Help with Blender?

Anyone know how to edit a model to add a stomach?

For context (rather stupid context) me and my partner use two skins in Fortnite: Fennix and DJ Bop. I have the models in Blender and while I’ve edited them to make them a bit chubbier, I was wondering if anyone here might know how to add a decent looking stomach to a model. I can’t exactly edit the clothes off easily without just making something from the ground up, but I’m hoping to avoid that. Any tips are welcome!

Someone made something that’s tutorial-esque on this subject. It might not be exact but I think it’s close.
Making Fat Models the Easy Way - Project Help / 3D Modeling - Weight Gaming

There’s also an actual 3D model on here, but I have to find it again.

Wolke Curvy Cow Model Asset - General Discussion - Weight Gaming


Found another one! This tutorial seems to go more in depth.

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