Im looking for games and content on here that allows for blob and beyond sizes

I first came across SFOAS on here and loved how fat the girls got, anyone on here familiar with anything that has characters get FAT?


Eat the Dungeon and the Smasher game from the recent jam come to mind, as well as SFRPG and honestly everything else that Impossiblesnail has on here.



the bigger the better I always say!


“Bigger is better” never came with a limit!


I really need to get that girl Erika from SFOAS as massive hyperfat blob obsessed with her cute flab. I need to find artists since Impossiblesnail isnt open for comms currently


In my eyes they’d all look good as supermassive fat blobs.

Yeah but Erika is best. take up the city in cute blubber ATLEAST

Only a city? That’s an insulting lack of proper fatness, right there.

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What’s this again? Sounds familiar, but my mind can’t place the acronym.

Also, if you want some cute blobs, I recommend Darkfireballz. They do loads of blobby fan-art. I don’t know if they do commissions or not, but if they do, they might be your best bet for this Erika possibly.

Yes, I was holding back severly…we must go COSMIC!


Why stop there? Or… EVER?!

Erika becomes reality breaking mummy waifu. She is in state of constant bliss/lust over own cuteness.


And her enthusiasm over her seemingly endless fattening is so infectious, if spurs the others to grow even fatter as well!

I need ti get someone to draw me Erika slurping up celestial objects, I got the money, I just need to find someone who’s open.

I don’t know if they are open, but I would suggest checking Bludermaus on FA. Got some BIG fatty pics from them before, can vouch for bigness and quality.

Not open, but might consider later,despite expensive AF

Super Fatty RPG, I think.

What’s the OAS stand for though? XD

SFOAS = Super Fatty Office Admin Simulator

Ah. There we go. Thank you.