I Want YOU For A Secret Project!


As of late I have suffered from a lack of motivation for my (mentioned ad nauseum) secret project for Minecraft. I know that there would be plenty who would be interested once I show what I have to show, but right now I’m practically working on fumes, given I’m not motivated by things like money, but purely artistic fulfillment. A big part of that artistic fulfillment for me is people believing in me and what I have set out to do. I understand however it’s quite hard for people to give me that fulfillment right now because I’ve been quite vague about the nature of it. Understandably, it’s also hard for people to get that invested in something they barely know anything about. All of this however is because I want people to be surprised.

This arrangement however has not led to me being very productive, due to my motivation being quite low. So, I’ve thought today I’d remedy the situation.

How Can You Help?

Simple. You could say Sinfully Simple. I want you, if you are interested in what you’ve heard thusfar about it through my my public project post and other sources to DM me with some words about how interested you are in the project, and maybe something will come of it. I am currently in need of passionate people one way or the other. No particular skill in any particular field is needed.

Though, that isn’t all. Even though I am pretty well set on most development requirements, if you are skilled in the following:

  • Minecraft Building.
  • Visual Art, UI Design, and or General Asset Creation.
  • …and Chat Moderation.

…I would also implore you to tell me (or better yet provide evidence to) your accolades in any of those three if you are willing to volunteer to help out in a very fluid, low stress environment. Other skills are welcome too, these are just the ones I am currently lacking, but the more the merrier. When the project gets on it’s feet economically I might also be able to make it worth your while. This will all be for us to negotiate at a later date however.

Just a warning however: I’m going to want to get to know you a bit more before I can accept any commitments on your part in regards to directly helping me out with development. I’ve never been privy to a purely “business” relationship in matters like these, because ultimately the nature of this and all my projects really require to give and take a little, and it’s important that the understanding of situations like this is mutual. This is only possible when the relationship has crossed the bounds of a purely professional one.

But What IS It Though?

If you would like to know more, I have attempted to elucidate as much as I can on my public project, but I will put a list of bullet points here:

  • I have many years of experience in the field, and have a firm dedication to quality. It is going to be very ambitious but I am fully confident it’s possible as long as my motivation stays up.
  • It will contain WG Elements (reference the tags of this post), but it will not be at center stage, and respecting of others’ preferences (OR LACK THERE OF) in this project’s community will be paramount.
  • RPG Elements. Including roleplaying, and gameplay systems that reinforce such.
  • It will not be a mod, datapack or adventure map.
  • Customizability and freedom of choice will be prioritized. A pillar of this is those interested in playing and seeing the following kinds of characters will be accommodated for:
    • Female and Male characters.
    • A multitude of LGBTQ+ identities and sexualities including but not limited to:
      • Transgender & Non-Binary characters.
      • Asexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, & Pansexual characters.
    • Anthro/Furry/Monstrous characters.
  • The project will always be free to access come release, with monetary donation being an optional thing on the side.
  • There will be content in the future related that will not be for Minecraft, and will stand alone on it’s own merits.
  • My public project, The Fat Suite, will be a companion to this project.

That being said, if you have no interest in helping me out either with your encouragement, direct assistance during development, or otherwise, but still want to see me succeed in what I have set out to do, please send me some kind words. It’s ultimately the thing that keeps me going at the end of the day.

I would like you also to know however, that if you choose to help me out, you might be opting out of any future community events related to this project’s release. If you would like more details on that I can provide them to you given I’ve already been accepted by me into the fold. So if you don’t get in do not fret. More is coming in a public fashion. I would particularly look forward to a certain American holiday coming up that you might get to hear a little more.

Until then, the secret project continues on in it’s development in the shadows, but if you would like to step in to the darkness with me, then give me a DM, and bring a light!


So… what is it going to be though? A server?

There have been a lot of hints strewn everywhere. I believe that smart people such as yourself have already deducted what it is, because of how I’ve explained it, and me specifically ruling out an adventure map.

I don’t want to outright say a lot of details because people have certain presuppositions about that sort of thing. That’s bad to me because it’s not going to be very traditional in any sense of the word. It will be more easy to understand once I just fully reveal. I just have some work to do before I do. The more I reveal with little snippets like this makes it less fun when I eventually just drop what I’m working on publicly.

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Personally, I’m very curious about where this is going to go. I’m unable to offer any creation skills due to mental health issues, but given the skill and commitment to quality you’ve already shown with your other project, this sounds like it’ll be something exciting.

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Howdy! I completely respect that perspective. Not everyone has something to contribute artistically or otherwise. That wasn’t all I’m asking for however, and I’ve edited the post a bit to reflect that more clearly:

I completely understand the mental health stuff, but if your only reason for not DMing me was not being artistically inclined, the main reason I made this post was to just get people who were interested in the project involved with it more, because like I said, the interest and the engagement are generally what drives me forward.

If you still don’t want to DM me however that’s fine. I just was making sure you realized I don’t just need builders, moderators, and maybe some UI artists, but I also just need people who are interested in the project.

Well I could help, I know how to draw, but not animate, I have a bad internet connection and the time zone because I’m from South America

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Honestly, I’m good on the sort of art a lot of artists here are capable of doing. A lot of people here are good at drawing characters, and I’m already well and good on that. The sort of artist I’m looking for is someone who’s good with UI, as I am not the greatest at it. Also an honest to goodness pixel artist would be a godsend, but it’s something I can do without for right now. Someone who’s bilingual however would definitely be valuable for the project, but it would depend on what else you can bring to the table.

Just lay it all out in a DM for me so I can look it over. Anything you think might be beneficial for me to know!

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Mmmmmmmmm I think I know what your doing here, very cool, ambitious definitely, don’t know how your gonna tie this community in without a datapack, unless you consider that version of a datapack something else.

Oh the community will definitely be “tied in”. I can tell just by a lot of the most popular things that those interested in Minecraft will definitely eat this up (hahaha I’m hilarious).

What do you mean?

Are we talking about the same thing here?

I am still accepting DMs from anyone who is interested! Keep in mind you do not need ANY kind of skill, you just need to be interested enough in my secret project to just want to go out of your way to message me!

All I’m looking for are good community members who are tolerant and excited for where this may go!

If you saw that there were some things I needed and thought that you couldn’t do that and passed along, please reconsider! All I need are interested people!

I’m putting this out there because right now I’m feeling under the weather, but when I improve I will be making final selections for who is inducted into the community.

Please keep in mind I’m keeping things secret because I think it will be more interesting when the day of the reveal finally arrives. I promise you that you will not regret your decision to DM me as long as you’re interested in Minecraft, RPGs, and the fetishes listed! This project is very ambitious, and those who are already involved have been frankly overwhelmed by not only what will be done, but what is already done, and if you want to hear about any of that then please reach out!


take care, health comes first <3

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