Help, I need content!

Hey, I’ve been on the forums for some time now and I’ve found myself playing mostly everything here, I recently played A Pirate’s Fate and I found it pretty amazing, it made me wonder though, does anyone know any games not on the forums? At the end of the day I honestly would just love to play something new, so if you have recommendations let me know! (Games behind a paywall are fine suggestions as well)


BE Witches is a crazy game if you haven’t played it, Match 3 + Light Bullet Hell + RPG Battle all at once.

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idk to the extent at which it exists but i remember a fun text rpg called Boundless someone put up but the dev kinda disappeared off the face of the earth. I also highly recommend Wicked Pump there’s also stuff made by Zed Technician which aren’t fetish oriented per se, but feature some very big boned protagonists

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I think there’s Super Fatty Office Simulator, but that’s got a $3 paywall preventing access unless you have a Patreon account (and those aren’t free, either).


Ah I love SFOAS, amazing game, I was thinking on buying SFRPG honestly but I really don’t hear many people talking about it so I’m pretty hesitant

I’ll have to check those out, thanks homie!

Where would I find this? Is it on the forum or somewhere else?

This is Nosebecc’s itch page:

I got them to post on here once, but they have not since.

It’s also already on the forum and was posted by the dev. BE Witches

It’s alright, there’s hardly any story in the original build, just doing tasks for the boss really. I can’t speak too much for the remake as I haven’t played it since the first release but it feels a little barebones from what I remember, granted, i’m not sure if it’s been updated since then.

Your aware the remake is complete right? You can purchase it on itch.

I was aware it was out on itch, I didn’t remember if it was done lol

so, i’ll be the second many.
SFRPG:E is simply a remaster of what was the og back in 2018 with a bunch of new features and some that were cut from the og.
the game doesn’t just push you to do quests, after all, creator said it is an rpg where you’re free to roam and explore, so if you take a quest you can get carried away by something else.
the game has decent lore. you can follow the quests or have your own opinion on how something should be done, possibilities for alt endings are there but not that obvious.
personally, i just play the game for the content aside from quests.
and to mention: custom sprites - for almost half a year there formed a pile of decent sprite sets, edits.
i got around ~90hrs played and still counting, worth the 10$ for me.
if you have any questions - feel free to ask.

if you buy sfrpg be warned the ending of the game gives you nothing not even a the end text.

I’ll add ANOTHER sack of logs to the flame, it’s a great game! All an all, I bought it a while back, and it’s a blast! Definitely one of the better games on here.

And while it’s plain to see, it’s an RPG maker game! Yeah I get it, “So what? What does that have to do with anything?” It has to do with EVERYTHING! The sheer quality of the game, and the fact that it’s RPG maker!?!?!? Absolutely astounding.

If you’re one that appreciates hard work and people making great things out of basic tools, then THIS is one of the games I highly recommend supporting!