Guts & Tums: a Minecraft Belly Fetish Mod! (Java coding help wanted)

Hey hi, Weight Gaming! Wuv here, and I’m the lead person for the Guts & Tums mod! If you’re reading this, that means you’re probably interested in seeing belly fetishes in Minecraft. Well, the G&T team and me all do as well, and we’re trying to provide the best experience through the means of Minecraft mods!

But before I tell you about our current plans for the mods, we could really use some help. We need anybody that is capable of coding in the Java coding language. If you can code in Java, please join our discord server (link at the bottom), and contact DatSansyBoi#8956 (that’s me).

Now that we’ve grabbed your attention, let’s get to the details. The main showpiece of this mod is going to be centered around the belly, with some other things of course. The major focus of this mod is vore; the vore types that are planned are oral vore, anal vore and unbirth. With vore, you can do many things, ranging from carrying mobs, like animals or villagers, to using them as a source of food. Eating enough will also make you gain weight, which you can distribute to set places to get a configuration that you desire. If you don’t want to get fat from just digesting mobs (or even players!), you can also stuff yourself full of food, which will also give you bonus saturation, but if you eat too much you’ll be slowed.

Outside of stuffing your gut full of creatures and food, there is also a method of pregnancy that still needs working out. Currently, it can be obtained from touching a statue as a female (we’ll touch on this later) or through unbirth. Pregnancy through the statue will provide little ghost helper minions.
With these choices on stuff like weight gain and vore types, we’ll also be adding rudimentary genders, where the females get unbirth and pregnancy, while the males are overall stronger, harder to swallow and are easier to escape from stomachs as. It’s also harder for prey to escape from you as a male. (things aren’t set in stone yet, so don’t complain about this please.)

Outside of player control, there will also be monster girls that spawn throughout the world (this has yet to be fully decided) and other creatures that can eat you. Some of these mobs will be passive or even tamable. There are also plans to add decorative blocks for all your building needs!

Now after reading all of this, some of you might be concerned about the fact that your favorite vore type isn’t going to be added to the mods… But fret not! What was explained is only going to be the main mods, as the mod that’ll make this all work will be a library, where people can make addons to it, adding their own things! In short, things that aren’t in the main mods are up for the community to create.

I’ve also included an Imgur gallery to show some of our concepts for models so far, so have a look! Click here! And if you want to check on updates, check out our discord server! (We have a pretty good community there too, as it’s also a vore server) Our Discord, Misty’s Lab!

If you’re interested in anything at all, leave a comment! Your feedback means a lot, it really does! Have a good day :wave:




You’re not the first person to try and make a minecraft mod like this. There was also this person in this thread: Minecraft Weight Gain Mod, who wanted to make the mod based from this codebase: The Fat Mod Minecraft Mod.

If there was any success in regards to this project, it was not shared with us.


if you’re developing something you should worry about having developers before you worry about having PR.


Would there be any toggles for certain vore types? As an example, I prefer only oral vore. Anything on that?

Also, I do like burps very much. Would that be an additional feature or not?

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i shall too pheonix, you are the observer of projects

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We have a PR person because socializing is not the dev team’s strongest suit, which is why I’m helping branch out in the first place

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We hope to get the customization down to that level
As for adding burps, it is a planned feature

Well Hel-LO! I was hoping for a revival of the Vore mod(even if this isn’t it technically), and there’s even potential for more?! Oh ho ho! I’m getting HYPED!


I have mixed feelings about this mod

On one hand, cool, some Minecraft WG fetish mod to reinvigorate my interest to the game and the models are more than just adding a block to the abdomen. That being said, the models still need improvement, from what I presume is the used models from the unfinished mod they still need more details to make it look more convincing. From the latter images it does seem to be going in the right direction, but I suppose only time as well as effort will deduce the quality of said models.
I will be following this post, though I must admit that I am rather uncertain of what lies ahead.

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People seem to talk about this like it’s a fully complete mod or in full production, but don’t forget that it still needs a Java programmer in order for it to get anywhere.

having just now checked the images

BEE GIRL POG! I NEED TO FEED HER!!! :heart_eyes:


You are correct. It’s a few months to a few years off from the base mechanics , not including the structures, dimensions and wifu mobs.

Dimensions eh? What could THOSE be? Fields of fattening foods? Predator hellscapes where your utter digestion is almost guaranteed?

I feel you took away a completely different message than what I was trying to infer,

It’s not final, but the original idea for how eating players would work is that they would be sent to a custom dimension where all of the bellies would be. When you are eaten, it takes you there, and when you escape, you are sent back. It is very early in concept though, mostly because we haven’t gotten that part down yet

sorry about that. I assumed this was another one of those projects where someone makes a billion promises before a single piece of content exists.


Dimensions are dimensions, what did I possibly misinterpret?

But will WE as a PRED get a belly for the duration of their visit to this stomach dimension?

The belly dimension was an early concept for where players would go when they get eaten. This idea has been scrapped, but a different way is in the works.

But will WE as a PRED get a belly for the duration of their visit to this stomach dimension?

Yes, there will be a belly when you eat a player, or any mob for that matter


Hyped for whatever it becomes.

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