Simple/Sinful Life | The Online Minecraft RPG Experience | Development On Ice

Aloha, Weight-Gamiacs.
(I did have my fingers crossed last time.)

…It is I, The Stranger, Minecraft Guy™, and Skyrim Guy™ in training! BACK. from an approximately two thirds of a year hiatus.

Why was there a hiatus, you may ask? Well, you owe my absence to a force more powerful than angels, demons, and even o̷̤̺̾t̵̪̯͑h̵͙̭̘͂ė̴̛͍̺̩ŗ̷̤̯́̎s̷̞͗̀̾


Yeah… the start of 2023 hadn’t really been that great for me to say the least. The skinny of it is that I planned on doing this reveal at The New Year, and the last those I’ve let in to the secret when I made this post have heard was that I was going to do this around New Years, and that was basically it until approximately one day before I posted this.

The longer I took to write this the more stress I accumulated about it, which made it even longer to write, and that was the perfect storm to make this take way, way longer to write. (More details in the “Heart to Heart” below.)

…but hey! Better late than never, eh? Speaking of angels and demons by the way…


So, what’s going on here? What is this? When is this? Where is this?

actually… now that I think about it…

where am I?..

You (Probably)

Gameplay wise, I like to call this project an “Online Minecraft RPG Experience.”

What in the hell even is that, am I right?

Well, enter Wynncraft. If you’re too lazy to click on that link, basically what the people behind Wynncraft have done was make a Runescape like MMORPG inside of Minecraft using modded server software. Now, all this being said, Simple/Sinful does not have that grand of a scope. That is why I intentionally omit the MMO from MMORPG in Simple/Sinful’s title, but Wynncraft is the closest analogue to what I’m attempting to do.

What do I want to do then? Well, allow me to explain:

Simple/Sinful is a Minecraft server that functions as an online RPG with chat roleplaying, intact survival aspects, in-depth questlines, interesting characters, novel game mechanics (for a Minecraft server), and more!

As for it’s story, it’s basically gonna be an RPG in which it’s like our world, except the influence of the… Supernatural is a little more overt. (See what I did there?) You will be able to (depending on your choices in character creation) become a demon, or angel, and roleplay in that scenario in (at least in my opinion) an interesting take on that concept.

Also, I am currently working on a more mainstream indie game, for which this project is irrevocably connected, as it exists to answer the question of: If so-and-so and s̷̫͆o̷̬̍-̶͇̓a̷̤͋n̵͛ͅd̸̲͐-̸͚̄s̴̱̓o̵͍̓ are here, where did all the angels and demons go?..

…but that project isn’t what we’re talking about right now. Haha :zipper_mouth_face:


Gameplay is paramount in any game, even ones that are more story focused, so I hope to not disappoint in what I bring to the table that’s different from just your simple run-of-the-mill Minecraft server…

Here are some bullet points about some of Simple/Sinful’s gameplay. Marked in angelic gold for features already completed, or nearing completion, and marked in lean demonic purple for features with cursory work done. Sparse screenshots when applicable!

A Multiplayer Environment.

Click to expand!

This may be a given with the nature of the project, but this project being on Minecraft drastically boosts feasibility of a multiplayer environment through having it be a Minecraft server.

Though, that being said there will be plenty of solo gameplay mechanics for those who don’t really want to participate in any collaborative gameplay.

Did I mention the server itself is completely vanilla? You don’t have to join without any modded client at all! Though Fabric or Forge with optimization mods and Customizable Player Models are recommended for the best experience.

Multiple Worlds to Explore!

Click to expand!
  • 3 RPG Worlds in which to meet interesting characters, and complete quests.
    • A Town on Earth (…most likely in The US State of Nevada.)
    • Sheol (…a portion of Hell.)

      Pictured is Sheol.
    • Cloud Nine (…similarly, a portion of Heaven.)
  • ~1-2 Sandbox Worlds in which you will be able to build freely, and survive much like traditional vanilla/modded Minecraft, with a very large generatable area, and custom worldgen!
  • Found Your Own Town in the Sandbox Worlds, powered by The Towny Plugin.
    • Join The United States (or whatever nation the sandbox world resides in) proper, or found your own independent unincorporated fiefdom.
    • Be warned though, if you don’t want to pay those taxes (i’m so sorry) it’s going to be quite hard to get utilities, and items such as smartphones, or computers will be more difficult to get up and running.
    • Also, the longer you are the leader an unincorporated community, the higher the chance that you will be hit with a penalty to your crime (more on this later).
  • Completely Custom Blocks and Items without having to install client sided mods.

    Pictured is The Hellfire Wood Executive’s Desk. Next to it is Stripped Dark Oak and Stripped Mangrove for a comparison of what the wood-type looks like.

Unique RPG Features!

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  • In-Depth Character Creation
    • Your character will start having died, and you will have many options to choose for how you died, and these options will not only affect dialogue, but some will even give you traits.
    • You can choose between two races: The Humans, and Antediluvians.
      • Human: You know what a human is lol.
      • Antediluvian: Basically an anthro race, for which their lore was that they were annihilated in The Great Flood.
    • You can choose what time you died, as Heaven and Hell are beyond time, so you could’ve died at any time, though Antediluvians must choose Antediluvian Era. Some of these will just be for flavor and dialogue, but others will provide gameplay affecting benefits/challenges.
      • Antediluvian Era: 20-40 Billion Years Ago.
      • Medieval Age: 800-1,500 Years Ago.
      • Gilded Age: 200-100 Years Ago.
      • Pre-Modern Age 50-75 Years Ago.
      • Modern Age: Contemporary Times.
    • Traits will supplement the idea of perks, and provide a simple, but also complex at the same time layer to character creation. Here are a few examples:
      • A Fur Affinity?
        • -5%/-15%/-30% Suspicion Gain depending on form taken. (Antediluvian Exclusive)
        • It turns out in recent years some humans like to dress as anthropomorphic animals… Perhaps this can come to my advantage?
      • Arrogance
        • When Pride and Health are above 80% +100% Knockback Resistance and +60% for all other Resistances, but when Health or Pride are below 80% -100% to all resistances.
        • “I’ll let you have the first punch…”
      • Fallen Angel
        • -50% Innocence Gain. +25% Sin Gain. Cannot be redeemed.
        • “Non Serviam. Through trials and tribulation I am assured of my place in the world.”
      • Ace
        • -75% Lust Gain.
        • “Different strokes.”
  • The Sin System that replaces traditional stats with a balancing act of different Sins in which percentages activate buffs, debuffs, and different Traits.
    • There will be 9 “sins” that can be increase and decrease based on multiple factors.
      • Gluttony: Increases whenever you indulge in non-sexual carnal desires such as eating, using drugs, drinking alcohol, and just in general being a pleasure seeker. Decreases when eating healthy.
      • Lust: Increases in scripted “sexual” scenarios in game depending on traits picked at the start. May also increase when Fun is low depending on traits. Decreases passively.
      • Sloth: Increases when you sleep, spend too long idle, or take certain drugs. Decreases by being active.
      • Greed: Increases when hoarding wealth. Decreases by being charitable.
      • Envy: Increases during scripted scenarios, and depending on traits picked at the start. Decreases with therapy.
      • Wrath: Increases when you kill things. Decreases with therapy.
      • Pride: Increases during scripted scenarios, and depending on traits picked at the start. Decreases whenever you are defeated in battle.
      • Innocence: Offsets the affects of Deadly Sins for angels. Increases when using angelic skills, and during certain scripted scenarios.
      • ḿ̵͚̖à̴̡͉͈̅͛̅ṟ̸̫͚̙͒͐k̸̜̥̮̅̀ḙ̸͍͇̑͗̃̓d̸̖͉̅͛́: ET DIXIT: QUID FECISTI?
    • For demons, increasing the deadly sins with buff them, but this will be the opposite for angels. Angels will be able to repent for their sins in order to lessen the debuff of a particular sin, and there will be traits around this playstyle as an angel.
    • For those who would miss a more traditional stats system, not all ways you gain sin are temporary. There will be items, traits, quests, and more that will permanently augment the sins much like traditional stats you see in more traditional RPGs.
  • 3 More Needs that will add depth to vanilla Minecraft’s survival system, and The Sin System respectively.
  • All systems will interact with each other in dynamic ways. Nothing will ever feel tacked on for the sake of difficulty, as all of these systems could not exist without the others.
    • Increasing your Fun while not sinning will be moderately difficult.
    • Needs will interact with each other, and different Traits. For example, a trait will exist that will allow someone to gain Fun when gaining Gluttony, and having low Hunger will make Exhaustion decrease faster, which will then affect Sanity in turn.
    • In contrast to the difficulty of gaining Fun for angels, all other needs will be easier to fill, or stay filled as opposed to how it is for demons.
  • Crime & Exposure system in which if you break the law, or openly tout your supernatural status in public, either police or men in black will arrest and hold you in a cell for a time determined by how much Crime or Exposure you had.
    • You will be able to fight off the police, but the men in black will be much more adept at dealing with you, so if you choose to use your angelic or demonic abilities against the police, then that raises your likelihood of also being pursued by parties that are much more equipped to deal with your antics.
    • Keeping down your exposure will be easy if you are in your angelic disguise (for angels), or your possessed body (for demons), but you will be severely limited in the supernatural abilities you can execute, but there will be traits and abilities specifically geared toward this gameplay.
    • In the context of player to player interactions, server staff will have the authority to dole out Crime and Exposure as more soft punishments as opposed to hard punishments such as banning, or muting.
      • Excessive PKing and the like will net Crime, and FailRP will net Exposure. (Note that FailRP is only considered such if it is in the roleplaying chat. Any out of character discourse will not net Exposure, though that doesn’t mean you will be able to say anything you want on the server.)
  • The ability to become a Fallen Angel as an angel, or ‘Redeem’ Yourself as a demon, each with unique gameplay options.
  • Joinable factions on Earth that will have their own faction questlines. More info on this later on in this post.

The Forms System

(Click here if you wanna see what I’m bringing to the table fetish-wise.)

Click to expand!
  • You will have three forms, your human form (that will either in lore be a human you’re possessing as a demon, or an angelic disguise for an angel), your normal demonic/angelic form, and your “Unfettered” form which is a DBZ-esque transformation that you will unlock in the mid-game after some gameplay.
  • Dynamically have your appearance change based on sin.
    • Based on your sin, you will be able to predefine CPM models that automatically switch based on your sin percentages. For example, you could set it so that at 30% Gluttony you switch to another model, and then at 50% to another, etc. You will have a limited number of slots, and it works on a priority system. In example, if you wanted to make Gluttony prioritize anything you had set for Lust to do, you’d make it be form slot number 1, as it would prioritize. It isn’t like a morph, but actually switching your old model out for a new one and vise versa on the fly.
    • Because of it not being a morph, it will be difficult for some to make their own models to fit within this system, but that is what my suite will be for! I also will be offering my Minecraft modeling expertise to people in exchange for their help with Simple/Sinful, but this will happen later.
    • You will be able to choose any of The Seven Deadly Sins, and Innocence, with only m̷̦̆̉ạ̷̧̘̉̈̽͐r̷̹̲̎̑́k̸̡̫̥͕̲̈́͆͑ͅę̸͍͍̌͂̑̎̕͠d̶͇̰̮̾ being the exception.
    • This system allows any kink with “progression” to be utilized with this system, even if I didn’t intend it.
    • Your Normal and Human forms will have their own separate dynamic form changes, but Unfettered will have only one appearance that you can customize.


Starting off, your player character will be dead.

Credits roll…

…and be sent to purgatory temporarily to be judged. Depending on your choices in character creation, you will either go to Heaven, or Hell. Unfortunately for fence sitters out there there will be no in-between option, but depending on your actions, overtures can be made to either side during specific questlines.

Beyond that restriction, you’re basically set loose. The only goals initially are to survive and thrive, much like normal Minecraft, except within Simple/Sinful’s RPG framework. You’re not some kind of prophesized messiah, or really anyone notable beyond what choices you have in character creation, and in the world itself. It’s up to you to shape your destiny in this world with the decisions you make.

…and while I could continue to go on and on about what choices I’m going to let you have (for which I haven’t plotted out much), but I think I would be amiss if I didn’t tell you about the world, or the characters, as any open-ended RPG such as this would absolutely fall apart without them!

As time goes on, the stuff in these collapsible entries will serve more as a “greatest hits” of Simple/Sinful’s universe, and less all-encompassing as time goes on. Though fear not! As I have plans for a wiki-like solution for all matters related to Simple/Sinful’s universe. For now, however, all publicly accessible data beyond The Simple/Sinful Soundcloud is here in this post. If you don’t care for this sort of thing, feel free to keep scrolling, as needing to have an encyclopedic knowledge of a universe before playing a game would be kinda stupid. This is just here to give people an idea of what they are getting themselves into lore wise.


Click to expand!

Simple/Sinful’s universe is an amalgam of Abrahamic religious beliefs, with an emphasis on the interesting, and exposing some more unknown concepts in these religions like Biblical Apocrypha (specifically the Book of Giants and The Gospel of Judas), Kabbalah, and early Christian beliefs such as Gnosticism. I also want to touch on obscure and/or fun demonology and angelology, new age occultism, and more obscure things you might not initially think to blend together.

That being said, I think expounding upon that would be more like a religious studies class than actually explaining what I’m bringing to the table worldbuilding wise, so what I’m going to be listing here are things that are unique to Simple/Sinful’s world.


  • Simple/Sinful’s universe is partially Alternate History based. That is to say, in Simple/Sinful’s world a couple of notable historical events in the 20th century changed. Not enough to make our modern world today unimaginable or hard for your average person to follow, but enough that there is intrigue behind what exactly has changed. (Beyond some of the hints I’ve given you guys here. :wink:)
  • Heaven and Hell are actual physical places that require physical maintenance and upkeep to keep working. Some quests will actually be centered around this concept.
    • While Heaven is still a physical place, it is much more mystical and bizarre than Hell is with many creatures, sights, and sounds beyond your comprehension. This is juxtaposed by the lower angels (such as yourself) needing to use things as mundane as public transport to get around in this massive realm.
    • Imagine Hell like Earth in a fun house mirror. All of it’s little imperfections blown up to ridiculous proportions. Everything is notched up to 11.


Click to expand!

These are mostly just The Deadly Sins right now since they’re the only ones with 2D art done. The Deadly Sins aren’t really “manifestations” of their sin as much as appointed based on being the most sinful in all of Hell. They don’t have any special powers by default and are basically just celebrities in Hell.


"Expand" Profile ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: favorite?
Deadly Sin: gluttony

Jezebel is a pretty old Deadly Sin, but unlike Mammon or Lilith is actually not the first Deadly Sin of Gluttony despite her age. That honor goes to Behemoth, an Antediluvian that rose to the position before Jezebel fell.

Jezebel originally didn’t really want any kind of special position, but after her gluttony started to quite literally become legendary, and since Hell is a true meritocracy when it came to who were considered THE Deadly Sins, a competition was held to determine who truly was the most gluttonous. Behemoth and Jezebel would participate in an eating competition to determine who truly was the most gluttonous. Behemoth was eager to prove himself, and Jezebel was just happy to have free food. Many thoughts Behemoth would win due to him being literally nearly 10 times her size (bulk not included), but after they each went neck at neck for nearly 2,000 rounds, the 2,001st seemed to be too much for poor Behemoth, and he would explode, leaving no trace of the Antediluvian for people to find. Jezebel would have mourned, but she still wanted to continue the contest. No one knows exactly how much Jezebel are before she was satisfied that day, but the only thing that is known as that it was less than the day after that, and so on.

Jezebel, being a former Cherubim, has the ability to radically change her physical form to her whim, and suppress elements of her “Unfettered” form so that her appearance is more pleasant, but she has seemingly only used this angelic ability to hide the true breadth of her physical form. Estimates are impossible to gauge, but Lucifer bars Jezebel from using her Unfettered form for fear that the entirety of Hell itself would be crushed under her. His fears are not unfounded.

Despite her initially seeming quite absent-minded, it has been noted that there is more inside Jezebel than meets the eye…

…or maybe that’s just her lunch? Who’s to say.


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Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Deadly Sin: Lust~

Lilith is the oldest Deadly Sin, being there from the moment Lucifer fell, to the present. She was originally a Seraphim, Heaven’s highest pedigree of warriors, but very early on was disillusioned with Heavenly ideals much like Lucifer was, and following his example she followed him to Hell after his failed insurrection against The Kingdom of Heaven.

Lilith in time lost her edge as a warrior, but she replaced this acumen with another of a… carnal variety. It was this shift in it of itself that inspired Lucifer to create the idea of The Deadly Sin. He saw that after many fallen angels fell, they filled the hole their holiness previously had filled (try saying that five times fast) by indulging in 7 different unique ways. He called these The Deadly Sins, and held intermittent competitions to determine who indulged the most in each of his 7 Deadly Sins. He held Lilith as the prime example of one devoted to Lust, and she accepted the label with pride.

In contemporary times Lilith uses her time and influence to promote body, and sex positivity, for which she sees as natural extensions of Lucifer’s ideology. To Lilith, Lust is not just a carnal urge, but something more.


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Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Byakuya
Deadly Sin: GR€€D!

Mammon is the undisputed king of commerce in Hell, operating all over, but mostly in New Sodom, and New Gomorrah.

He is a pretty old Deadly Sin, but is one of the most disloyal. In the not-so-distant past, Mammon tried to take the throne of hell from Lucifer. Even with all his trickery, Lucifer had no trouble completely tearing him apart limb from limb. Lucifer’s punishment to Mammon was to not allow him to regenerate a new body, and he just had to stitch together his old one using very rudimentary cybernetics. Lucifer would have killed him, but even he admits he is a bit too merciful for his own good. As soon as Mammon stitched himself back together, he was allowed to keep his post.

Some believe he is still scheming, and… yes. Of course he is! Lucifer just enjoys his work, and is confident whatever Mammon is cooking up is something he can deal with.

“THE ONE AND ONLY SUPER SALE” has been a promotion Mammon has been running for the past 20,000 years or so, though is truly one of a kind in the sheer quantity of products offered to denizens of Hell, but almost every product has the distinction of… not being worth the money at all. Regardless, though, Mammon lives to hawk his merchandise, and should you find yourself needing the cheapest crap imaginable, or… maybe if you want to join him, Mammon always has what you “need”…


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Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: GAIA!? IS THAT YOU!?
Deadly Sin: Envẏ̶̲?̷̧̮͉͑̀͜ͅ

“Faust” is a largely mysterious figure who died relatively recently (at least by demon standards). For starters, “Faust” isn’t even his real name. No one, including himself, can remember his real name. Faust is just a nickname given to him by the other demons due to the nature of how he was sent to hell. In the early 1970s when he died, he sold his soul to Mephisto for a glimpse of the future, and whenever he saw it, he completely lost whatever sanity he had left. Now all he can talk about is this person named “Gaia”, for which he can’t give very many details about before completely breaking down.

The prevailing theory is that something horrible happens in the future, but when people have asked Faust about this theory, he has become particularly violent, so people sort of try and avoid the subject of this “Gaia”, and Faust himself all together if they can help it.

That being said, Faust and Mammon of all people have forged a friendship(?) of sorts. Mammon claims to know what Faust is talking about, and has sold him many products he claims will “bring him closer to Gaia”.

Faust is The Deadly Sin of Envy, and is unequivocally the most envious soul to fill the role. Some people believe this is due to his longing for this “Gaia” person, others believe it’s just because of how pathetic he is, but you’re free to make your own determination about that, because Faust is, and likely will remain an enigma.


Click to expand!
  • On Earth, there will be major factions for which you will be able to do quests for, and depending on the faction, eventually join.
    • For angels only, there will be The Illuminated. They are a secret society that influences the highest levels of society. You will be able to explore their Grand Lodges, learn their ancient secrets, and with a illusive but firm hand you can change the fate of the world.
    • For demons only, there will be The Syndicate, a non-partisan group seeking to unite all labor unions on the west coast. Participate in covert operations in the name of freedom and solidarity. You can also just blow shit up and break things, if that is your cup of tea.
    • There are greater forces at work in this world than can be seen with the naked eye. Only now have the governments of the world caught on to this fact, and they are looking to put an end to supernatural meddling in their affairs. Join The CIA (and perhaps other country’s intelligence agencies down the line) either to help them with this goal, or to sabotage their efforts.
    • I have plans for an Anonymous-esque hacker collective as a joinable faction, though not much else planned besides that for now.
    • Technocrats Inc. is a multi-national corporation with some of the world’s brightest minds in it’s ranks. Join them to get access to experimental technology, and advance your own knowledge.
    • I DO HEREBY AGREE to enter into employment with the ████████████ and, being of sound mind, do fully realize and agree to abide by its purpose which is to get ETHICS IN on this PLANET AND UNIVERSE and, fully and without reservation, subscribe to the discipline, mores and conditions of this group and pledge to abide by them.
  • There will be a lot of independent side-quests as well. Some ideas of mine being:
    • Helping a whacky madam with her business, or turning her in to the authorities.
    • Help an off-the-grid biker gang in the desert, or screw them over.
    • The local church has a wrathful pastor. There will be multiple candidates there to replace him, you could just keep him in place, or get someone e̴̺͋v̷̫̈́ẻ̶̮ṅ̶͈ w̷̝̹̝̯̅͌̅̕o̷̦͔̠̩̿̅̑̀r̸͎͜͝s̵̺͎̜̓̆̊̒͘e̸̻̣̣͑̚ͅ.


While sights and sounds aren’t everything, no one can say that they don’t help! Simple/Sinful is going to have (in my opinion) respectable ass-ets that swings above it’s… weight-class…

First off, I want all of you to take a gander at some of the wonderful art my good friend and equally wonderful artist Gilbert has made! He handles (for right now) all 2D art for Simple/Sinful, and helps with 99% of concept art.

These are mostly just for reference more than anything, but I think it gives you a good idea of my art direction for Simple/Sinful and beyond.

The Deadly Sins!

(…or at least over half of them. Also, The Devil is here too.)

The only thing Gilbert gave me to plug was his NSFW Twitter, but he said that it’s more just for him to retweet other NSFW artists rather than actually posting much of his art, but it’s there. Just keep in mind Gilbert isn’t actually a fat fetish artist, he’s just my bud and similar to all of us appreciates the wEiRd, so just make sure not to go there with false expectations.

Next up are some of Simple/Sinful’s in-game assets, which are all made by your’s truly.


Also, here’s a Hippo Cow from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
It isn’t related to Simple/Sinful but I’m proud of my texture work here, so I’m forcing you to look at it.
You’re welcome. Also, the other secret song is in the Heart to Heart if you didn’t read it.


Next up, are the sounds in the “sights and sounds” I mentioned before!

For all (subjectively) funky beats, head on down to our now public Soundcloud page!

All music is made by me, and these tracks are some of the ones I’m most proud of for Simple/Sinful. More will definitely come in the future, so stay tuned if you like this sort of thing!



How are you accomplishing this? Could you spare any technical details?

  • Simple/Sinful will always be ran on the most recent Minecraft version that is possible, to always utilize the most cutting edge server-side software, security updates, and general QOL changes.

  • Simple/Sinful was and will be ran on Purpur, a fork of Paper, which is a fork of Spigot, which is a fork of Bukkit.

  • All functionality is and will be created using server plugins, specifically The MagicSpells Plugin is very, very powerful in the right hands, and I have about 5 years of experience with this plugin alone. I have upmost confidence that 99% of the features I laid out in this post are possible because I have done most before with less technical knowhow, and less resources than I even have now.

  • The server was and will be ran on external rented server hardware.

  • I interface with said server using FTP. I used to just use FileZilla, but now I use a VSCode Extension.

  • As anyone who is familiar with Minecraft servers can suss out, due to our use of Purpur, Simple/Sinful is not based on the Forge or Fabric/Quilt ecosystem, and as a result of that, will not feature any Forge or Fabric mod! This wasn’t just a last second decision. Here are some bullet points as to why I am not using Force or Fabric:

  1. Non-Modded clients can connect, which makes setup on the user’s side a breeze! Though, anyone with sanity is recommended to run Forge or Fabric with performance mods (not Optifine) for stability purposes and Customizable Player Models for it’s player-model changing functions I’m going to be hooking into. There will be a modpack down the line with some additional changes for people wanting to take their Simple/Sinful experience up to the max, but that will be further down the line.

  2. Even with optimization mods, Forge and even Fabric servers crumble under any sort of reasonable strain in the most recent versions. If you’re just a casual user who runs modded servers with your buddies you may not notice this, but even back in the 1.7.10 days (which was THIS long ago by the way) running a server in which only 15 people are on at the same time was pretty costly for one person, and it’s only gotten way, way worse in recent times. Due to my monetization model, I would likely not be able to economically support running a modded server due to this.

  3. Not very many Forge or Fabric mods would mesh very well with Simple/Sinful’s world. Even absolutely excellent mods such as The Create Mod that have the quality I desire in spades do not mesh well lore-wise due to it’s Steampunk meets Jappa aesthetic clashing with the more modern aesthetic meets Jappa I will be taking.

  4. As lined out before, most server-side content is developed with a Paper plugin called MagicSpells, so if I were to use Forge or Fabric, I would have to completely upend all the work I have already done, and completely transition to a new workflow. I hope I don’t need to explain why that is completely untenable.

  5. Hybrid server software (as in, server software that allows Spigot plugins alongside Forge or Fabric mods), while beginning to see somewhat of a renaissance in the past couple of years with multiple promising projects coming out recently, is even more performance intensive than Forge or Fabric alone. Reference point 2 for why this is already a deal breaker, but that is not it. For me, Arclight is the best hybrid server software out there right now. Any others have horrific bugs on either the modded or plugin side. Due to it only supporting Spigot plugins however, Paper plugins are non-functional at the moment, which as established before, leaves out MagicSpells, the plugin in which 90% of the server’s content is based.

  6. Forge and Fabric have the capacity to be way more buggy, and thusly opens the door to exploits of both a gameplay, and security nature. Specifically Fabric due to it’s emphasis on it’s server-software being as close to the original Mojang one as you can get with no mods installed would basically be ground zero for the next Log4j fiasco, and due to Forge updating at a snail’s pace in comparison to either Fabric, or Spigot derivatives it would likely be even worse. (Also, yes, I know that Purpur/Paper/Spigot would be vulnerable too, but with them being more rapidly updated due to their workflow being based on automatically built jars from Git commits, it makes problems like the Log4j one much more quickly patchable.)

  7. Moderation and administrator tools for specifically Forge are very limited.

  8. The more mods added, the less machines will be able to handle it, and due to needing to supplement for Spigot plugins, many more mods will need to be added to keep up, and it would inevitably impact peoples’ experience.

Hey, so, a lot this post has had nothing to do with any kind of fetish related material. What’s up with that? Don’t you realize what site you’re posting this on, buddy?


So, I’m going to preemptively answer this question, because in this post, and in any updates I make in the future aren’t really guaranteed to contain or be related to fetish content of any kind, and to some that might be confusing, so at least to the people who read, I want to get out ahead of this.

I used to source the people that would react to my creations, help me out with development, and give me advice from my personal friend group. I still don’t see anything wrong with this on paper, but when I would show or talk about certain characters I made, my predilections in regards to how they affected my art, and other things in relation to humanoids of unusual size, the best reaction I would get is an apathetic malaise (which is understandable,) and the worst would be something close to outright ridicule.

I don’t necessarily think they meant anything by it, and I don’t hold anything against them for it. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what they like and don’t like are immutable parts of them that cannot be changed, and I would never ask them to change how they react to my predilections because I wouldn’t want someone doing the same to me.

The difficulties come however when this standard is applied evenly. My likes and dislikes are an immutable part of me too, and while most of the time I was satisfied with them looking the other way to these aspects of my being, in early 2022 I sort of reached a breaking point with one of the things I hold to be one of the immutable parts of me being some kind of joke. It made me feel like a joke, because the thing they were laughing at was a part of me. The thing they didn’t care about was a part of me. I felt that if they had the power, they would want to remove this part of me because it on some level made them uncomfortable, and that didn’t make me feel good, and not feeling good (a lot of the times) is not conducive to a healthy environment to make art in.

Needless to say, I had to find a different way to do this.

If I wanted a group of people to react, help out, and give suggestions and advice to any new and/or existing projects, and at the same time not judge me for my predilections, I would need to find likeminded people with similar interests to my own. I could have gone to just a general adult community, but the only one I knew of was LoversLab, which while generally friendly and open minded… I was not going to post my project on there, lol. So, this is where Weight Gaming came in.

While I am tweaking my project a bit to add more weight gain related “fan service” of sorts, chiefly my project will be one that contains it rather than being devoted to it outright, as that was the original intention of any of the projects I made.

TLDR - 90% of this project will not contain fetish material. The 10% that does however is so unpalatable to your average viewer, that it must be here.

also to me it’s more hot when it’s rarer and only a smaller portion of the work. :wink:

What fetishes will or will not be included?


Criteria of ‘inclusion’ is actively being supported through gameplay, included non-player characters, dialogue, etc.

Fetishes That Will Be Included

  • Weight Gain (…duh.)

  • Fat Fetishism

  • Stuffing

  • “Squashing” (If you look this up it’s a very broad term but I’m exclusively talking about humanoid squashing humanoid in a cartoony manner in the context of a fat fetish, not anything else.)

  • Morphophilia/Mazophilia/Pygophilia (My god Wikipedia is so funny sometimes. Basically, tig ol’ bitties, and other exaggerated body types.)

  • …and more!

Criteria of will not be included does not necessarily mean barred from being participated in on the server. It only means they will guaranteed not be explicitly included in server-side content. This is important to mention since this server is going to offer a wide flexibility in roleplaying anything you like really. The most I would say to these, is if their content is specifically vulgar (especially in the standpoint of human excretion) then I would ask participants to use the server’s private messaging system to engage in it to be courteous to others who do not share your predilections.

Fetishes That Will Not Be Included

  • Vore

  • Slob & Flatulence

  • Pregnancy

  • Inflation

  • “Looners” (This one’s here just for fun. Shout out to Mike D. Man’s living his best life.)

  • …and more!

The fetishes that are barred usually align with what is illegal, but New Mexico is a crazy, crazy place. So, I just say use some common sense. At the end of the day, it’s my project, and I get to decide what goes on in my chat. Don’t like it? Make your own.

Who is Cain?

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Hey, I’m a Christian, Muslim, etc, and I am worried that this is a hit piece on my religion in particular. Is this true?


While I myself am a very secular guy, this project has never been a black and white Satan is Good, God is Bad story. Not only do I think that that kinda stuff can be exceptionally boring if not written exceptionally well, but portraying Simple/Sinful as that would completely be missing the point of it’s narrative. Both Heaven and Hell are led by people who have the best intentions, but sometimes intentions are lost in translation. That is the story being told here. The story of two flawed people trying to enact their contradicting versions of justice that I (the writer) view as equally valid. It is just a matter of prospective.

That being said, if your religious practice involves the propagation of outdated beliefs, or you think that the character of Satan/Lucifer being portrayed in any kind of positive, or even sympathetic light shouldn’t be allowed, then prepare to be challenged, but what I am going to be doing is not much more controversial than what Hollywood is doing right now, and we all know that that is another way to say not very controversial at all.

Is there anything playable right now?


No. (Not yet anyways… :wink:)

Do you need any help?


While I am pretty stretched thin, due to the project being on ice for me right now, I would feel bad for asking for assistance now, but whenever that changes, this section of the post will most likely change as well!

Hey! I have a suggestion for _


That’s great! I enjoy it greatly when people are invested enough in my art to wanna suggest things, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind before you post any suggestions here:

  • As for reasons I have already listed, I will never be switching to a Forge or Fabric dev environment, and there is literally no new mod, modding development, etc that will change that beyond Mojang officially releasing a modding API and a Creation kit esque program to mod in. As long as that remains the case, Simple/Sinful will be a Purpur/Paper/Spigot Server. End of discussion.

  • More “sin types” besides The 7 Deadly Sins, Innocence, and m̷̦̆̉ạ̷̧̘̉̈̽͐r̷̹̲̎̑́k̸̡̫̥͕̲̈́͆͑ͅę̸͍͍̌͂̑̎̕͠d̶͇̰̮̾ will not be added. The 7 Heavenly Virtues are just you not having any of the respective sin, so they are just redundant. Angels will have cool stuff to do I promise! I just want it to be different and not just be the demon gameplay but flipped, because then I might as well not have them.


(This part of the post may get removed once some time has passed, or I at least get back to work on this.)

As you can tell by the title of this post, Simple/Sinful is currently on ice, and I do not know when it’ll be thawed. I would say soon, but I also said this was gonna come out on New Years so I really need to learn not to say things like that anymore. :sweat_smile:

There are a couple of reasons why I won’t work on it now. Here they are:

  • I am very, very burnt out on this project, and Minecraft projects in general at the moment. Just the effort writing this post has taken for me has been monumental, so returning to development right now is almost entirely out of the question. To those that are wondering how I could still be burnt out on something that I haven’t worked on for half a year, well, one you must not be a creative lol (only kidding). The true reason is this post, I’ve been working non-stop on supplementary content such as the soundtrack, writing, etc, and finally just my general emotional state, which is expounded upon in “The Point” down below.

  • Hosting servers costs money, and even though it doesn’t cost that much, I am quite strapped for it right now. This likely won’t stay this way forever, however I just do not have the money right now.

  • Minecraft 1.20 has added some very interesting things under the hood that could make Simple/Sinful even better, but server-side plugins will need to catch up, and implement these changes into their plugins. I haven’t looked into it that much, but I reckon it isn’t ready yet, and some work I do up until this point might be invalidated if new tools are developed that do certain jobs easier.

  • I have still yet to find appropriate numbers of staff members to assist me, which I hope this post going into way more detail will get a lot more people interested. Though, I will not be accepting more people right now because of the other entries on this list.

  • (NEW!) As I was writing this, something new came up. Minecraft’s recent edits to it’s Usage Guidelines, while not the apocalypse like people always wanna say it is are concerning to me due to Simple/Sinful literally containing every single thing they say is not allowed on servers anymore; this being: gambling, pornography, violence, terrorism (yes even this one), explicit lyrics(?), or other unsafe/mature content. Like I said, I do not believe this is the end of my project, but I do believe that just like Player Chat Reporting, it must be observed how it is enforced as to whether I will be safe to continue on with my current plans going forward.

  • As I stated before, I am working now on a more mainstream indie project which is very soon going to envelop most of my time.

TLDR: I am burnt out, I don’t have the money, I want to wait for server-side plugins to utilize 1.20s new back end features, I don’t have enough manpower, Mojang is acting quirky at the moment, and right now I am focusing on my indie game.

As for what’s next? Not really a whole lot right now. I want to get back working on my Suite once I’m in a strictly Minecraft mood again. Specifically I want to update my post, and I have a… big update I think people who follow my suite will appreciate, but for right now, beyond responding to any questions that fly through the gaps of my Simple/Sinful Q&A, as well as people asking for help on my Suite, I’m pretty pooped.

Some people I’ve interacted with over the years (including my friendgroup I spoke of earlier) have given me the subtle impression that doing things like experimenting, taking chances, making mistakes, and in general doing things for the fulfillment in it of itself is a bad thing.

They’ve made me believe for selected times in my life that doing something just for fun even if you don’t finish it is worthless. Why should I even be making this post if development is on ice?

Why should I even bother?..

Why should I still care?..

what’s the point?..

Click to see 'The Point'

That way of thinking, in the most respectful way I can say: IS COMPLETELY WRONG, and if you’ve ever heard similar sentiments from people you respect, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM ON THIS!

If you have something you’re passionate about that you want to pursue in your free time or otherwise do it. Pursue your passions to the ends of the Earth no matter what they’ll look like in 2 years, and even if things with it don’t work out exactly how you want them to, and no matter what you see others doing. You will ALWAYS learn something from it. This may sound like generic advice, but there is a reason why it is so generic.

If every single artist thought this way, that because some people are better than them, or because they didn’t know 100% if they’ll see it through to the end that they should just quit and do something else then no art would have ever been made! All projects, no matter how much ambition you have or lack there of are destined to succeed or fail, and the amount of ambition you have isn’t necessarily linked to whether or not it will work out or not. No one has ever made anything without screwing up. It is inherently a part of the creative process. You iterating upon yourself will only improve your art!

It is the doubt that these thoughts sow in your head that are the problem. The reason why most people don’t commit to what they’re passionate about in their spare time is because of thoughts like these.

Doing things you love is the antidote.

The work I did and continue to do passively on Simple/Sinful was and is not for nothing. In my years working with Minecraft and other games I’ve learned more about game development, writing, leadership, working within a team, and so on than most official sources have ever taught me my whole life, and there is no duration of time that is too long to learn your craft.

If you needed these words, great. If this doesn’t do anything for you, that’s alright too. Just realize that while to a certain extent being our own worst critic is how we get better, it can also put you into a cycle in which nothing will ever be good enough. You and your work are good enough.

I spent a while thinking that it wasn’t good enough. That I wasn’t good enough.

I thought it was pointless.

I thought that with these new projects coming out, Minecraft or not, all I was ever going to do was to tread water.

I thought that there was nothing I could add, and that my work was bad, and that no one would like it.

Not to mention that I struggled with the loss of 2 beloved family members of mine in 2022 and 2023 respectively, and even without that mighty blow, my current job is one that is quite emotionally taxing on top of that. It gave me very little time in which I felt good to work on this, and when I did I’d look at how long it had taken, and it’d make me feel even worse about it, and I’d freeze.

It was much self-reflection over the course of these couple of months, and a promise I made to a friend that brought you this post.

Also, I’m inserting this in the middle here as a treat for people who actually read this. Thank you for hearing me out. I know that everyone has limited time, and I thank you for spending some of your’s to read this. For your diligence, here is a link to a secret song from my upcoming indie game on my Soundcloud. There may also be more here if you come back later, just like the other secret song in this post.

The Simple/Sinful Mystery Spot!

You’ve reached The Simple/Sinful Mystery Spot!

In conclusion…

I hope that the work I’ve put into this post can prove my negative thoughts wrong, and that with my music, Gilbert’s art, my art, our vision, or anything else I did or said struck some kind of a chord in you, as that was all I really ever wanted to do with anything I’ve ever done art wise.

I also hope that these words of encouragement can help fast-track you to where I am for your own endeavors, because sometimes I’ve struggled in my solitude to hear similar words to what I told you today, and I know that a lot on here may feel the same.

I know it hits less because I’m talking to ‘you’ more in the abstract, but I really, really mean it, and I hope my genuineness makes up for that.

All of this being said, I do still plan to return to this project, and the amount of time I’ll likely need to take won’t be astronomical (at least in comparison to some of the more dubious cases of such). Even if it was though, I haven’t received a dime for Simple/Sinful and I (for a long, long time at least) want to keep it that way for this very reason.

Oh, and also, Happy SEA ORG day!


Skimming through it, it just sounds like you went so far off into the deep end in trying to make some absolutely gigantic, titanic project and got burnt out because of it.
Why make something so complex, so vast? Why not just make something simpler and build on it over time?
Just plunk down a simple concept, a few gameplay features, and start from there.

I don’t know how much content you made before trying to do this, but like, dang, seems like 100% of people that get into this kind of stuff, trying to make some dream game they’ve always dreamt of, always ends up way overdoing it and burning out.
Also you’re probably a madman for trying to do all this in Minecraft.

Anyway, personally I don’t play Minecraft or lewd games online, so I wouldn’t play it anyway. If it was a standalone RPG mod with lewd aspects, I might download it, but online? Nah.

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I was hoping my first response to Simple/Sinful wouldn’t be so critical, but I could understand how someone who just skimmed my post could get the impression you did. I also can take criticism from a constructive place, but I wish you would’ve read it thoroughly before deciding to completely dismiss my entire project, haha. But it’s okay. I understand how you could’ve gotten this impression.

So, not only did I directly address this line of thinking in the post itself, but I already put out something way more simple a year back. My Fat Suite, and just like Simple/Sinful I will eventually get back to work on it.

The amount of burn out you get from something isn’t necessarily linked to how big or complex it is.

I’ve gotten burnt out from projects much simpler. I’ll bring up my Fat Suite yet again as something that even though it’s exactly what you’re talking about, I still got burnt out.

So I respectfully disagree.

This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been making Minecraft servers publicly and privately for greater part of the last decade (it’s been so long I’ve actually lost count).

If you want to know:

  • Over a dozen servers of varying complexity, public and private, over the course of (like I said) the greater part of a decade. From version 1.7.10 to 1.20.1. One with a player count of over 100 one day, which for how niche it was I think it was impressive.
  • About 3 years of experience with Blockbench.
  • 4 years of experience making music.
  • ~3-4 years or so working with sprites, and pixel art, specifically in the Jappa style.

If that isn’t enough, what’s the threshold of experience in which I can do the thing I actually wanna do? The full 10 years? 20? 30?

I jest, but I hope you could understand how that assumption about me could be frustrating.

Doing a Minecraft server is actually the easy thing for me at this point, believe it or not.

I don’t even know why ya’ clicked on the post in the first place then, haha. There’s plenty of projects on here at this point that give you the promise of that, minus the RPG stuff I guess.

I didn’t do a mod because the learning curve for making what I wanted to make was much higher than just doing what I know.

To summarize, this is a passion project. As I explained in my ‘Heart to Heart’ I never set out to scientifically craft the project most likely to succeed. I had an idea (a long time ago, for the record), and I wanted to take that idea as far as it will go, and perhaps I will.

A lot of this was just gauging interest in the concept, and that was really what I am hoping to get, because interest is what drives me forward as a creative.

Thank you for the feedback. I know it comes from a good place.

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Something a little more positive for your second response then, eh?

As a first-time onlooker, having read the project’s summary in its entirety, the concept, the flavour, the work that has been put into just this snippet of what could yet be to come, all of it is just oozing with passion. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the Abrahamic stuff, or that I’m a fellow weirdo that can only enjoy his fetish material if it’s caked underneath layers of straight up good content, but I love it. Such a vivid picture of this world of yours has been painted in my mind already, I can already imagine the scenarios, character interactions and general assorted mishaps that might arise from this place.

I can’t honestly say I’m a particularly social sort, so it’s no small praise that you’ve got my interest for a multiplayer-focused project and, at least from my perspective, it seems like for the most part these systems aren’t so unrealistic as to be impossible to develop. Speaking completely as a layman, it does seem to be quite the undertaking, but by no means outside the realms of possibility with enough work and a little experience, which you seem to have.

It may just be the praise of some lurker, but I’m glad to have taken the time to read about something that truly feels like a labour of love. Especially the segment on ‘The Point’, if you wanted to strike a chord, you did, because that really spoke to me and I wish you all the best as far as your personal struggles are concerned.

All I can say is that at the very least, whatever happens going forward, I will have my ear to the ground should you muster the will the keep chugging along with this project, as you have certainly piqued my interest with what you’ve shown here. If you’re looking for more engagement, assistance or just plain encouragement for anything Simple/Sinful, you can count me among your supporters.

And I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for this whole mainstream indie project affair…


Thank you very much. I have nothing to add. (A shocker for a blabbermouth like me, lol).

Thank you for your kind words! I hope not to disappoint.


Hey, I may be sounding dumb when I ask this but, is this available to play, or if not, how far in progress have you made?

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Hello there!

I guess I should have more clearly spelled out what is done, but basically a lot of the progress in Simple/Sinful’s development went into frameworks and game systems like The Sin System for example. General game assets (some of which were not shown because they were unfinished), writing, and music were mostly what happened later on.

Nothing is available to play yet, but as was lined up in the Q&A that might not be the case forever.

There certainly is a lot left before I would put it out there publicly, as I would need to host donations in order to keep the server running, and I would feel unjustified in doing that if there wasn’t a quality product they could see and play, and I am a perfectionist, so that doesn’t help matters either, haha.

Thank you for your interest. This is the sorta thing you should just file in the back of your head for now if you liked the concept, and if I get back started working on it again then this thread will likely be one of the first places I go.