I feel a little lost, here.

I’ve only been here for a few days, but I can’t help but feel like I don’t fit in. I honestly don’t really seem to like fat characters for the same reason that other people seem to. I’m not really into weight gaining or fattening through Food. I just happen to like big fat menacing or cuddly characters, usually ones that are super duper Hammy about their huge bellies, often using them as a weapon or a shield and often with a slight jiggle. Another thing that that is really surprising is the amount of human fat characters and human fat content on this forum. It really does prove that this kind of stuff is not exclusively furry. Unfortunately, I just do not like humans. I like animals, anthros and monsters. Those are the characters I draw, those are the characters I want to play as in a video game, and in a fantasy world that could support all these different species and playable characters, having a playable character roster made up entirely of humans/humanoids is a deal-breaker for me.


I think you will find that while that may be a majority interest here, we have a fairly diverse group. That all said though, at our core we are a game making community. As long as you enjoy making and talking about games you are welcome here with us!


Echoing Grot here in that you certainly not alone in your specific interests! There’s no harm in biding one’s time until you find the game or the developer which calls out to you. From my own experience, I can relate to lurking for quite some time before discovering a game or two that really grabbed me and in which I wanted to be part of the conversation on.

Another thing that really helps is the community-driven game jam (endearingly called the “Gain Jam”) where one can expect a vast influx of new ideas and concepts to be brought to the table, some of which may well appeal to you. The Gain Jam will be held from mid-September so stick around for that!

Conversely, whilst a lot of the games here do focus on “getting bigger” as a core theme, not all of them rely on food. Might I suggest the rather excellent Smasher and the Will o’ the Thiccs for you? Certainly features big-bellied, cuddly characters so could well be up your street!


I’m curently working on a MMO, it includes almost everything you can find in a fantasy world(Monster,furries,humans,slimes…). So i’m pretty sure here is a lot of project here who have done the same. You just need to pick the projects you are interested in.

I’d love a game that lets you play as some cool monsters or something besides humans.

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I feel the opposite way. I’ve been on here for about a year now and I feel like there’s too much furry content. I’m only attracted to humans so maybe I’m biased but I’m sure if you stay a little longer you will find something that interests you.


I like monsters too, so I did some. And ennemies are mainly badass monsters too

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I don’t care if they’re enemies. I want them to be the goodguys. Too much media that only has human godguys.

Some people asked for mosnter as avatar so if they are good person I think we have some :rofl:

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But no monster or nonhuman playable right now?

Have you tried Smasher and the will o thiccs it’s a golf like game but the characters gain weight when they collect a will o wisp or collide with another character in a level

Unfortunately I don’t have a recent enough computer to play the game.

So, I dunno whether or not this is the case for you, but this is primarily a kink community, and I’m pretty sure a majority of us come here because we share an interest in weight gain and fat characters for sexual reasons. And if that’s not why your here, maybe that’s why you’re having these misgivings. The reason a lot of games here don’t have what you’re looking for is because that’s not what most of us want to beat off to, and that want is what motivates the kind of content that’s on this forum.

Of course, I’m not a mind-reader, and I do understand that I could have misinterpreted your post, I’m just responding to what I thought you meant. We’ve all got a niche combination of tastes nobody else has, both sexual and mundane, and some of us drew the shortest straw in terms of having content for us readily-available thanks to the efforts of various artists.

I agree with that actually but that’s just because I can’t get it to furries

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Sometimes I don’t even know what my interests are, in sometimes I feel like saying they aren’t is just me in denial because of all the negativity yet around furries and that kind of stuff from when I was a kid. Even now, it feels like there’s an unnecessary hatred towards them. These days, I’ve become a little more accepting of things, but I still can’t help but feel like I’m in denial about certain things. Does that make sense?

soft fantasies might be what you’re looking for: Soft Fantasies by Ziul Walls


You do have a point there recently I’ve been looking at furry games and see comments that say die furry but those accounts end up being deleted although I don’t consider myself a furry because I have no fursona or feel like I am a animal I still do like cute animals and it doesn’t bother me if others have a fursona or feel like a animal I think most people who post hatered towards the furry community are either ignorant people looking for attention or kids trying to be edgy.

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