those are additions affects a weapon gives you when you upgrade it to that level, you can upgrade weapons using the anvil behind the blacksmith’s shop and you use scrap metal and essence as upgrade materials. These upgrades are thing such as follow up attacks, boosts to temporary stats, and some passive effects. They’re different for every weapon.

So what you want to do is click and hold the button that says “sacrifice” under the skill tree you want to start investing in, this will drain your levels in that stat and will start building up a bar that unlocks the new skills once you sacrifice enough points. You can only sacrifice stats that you got via level up, essence doesn’t count, neither does temporary stats via potions.

If you want to speed up this process, first get one or two high damage companions (I like to use bunnobi for this), next sacrifice all your stats and use the person standing near the entrance to the sewer in town to get rid of any essence you gained. You want to maximize how many levels you can gain and essence makes you gain levels slower so get rid of it. Finally, find an enemy that can be reliably one shot by your companion(s), have them win the fight while you gain like 50 levels. Then put those points into the stat you want to build the skill tree for and repeat until you unlock all the skills you need. This takes a while and is still risky but its the fastest way I could find how to do that.

Sounds like like you’re describing the effects listed in the description of a weapon, I’m asking about the number listed next to equipped weapons shown when you are looking at your stats. Sorry I wasn’t clear on that.

Sorry, I honestly forgot about that number, I didn’t do too much testing on this but I believe that is the scaling that is derived from your stats, but the number displayed is much larger than the actual boost in damage.

For example with the broken sword you hit for 2 damage with 0 in everything and the stats number is 0, with 10 in strength,dex, and int, the number in the stats screen is now 20, however the damage is only increased to 6 and not 22.

So that means the number is your boots in damage from your stats multiplied by 4, the number is your boost in damage before the scaling modifier of the weapon is taken into account and lowered, or the number is getting affected by ego in a way that I have no way of knowing it’s being affected by it.

I’ll be honest I didn’t spend too much time testing this so this is probably wrong.

You’re about right, as for Broken sword, it’s almost bad but challenge as it add more exp bonus per victory battles. Height add more damage and add more every stats, Muscle and fat give more health but Muscle make melee stronger, fat make more armor, Thighs make easir to move quick (I think), chest give more magic damage. I may be wrong but this is what I think while I play it.

Ok, I did a bit more testing to figure out what that number actually means, the stats screen weapon number is based both upon your stats and also the equipped weapon’s scaling will effect that number with higher letter grades giving higher numbers with the same stats. Weapon upgrade levels aren’t taken into account

However these number are not remotely accurate to the actual damage you deal with those stats.

For example with about 250 points in fat the stats screen says the skillet weapon gets 100 addition damage with scaling in game you deal 28 damage, up from about 4 damage, so a gets 24 damage, understandable due to the fact it has a D scaling.
With the hand cannon however, with the same fat level, the stats scream says the cannon gets 350 additional damage, but in game you only get 15 damage up from 8, despite the fact the hand cannon has better scaling with a B.

So either that number is a older damage calculator that didn’t get updated yet or that is a placeholder until the game gets near completion, either way that number is complete nonsense and you should probity just ignore it apart from seeing what stats give you the bigger boost in damage, maybe.

TL;DR that number is borderline useless.

I thankfully most ignored it and went for the “grow big and step on them” strat

Am I able to adjust the scaling of enemies?

Not really.

The basic enemies are all a set standard size, but certain encounters (e.g. Beast/Renamon outside town) grow progressively larger the more times you beat them.

Digitalfurbelow keeps a pretty active Discord and Patreon. You could make a suggestion there to be able to scale enemies and it might be added to the Trello Board under Suggestions.

Current board @v0.5.6 Trello

There’s two more ways to adjust the scaling, one is by turning off ego in the options menu, as this makes enemies scale a bit more than usual. You can also reduce the scaling in the options if you don’t want to miss out on the extra XP it gives you.

The other is by not fighting bosses that give you an enhanced ability crystal. When you beat one of these bosses, all enemies on the overworld get powered up every time you do so, I don’t think this is mentioned anywhere and enemies in dungeons are not affected. This also powers up bosses that grant crystals too.
Off the top of my head the bosses that cause this are: Giant Rat on floor 5, Bunshido, The Foreman, Chimera, The Lich, Bandit Boss, and the last root in the crystal farm area, there’s probably some other bosses that cause this that I’m forgetting.
Just avoid fighting those bosses before you’re ready for the world to get powered up and you should be good.

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What floor is the root in the dungeon with sky walls on? I’ve gotten to 50 and still haven’t seen it.
(also the cave too? haven’t gotten very far in that one but still good to know)

If you mean the cardboard cutout dungeon, I don’t think it has a root.

You can see how many roots you have left in each dungeon by checking your quest list. The roots are always on dungeon levels that are multiples of 5, and I don’t think they’re ever any deeper than Level 50.

Most likely the real value is copied onto multiple value types and you have found and editing one of the copies.

Can try retrying the search and search for all types instead.

How do I open editor I just beat the temporarily boss so how do I open it?

if you meant the debug menu, yes beating the final boss is a requirement, after beating them you press a dedicated button to open the debug menu, by default this button is the B key on your keyboard. which by the way is shown on the main menu settings option (key binding specifically) and can be changed as such.

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It’s not working even through I beaten the temporarily boss I press B but nothing happened…

There’s a tickbox in the settings menu to enable debug mode. Got me for a bit too.

Yep I found it thank you.