HeavyDungeon - Darkest Dungeon inspired FatFur game

Hi, I’m working on WG/TF focused, with Darkest Dungeon style combat. Many of the game features are still in the air. But the general premise is that the dungeons are food based where you gain weight to survive long travels between dungeon runs.
I work solo on this so any help regarding, useful resources, art, audio or just straight suggestions and opinions are welcome.
Short video of a prototype. https://youtu.be/SOnxBJLa51w


damn, shotguns must have painful bites ya


The concept seems amazing and something i really wish to see completed now. I think there were some threads with resource sharing some time ago but cant seem to find them. In my opinion, if you have something in a playable state even with some temporary resources that might not fit, let the public test as they can find bugs and worry later with looks. It can be cool to see the project get a glow up in looks later as it keeps being developed. If you dont feel like sharing yet, just lets us know some more of your ideas and concepts for now for it. Best of luck.


Looks like you have a good idea. Should be an interesting spin.

Is this going to be male and female wg or just male?

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Male and Female. I’m going to work on art once the combat/dungeon exploration is finished (It’s quite in advanced stage). Once the tutorial is done the game will be uploaded.


I uploaded short video of a prototype of a game.

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Seems you already have a good amount in the works, for now it shows 2 bars for combat, the top one being health as one of the characters is getting hit it drops, so i suppose its regular health. So i assume the lower bar is either for spell resources or for the wg or tf mechanic. Or will those be just debuffs outside of it?

Correct, Red is health and Blue is “fullness”. Depending on what character you are using they could scale differently based on fullness. One may get fat other gets large for female maybe breast expansion, etc.

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I assume the wg will be a detriment, as in you cant lose all your health and you cant also get your fullness to max. Also where the TF will get into play?

fullness is more of balancing act than just straight upgrade/downgrade. They affect basic stats and have interactions with dungeon environment. 0 fullness means starving, 100% you risk death from overeating (In DD fashion you have a chance of survival). The rest is in the air (suggestions welcome).


I prefer to see your vision of it come to fruition as im mostly into the wg aspect, specially for males and would probably limit your ideas. Probably a setting to have male only or female only parties, as i know most members here are the opposite of me and want female only. My only idea i can see TF as a mechanic would be different species have different perks / stats and enemies would inflict stuff to force you to change them in battle, forcing you to adjust mid fight to a different character with different abilities and stats on the go, tough maybe have a way to revert it or something, in case you want it back, or not if you want the true DD experience for us to suffer.

slams hands on table
Well I’m incredibly excited for this, I love darkest dungeon and I always wanted to see something like this :>

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Decided to add back stress mechanic and dropped the idea for custom weapons for situational skills and or super skills. Added simple character sheet and reworked tutorial map style to hopefully look better.


I’ve always thought that some of Darkest Dungeon’s mechanics, such as the secondary health bar (stress), would lend themselves well to this sort of thing. It’s good to see someone giving it a shot.

One possible mechanic I haven’t seen mentioned yet is multi-slot units. In Darkest Dungeon, some enemies are large enough to take up 2 slots, and bosses can take up 3 or 4. That mechanic was never extended to player units in the base game, but it seems like a natural fit here. Do you want to bring 4 normal-sized units? 2 big ones? A single massive blob? There are a lot of strategic possibilities.


I can see the stress mechanic working well with traits. kinda in the nose but like,

a stress eater trait. the way I see it tho is that if you maintain their stress low they get a buff. simple. but the fun starts when they get very stressed. once they get high enough stress they could randomly eat an enemy. that could be fun.


Super keen to see where this goes! :heart: Best of luck with the development!

Definitly can picture some fun mechanics to go with the stress/weight managment. I like that you mentioned that is more mechanical then just big is bad, could see some perks like those that work with low torch in DD maybe classes/builds down the line that focus on size; could see an abomination class that rather then relying on stress to balance could utilze more of the weight mechanics

Also I might be able to offer some aid with art/asset stuff in future if you wanted some help there :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, I’m cooking (Situational skills are here for something wink). Small update this week.
No longer working on this alone :slight_smile: , simple female char has been created, working on transition between weight stages.
Still very rough, so it’s more of the general idea. Now I need to combine all these together.


Awesome to hear you’ve got some help now! Makes it a lot easier to stay motivated I imagine. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


Oh, boy… I don’t know how to approach this.
I’ve made an executive decision to change the art style of a game, and that means that most assets that were already done will be trashed or, in the best case, reworked. (Sample below)
I also decided to allow a certain level of NSFW content in a game (currently a small amount, and still debatable).
GDD took a while to make, so everyone on a team to understand the game I’m making.
General game systems development is going well, made it so defeated monsters drop food into a world that has to be consumed by the character, and the combat works “flawlessly”.
If I had to focus development effort, what would you rather see:

  1. Many characters, less weight levels, fewer combat skills. (quantity focused)
  2. Fewer characters, more weight levels, fewer skills. (kink focused)
  3. Characters + monsters + skills take priority. (combat/gameplay focused)


It would depend on numbers, but if you want to make it darkest dungeon themed (and break away from typical 4 static party members) I would say at least 6 characters with a couple of abilities each. 2 pure ranged, 2 hybrid, and 2 pure melee. If you are just looking to make a functional fun game, go route 3. I think any route other than 1 is good.

A lot of projects have taken a quantity role and as the project expands, the scope just gets larger and larger until it becomes to burdensome to turn the sheer quantity into any amount of quality.