How to implement bigger sprites in RPGMaker MV, especially with bigger bellies?

Hi, relatively new programmer to RPGMaker MV. I made a short project awhile back called Royal Banquet using the game’s free trial, and now I have the full version of it. One of the biggest changes I’d like to make before the next update is putting in non-chibi sprites. I’ve seen resources within the forum like this one here, but I’m not quite sure I understand how to fully implement them.

The other main effect I want to achieve within my little game is for the character, the princess, to have her stomach stick out profusely from her sprite, and that belly should bump into things sooner than they should, if that makes sense. Is there any way to achieve that as well?

I have plenty of other questions regarding the maker itself, but for now these are the ones I’d like to focus on. I would seriously appreciate any help regarding these questions.

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For importing bigger sprites, its as simple as dropping it into the Resource Manager. As long as it fits the standards of a 3-frame walk going down/left/right/up and have equal dimensions (i.e. 48x48 px, 72x72 px), it will implement them easily. Follow the structure of the Character Generator sprites for an easy example. If you are only implementing 1 character sprite sheet, make sure there is a ! at the start of the filename. If you are making it non-chibi, make sure there is a $ at the start (you can use both the ! and $ together, if need be), so that they aren’t shifted up 6 pixels off the ground.

The second idea is…tougher. The hitbox for the character sprites is, by default, set around the center of the character’s feet, even if they are a bigger size, for consistency’s sake. You will require a plugin that allows you to shift or split the hitboxes, and this can lead into it difficulties and smashing your head onto the limitations that a beginner should not be worrying about. You might be able to find a plugin that can extend the touch trigger of an event by a tile or so, or making it so that you trigger a scene before you become adjacent to it. You can also do this sans plugin by just surrounding your core event with multiple others, but this can easily become processing hungry and just tedious…

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We actually have a whole warehouse full of taller sprites, with varying belly sizes, that you could use/reference over on the Stuffing RPG discord server.

I can drop you a link if you’d like.

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Pretty relieved that it’s a simple as adding it to the Resource Manager! I’ll just have to get the resources for said bigger sprites.

As for the hitbox, if that is as difficult as adding in an entire plugin (which is totally a field out of my current expertise) I’ll have to shelve that idea. Perhaps later in development if I’m feeling bold enough. Thanks for the quick answer, though!

I’d love a link to this server, thank you!

I’m sure there’s a function on this website to reply to two posts in the same reply, I’m just too blind to currently see it.

One general rule is that you must agree that goblins are cute.


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I’ve got a bunch of similar sprites to this one in the link, with stages of gain and most with clothes/nude variations. Hell, you could color this one I made green if you want to have something like an event with a goblin (or if she’s too big compared to your sprites, a giant) competing with the princess and stealing her snacks, as an example. I’ve tested out sprites I’ve made and they seem to look fairly good, although I’m not sure about the belly-bumping.

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