Minecraft: The Fat Suite V1.0.5

Hello Weight Gamiacs!
(Ok, that was pretty bad I promise I’ll never do that again.:hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:)

…It is I, Stranger, The Minecraft Guy™ and welcome, to Minecraft: The Fat Suite!

“Oh god, what is this crock of shit? What have I gotten myself into?.. Wait… where’s the exit? Why are you holding a gun?! Wha- what are you doing!? G-go away! Stop! Help! HEELP! HEEeEeLP!!!” - You


The Fat Suite is a collection of custom player models made for a Minecraft mod called Customizable Player Models (fitting name) made by your’s truly that will truly make Alex and Steve’s hips finally suffer the wrath of their dietary choices.

Maybe early on Alex and Steve got off because of the physical strain of mining, but once a stockpile of diamonds are built up what are they to do but indulge in the ease brought by their creativity.

Their pumpkin pie farm, their villager slave labor powered potato, beet root, carrot, or bread farm, and honey farm are all fully self sufficient, and after only a few in-game days can produce more food than they’d ever need… or… oh… wow…


That was quick.

I guess this is what redstone really does to you, folks.

No wonder the fellas who built the jungle temples and desert pyramids died off. It’s kind of hard to outrun zombies when you’re full of two stacks of bread and honey and barely have to do anything but trade with librarians for Mending books. Though I bet the extra padding might help with skeleton arrow fire, so maybe it was something else.

Though, honestly, I think any benefits are kind of out…weighed when most things can out run you. Especially for a specific creature that has a habit of exploding when you get too close…

Aw man…

Some More Renders From Blockbench/Screenshots


This render’s my favorite.

Features & Limitations

Features of The Fat Suite

  • Two model types. Steve, and Alex. Steve merely has smaller breasts for now.
  • One size (for now): Gigantic.
  • Helmets, and the pauldrons of chestplates are displayed when equipped. The rest Alex and Steve have completely outgrown. Leggings and boots are not shown. This is compatible with any mod that adds armor that doesn’t have a custom model.
  • Elytras!
  • Nearly all animations have been tweaked to mostly remove clipping. The swinging animation will likely be tweaked in the future.
  • Though cartoony, I think they fit in with Minecraft’s Jappa art style perfectly.
  • Support for bigger hitboxes with Pehkui! Scroll down to "Recommended Mods"


  • Animation adjustments to reduce clipping between different states like running and sneaking snap to each other instead of interpolating smoothly. This is a limitation of CPM itself currently and not something I can control. Once this issue is resolved Steve and Alex will be updated if need be to be in line with the new changes.
  • Simulated jiggle physics are very limited at the moment because I am waiting for this issue to be resolved, and then Steve and Alex will jiggle while doing the truffle shuffle like true fatties.
  • Steve’s model and texture could use some work.
  • As said before, leggings and boots are not shown, but I don’t know what you wanted me to do, man. Alex can’t even fit in their shirt, man, much less a chestplate crafted with 8 diamonds. Don’t even ask me what would happen to those poor leggings.
  • The crossbow and archery animations are a little scuffed, but I don’t know what you wanted me to do, man. Steve can’t even clap his hands much less try and wield a bow properly.
  • They’re obviously gonna look cartoony. I am never going to break with the Jappa art style. If you want something like that go watch FuturisticHub for your hyperrealistic Minecraft toes. They’re sImPLY dELiCiOuS.
  • Honestly there are always things I’m gonna say I could’ve done better on, but if I kept tweaking it in private like this you wouldn’t ever be able to play with them, so I’ve decided to release them now and the general tweaking can be for later.

Future Plans
  • This isn’t my only Minecraft related Project I anticipate will be on these forums… :smirk:
  • New sizes, both smaller and (maybe) bigger.
  • If someone can help me, an anthro model with digitigrade legs.
  • Everything laid out in Limitations. Most notable additions being jiggle physics and smoother animations.
  • Steve will likely be completely overhauled.

Installation Guide

Making Alex and Steve morbidly obese is as simple as 1, 2, 3!..

  1. Download Customizable Player Models for either Forge or Fabric. If you don’t know what you’re doing:
    • Follow this tutorial with the royalty free ukulele sounding music for Forge.
    • Follow this tutorial where I can’t place the dude’s accent for Fabric.
    • Then, download the corresponding CPM for either Forge or Fabric.
    • Then navigate to your .minecraft folder and place CPM in the mods folder. If one doesn’t exist then just make one called “mods” no quotation mars, and put it in there.
    • If you use an alternative launcher like the Twitch Launcher or MultiMC like a sane person, then you should probably be advanced enough to know how to install a mod. If not, Google is your friend.
    • After CPM is inside your mods folder, then boot up your game.
  2. Download whatever files you want from this post. They’re divided by size and then model type.
  3. Go back to your .minecraft folder, and if you booted up Minecraft already like I told you to, then you should see a folder labeled player_models. If so:
    • Unzip the files you downloaded into the player_models folder.

    • Make sure that the files labeled .cpmmodel and other accoutrements are located within no subfolders.

    • Press the Gestures Menu button (defaults to ‘G’) in game. If this does not work, then check your controls.

    • Once a menu that looks like this is open, navigate to Models.

    • Select the model you want.

    • Then click Apply.

Then you should be good to go!

Making Adjustments/Making Your Own Model

Making Adjustments/Making Your Own Model


I was gonna post a tutorial someone else made but they’re all kind of garbage. I honestly learned it through a trial by fire and am planning to make my own tutorial soon enough. For now, look at the wiki, which while limited has some information on some of the more basic stuff. If you’re feeling adventurous there are also plenty of resources on the CPM Discord server if you’re interested in having a bunch of examples. Attached with the exported models are also the project files so you can build off of those.

What ISN’T complicated to explain however is changing the texture. So I’ll put a little tutorial here.

If all you want to change is the texture (like a traditional Minecraft skin):

  1. Open The Skin Editor from the Gestures Menu from before (once again the default key is ‘G’), or through Options... > Skin Customization > Open Skin Editor
  2. Navigate to File > Load in The Skin Editor.
  3. Load either Steve or Alex’s .cpmproject file that you downloaded off this post. If you can’t see a project file, make sure that you correctly unzipped the files you downloaded. They should be in no sub folders. You should see them pop up like this.
  4. In what you downloaded should be some .png files. Those are the textures. You can edit those in whatever program you have as long as it supports transparency. There is also an onboard texture editor but I don’t like it that much.
  5. Navigate to Textures > Skin Settings
  6. Click “Open Skin”, and select your edited texture.
  7. There it is in all it’s… glory?..
  8. Then navigate to File > Export and do just that.

Recommended Mods


Forge & Fabric

The premiere “Size Altering” Mod for modern Minecraft. You can play around with it with the /scale command. It’s really fun for a couple minutes. It’s feature that really completes these models however is it opening up the possibility of editing the hitbox. If Pehkui is installed, and you load the models, I have default set the hitboxes to have double the width, which makes it impossible to fit through one block wide gaps, but in turn makes powdered snow a bit easier to deal with. I’ve noticed it can make some things annoying but mostly is fine if you don’t care about a little villager property damage.


Forge | Fabric

When paired with Pehkui, your splashes are bigger when impacting the water. You can truly cannonball into the water, and see the impact of your mass.

Farmer’s Delight

Forge | Fabric

(In my opinion) the premier food expansion mod for modern Minecraft. Pam’s and Croptopia exist I guess, but Farmer’s Delight is not only inline with vanilla in almost every way, but nothing seems like it only serves one purpose. Rotten Flesh makes fertilizer, Knives can be used to get materials from tall grass, but also can be use to slice up meat. There also exists many addons for Farmer’s Delight specifically on Forge, where it can hook in to many other popular mods.

Useful Mods Repository

Forge & Fabric

It’s no secret modern Minecraft versions struggle to run even on good hardware. This page has a lot of mods that will help your performance on both Forge and Fabric. Just be sure to actually read and don’t just start downloading stuff willy nilly. If I’d have to narrow it down to the essentials, I’d be Sodium for Fabric, and Rubidium for Forge if you’re just wanting to get the base game to a playable performance.


Version 1.0.5:

Steve… The Cleric says I’m “Morbingly A-Beast”. Is that a good thing?

image Steve (Gigantic): Download Link image Alex (Gigantic): Download Link

Patch Notes


  • First release.
  • Added the Gigantic Size!
  • Added Steve, and Alex. Both available in Gigantic.


  • Made the download a bit more simple to understand.
  • Migrated to GitHub and GitDown for file hosting instead of DropBox. Right now the Github page is pretty barren but I have plans for it in the future.


  • Many miscellaneous polishing and cleaning of the models. Little things no one else probably noticed.
  • Adjusted the belly a little bit.
  • Adjusted Steve’s colors majorly. They’re now a lot more muted now, which makes it much more in line with the Jappa style, and my Alex.
  • Changed Steve’s and Alex’s asses to be more different. Steve’s shirt is now a bit worn in the back, and Alex now has UniAss™ instead of back pockets like Steve.
  • Changed some stuff in the back end (no I’m not still talking about Steve and Alex’s asses) that people don’t see.
  • Completely removed simulated Jiggle Physics for right now as I wasn’t happy with it. Normally when I’d do this on my end I would just completely remove the vanilla limbs so that the animations could be more fluid, but when I’m not doing that it just kind of looks bad. So now the only changes that remain are to just remove clipping.
  • I wish this was 1.0.0, but I guess I only saw some of the flaws of Steve until I uploaded the files. But it’s good now. Once 2.0.0 is out I’ll update all the pictures to be more in line with the textures.

Old Version Archive

Version 1.0.0/1.0.1

image Steve (Gigantic): Download Link image Alex (Gigantic): Download Link


Steve and Alex are based upon these skins ripped from Minecraft Dungeons. I personally think they better follow the Jappa style than even the in-game Alex and Steve. It’s kind of like the Creeper or The Enderman where it was just too iconic to change, but that doesn’t mean I can’t!
Minecraft Dungeons - Alex Minecraft Skin
Minecraft Dungeons - Steve Minecraft Skin

How You Can Help/Usage Permissions

How You Can Help

  • I know there are some folks here who really would want anthro models. If you ever make a model with digitigrade legs, then you’ll be credited in the credits section. It’s just not a big priority for me given I’m not personally a furry myself.
  • Post screenshots from ingame, or of your private modifications to the models. I’d love to see them!
  • Just in general tell me what you think. I thrive on engagement, and the more you say I may have something here, the more I’ll make!

Usage Permissions

  • I don’t care what you do with these models privately (obviously). Go hog wild! This includes:
    • Equipping them on a server, in single player, or anywhere really.
    • Editing them, and even distributing them amongst your friends.
    • Stuff like that.
  • If you are posting anything publicly as a resource or otherwise using these models as a base then either post it here in this thread, or message me privately to get permission. I won’t be that mad but I’ll be a little perturbed.
  • If I want to incorporate your work into this post, I will ask you first. Your work is ultimately your own.
  • These base files are only going to be accessible here, in this thread, on https://forum.weightgaming.com. If you see them uploaded, or the direct link put anywhere else, it is illegitimate unless stated here.

Minecraft Guys Help Each Other Out!

If you don’t want me to write you a strongly worded letter you’d better support the other Minecraft Guys too. Or else I’ll get real nasty!

Especially Guts & Tums. If you know Java and AREN’T helping them, then… uh… well that’s okay but I would STRONGLY consider doing so! If you want anything beyond some fat ass Minecraft models (specifically vore, and actual real time weight gain) then support those beautiful bastards! I personally don’t have a lot to contribute because this personally is enough for me (not referencing Alex and Steve’s size, just in regards to functionality), but that doesn’t change the fact that these guys need help.


It was kind of buried in this mammoth post so I want to re-iterate in a clear post here (Also kind of wanted to reserve the first reply spot):

I thrive off of engagement!

If this gets enough support I’m gonna try and dive into the rigmarole it would take to make some bigger sizes, but the limit for this mod is around 25ish pixels for a single element of a model, so I’m gonna have to get creative.

In general, if you want me to make more models/update the suite, the best way to do it is tell me how I did, whether it’s a bug report or some kudos. Even better, if you want to, post some screenshots from ingame, or post screenshots of your personal skins. It’d make my day!

If you don’t want me to continue, call me smelly or something.

Questions & Answers

  • Q: When will The Fat Suite add real time weight gain?
  • A: For this particular project, never. That is beyond the purview of The Fat Suite. These will always just be customizable, free, standalone models for those who want a fat Minecraft model, and nothing more, or less. Though that doesn’t mean that there won’t be new updates, because within the purview of that there’s a bunch of improvement to be made.
  • Q: When will bigger sizes be added?
  • A: While it is very much possible, adding sizes bigger than Gigantic will be difficult and will require some changes to the CPM mod first. It will certainly happen at some point, but understand that the reasons why are very multi-faceted. There isn’t just one idea, fix, or anything of the sort that will be able to sidestep some of the issues I’ve encountered, especially given this project is work I’m mostly doing on the side as a companion to my secret project.
  • Q: Hey, if you can’t add a gameplay mechanic like Real Time Weight Gain, then how about you add another gameplay mechanic?
  • A: No! The Fat Suite is very feature complete at the moment, in that not only am I incapable of adding anything like an item or other gameplay mechanics, but I don’t want to for 2 big reasons:
    • It would sacrifice some of the reasons I think The Fat Suite is great.
    • Guts & Tums already is going to add all the gameplay mechanics you could ever want or need! Go and support them instead!
    • If you want a more detailed answer, look at this post here.
  • Q: What is your secret project?
  • A: Well if I told you it wouldn’t be secret anymore, fella. :clown_face: Here are some bullet points:
    • It is Minecraft related.
    • It is not a mod.
    • It is not a datapack.
    • It is multi-faceted and complex.
    • RPG Elements.
    • The Fat Suite will be a companion to this project.

What’s Next?

The sky’s the limit in regards to the future of this model package, but to those who stumble across this poll, what would you like most to see in 2.0.0? Keep in mind, the new sizes added will likely be smaller.

What Would You Like Most in 2.0.0?
  • Improvements To Steve
  • New Sizes

0 voters

not bad, it’s interesting, but can the skins be used with this mod?, or if they gain more weight. it’s just out of curiosity

Yes! That’s the whole point! These exported models, and the project files are for Customizable Player Models, and they are fully tweaked and ready to play!

No, not automatically. However, you could simulate weight gain with the additional models I’ll make in the future by switching them out in game. It’s not like a raw model replacement like a lot of these things are. You can actively switch between multiple at your leisure using the power of CPM, so it’s entirely possible to simulate that aspect yourself when I release more models.

The benefit of it not being a fully fledged mod like the other Minecraft guys are doing is that it’s completely client-sided, and can be used on Vanilla/Spigot servers, so even after those projects get released this will always have a niche with people who not only want to do that, or purely JUST want a fat model, with none of the other bells and whistles.


Can this mod somehow be used in complement with another mod to simulate wg and or add mechanics to it?(i’d also like to add it all looks great good job)

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Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

This is a very good question! Being an inventive Minecraft Guy™ myself I know of a couple of ways I personally could do it with my skill set, but if you’re speaking of an already released mod that could do it automatically, then no. It would take a dedicated datapack, server-side plugin, or mod. This, however, is outside the purview of this particular project for multiple reasons I’ll lay out here since this seems to be a popular question already:

  • Inspect the first thing I said in the section labeled “Future Plans”. This is just the beginning! (To be totally honest it’s something I cobbled together to put something out here.)
  • There are already dedicated projects that seek to do this in Minecraft. Chiefly, it seems: Guts & Tums, and not only do I not want to step on any toes, but I’m intentionally filling in a specific niche.
  • I want this project to be minimalistic. For those (like me) who want to experience Minecraft in a more traditional way, the only difference being you’re really fat visually.
  • If I did make such a datapack, it would defeat one of the points of this project to me: To be customizable! Not only to specific preferences in regards to body size, but literally anything you could imagine being able to be modeled. There are ways it could be customizable, but like I said in the first bullet point: More is Coming!
  • Personally that’s enough for me, and I realize (much like Guts & Tums has) that if I wanted to do more I would have to put a significant amount of effort into the coding side of things, and like I said, bigger things are coming, and my time is taken up by that. I promise you however if you’re interested in Minecraft and RPGs that it will be worth your while.

All these reasons and more are the reason why I intentionally did not choose to tag this with #weight-gain, and specifically just #fat.

yeah thats fine, and yeah i did mean just like a custom mod that uses this as a base, am not preassuring ya to make it, and i understand your goal, good luck with the coming upgrades!, thanks for your time

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So, I’m trying to add the models, but I can’t find any folder labeled “player_models”. Even while the game is running.

I also seem to be missing the “gestures” thing you mentioned.

you have to make that folder yourself iirc. also gestures might be refering to the gesture menu? whos default bind is G

Sorry to hear that!

Let’s take this into the DMs so I can help you out.

The issue has been resolved!

This was due to installing the mod after booting the game, instead of the other way around, and was partially due to shoddy instruction on my part. The Playing With These Models section will be changed shortly!

It generates itself, but if for some reason it isn’t there you can make it yourself if needed. I’ll be editing these two posts when the solution is found for posterity, and to help someone theoretically in the future if they’re having a hard time. (The issue has been resolved!)

Also, if anyone has any problems you can come to me either on this post or DMs and I’ll give you my certified Minecraft Guy™ tech support, at least if it’s related to my models. Maybe for other things too if you ask me nicely.

Regarding the guts & tums project, this is definitely a step (or waddle) in the right direction, all that is needed is a few more stages in between and maybe beyond, and a food value system

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Though I’d like to point out that for Guts & Tums modeling has never been the problem for them from what I understand. From what they’ve released I’ve seen they are pretty capable at modeling and use this very same mod for testing the appearance of things ingame like how I use it to actually implement the models in game.

Because of this I would aliken it more to us waddling down different paths that ultimately lead to the same or a similar destination: fat people in Minecraft.

When Guts & Tums is out I would say it would largely be down to personal preference, the specific modpack, and whether you were playing on a vanilla server or not that would determine which one you would use. I imagine that there will be many people who won’t see the point in using my models, but there will also be a few that like mine better for specific reasons or maybe just aesthetically.

I know that for me personally if the models weren’t customizable like these are then it would personally be a deal breaker for me, but I also know that a lot of people looked at this project and saw that real-time weight gain wasn’t a thing and passed along. One would be willing to sacrifice the other for purposes of one being intact. For me the being fat part is the thing that matters the most (95% really). For some it’s the gaining itself. It’s all subjective at the end of the day.

Ultimately I think choice and variety like this are good things, and will only make progress on both fronts richer as we all learn things from one another; the really important thing at the end of the day is when you see something you think is good, or looks good you support it, and I think Guts & Tums and the other project I mentioned both look pretty good, so I’m contractually obligated to shout my other Minecraft Guys™ out, and say if you are a Java coder to go help them out.

This won’t be for every small update, but welcome to The Fat Suite Version 1.0.1!

I’ve made the download a bit more simple to understand and migrated to GitHub and GitDown for file hosting instead of DropBox.

My main sense of pride thusfar is making 14 people click on a FuturisticHub clip.

As for some thing to expect in the near future, to make Steve and Alex more distinct I’m going to be giving Alex some of my patented (not actually a patent don’t sue me), and ceritified Minecraft Guy™ UniAss™ Technology instead of the two back pockets that Steve has currently:
image image

Also, I’ve changed Steve’s colors a little bit:

The less observant might not be able to tell a difference, but I personally think it looks way better.

More updates! 1.0.5 is out, and with it comes many little tiny tweaks in both the background and foreground, but the major thing is Steve’s new pallete which I think is much, much better. I also darkened his skin a little bit more. Might darken it even more as time goes on.
image image
With the palette there’s also changes to Steve’s ass along with Alex’s. Now his shirt’s a little worn in the back.

Now that the Gigantic models in my opinion are in a pretty solid spot, I’m going to leave this post for a little bit as I work on my other project.

…and I’m pretty sure I know what people want. Though the poll is still open, so if you like BHMs and Steve gets on your nerves for some reason, please vote for Improvements To Steve and tell me about how I could do better!

I want to follow up this poll here however with a couple of questions that if you’re comfortable speaking about I’d love the feedback. I’m going to be uncharacteristically quiet about it so that I can get as much opinions in as possible, and people don’t feel like it’s a 1 on 1 between me and that person that they shouldn’t butt in on. I’ll come back after a little while and respond to any points I feel need to be addressed later as opposed to now. If there are any suggestions you want to make that are beyond the purview of those questions, fire away too!

The only thing I’ll ask is: Please don’t talk about real time weight gain.

First Question
For lovers of fat men: Since people thus far have came out in force saying that New Sizes are what they want, does that mean you’re satisfied with Steve at the moment? Is there anything I could do to accommodate you guys better in the future, or do you think Steve is a-okay?

Second Question
For those who want New Sizes, do you think versions of Steve or Alex where they’re just kind of chunky would be in order, or do you want something that’s more in the middle between Gigantic and the base Minecraft player model? Some other suggestion perhaps? Also, are you interested in getting a thin size for my interpretation of Alex and Steve as a starting point if you kind of want to RP gaining weight?

These questions are a little complicated so I just want you guys to tell me with words rather than a poll.

I look forward to your guys’ answers.

Don’t be shy!

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I’d definitely enjoy having a sort of “progression” with the different models! And I know it would be a tough task, but getting a step up from gigantic could be fun too.

Could always combine it with Pehkui again and make the player 3 blocks wide instead, really drive home the size of it.


Hey, I said I wouldn’t say anything for a couple of days, but it completely slipped my mind 1.19 came out today!

I just wanna let everyone know on day one Fabric, Sodium, Pehkui, and CPM are already available, and my models work just fine. I can’t vouch for other mods, but using the ones for the Pre-Release builds of 1.19 work just fine for these 4 with my limited testing. :+1:

This is another reason why I’ve elected to make this project as I have, because updating on everyone’s side is a breeze usually.

Anyways, keep the suggestions coming, and I hope you have a fun time exploring Mangroves, or skulking around ancient cities and getting pummeled by The Warden!

I also hear there’s a little fella who might be able to help you acquire certain things…

Don’t tell anybody I told you this, though… it’s our little secret. :wink:

Updated as of 6/10/2022

CPM For Forge has been updated today!. Rubidium was also updated some time ago. So you Forge Frogs can get your thicc on in Minecraft!

Due to personal reasons work on my Secret Project™ hasn’t gone very far these past few days, but like I said, if you like where this project is going then you’re likely really going to be interested in what I have to show in the next few months!

Remember to put any suggestions for The Fat Suite stuck in your chest our here for me to see. Don’t be shy!

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If… theoretically, the secret project I was working on has planned real time “weight gain stages”, or something of the sort… (this is just a theoretical keep in mind :wink: :wink:)

Would you be satisfied with only 2 stages, or would 3 with the cost of more work on the player’s end be a good tradeoff?

Let me know what you think!

Theoretical Real-Time Weight Gain in Secret Project

Theoretical Real-Time Weight Gain In Secret Project
  • 2 Stages
  • 3 Stages

0 voters


Personally I’d prefer more stages, though of course that would require even more work. Either way I’m glad you’re working on this mod so proactively, love the work

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I know I said I’d kind of let it ride with the replies for a while, but I just want to clarify something about my most recent poll and your answer here:

There’s a reason why I use the term “sizes” for The Fat Suite, and why for that (incredibly, incredibly hypothetical :wink:) poll I used the term “stages”.

Theoretically, my secret project might utilize both.

Sizes are what we have in The Fat Suite, and this poll was not about limiting those. There will be theoretically an infinite amount of sizes.

Think of stages, however, like the word itself. A stage in which you can place something. That something, maybe, might I say theoretically… be a size. The change in words were very intentional on my part.

So, if, per se, there were hypothetically 5 sizes in The Fat Suite (this is just off the dome and maybe won’t be what I name them): Normal, Chubby, Fat, Gigantic (that’s the one you have now), and Titantic.

So, let’s say I did 3 stages in the hypothetical secret project.

Some have different tastes, so maybe they might not want their character to grow as big as Gigantic per se, so, they set it so:

Stage 1 is Normal, obviously. Then Stage 2 might just be Chubby, and then Stage 3 is Fat.

That’s pretty good!

But someone else might set:

Stage 1 to Fat, Stage 2 to Gigantic, and Stage 3 to Titantic.

In the theoretical gameplay of this theoretical Minecraft related project, that would be how it would work. Maintaining the infinite customization CPM provides, while still having a theoretical real-time weight gain esque system. The only thing set in stone is the stages, and everything else can be changed.

The distinction between the word “stages”, and “sizes” was very intentional. Sizes are what we have here in The Fat Suite, and there can be an infinite amount of those. Stages are the places in my future project you’ll be able to “slot” sizes. If that makes sense.