In-Browser Games!!?

So, I’ve only ever played games on the browser for the fact that I’m oddly afraid of the content being stored on my computer, but I’ve seen a lot less in-browser games than its download required counterpart. I was wondering if I could have some help finding other playable in-browser games, for I or others with the same fears of downloading fetish related things onto their computers as I do.

I also don’t know if this is in the correct discussion category, but here it is.

I think the main cause of this is that you need a server or site to host browser games on, and it’s either expensive to have your own server or (at least in my case) people don’t want to put their fetish stuff on a normal game site.

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That is true, but some good games have originated on other “strange” sites that are big enough to host multiple things such as noone’s fatty RPG on FurAffinity.

That point is certainly not something to forget about though.

That’s true, rpgs of that nature tend to be way smaller in file size than other types of games though. I can barely even fit a demo under the 10Mb threshold of FA, let alone a full game. I can imagine all of the rpg maker games can’t easily be uploaded to sites either.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, there is a thread going for all the games on Deviant art. Some of them are browser based.
There’s plenty on this list as well, though I do know one of them technically needs a shockwave Flash projector if you want to play it.

fears of downloading fetish related things onto their computers as I do

because the other people who also use your computer might find ur stuff ?

or because u think it might be malware ?

or both?

in-browser games do not necessarily require host. They can be distributed as .html files. If developer packaged their game in such way. But then u still have to download those .html files.

people often use tools that they are familiar with. If they use a tool that does not easily support building web apps, then they will probably not publish their creation as web app. Learning a new tool for the single purpose of publishing game as a web app might sound like a lot of work and getting little in return

It is possible to run Yaffaif in browser still if you have Internet Explorer and then the Java 8 runtime installed. IE is the last of the browsers that still supports the old plugin technology.

It’s a bit of a hack, but here goes (Windows 10 - but similar steps work from XP onwards):

  1. Install Java 8 runtime if you don’t have it already from
  2. Click on the windows logo, and type Java, click on Configure Java. This starts the Java Control Panel.
  3. Click on the Security tab, go down to the Exception Site list, and click Edit Site List
  4. In the pop-up click on Add then paste into the new box
  5. A warning pops up, click Continue, then OK on the first pop-up to close it.
  6. Click on Apply in the original Java Control Panel.
  7. Start Internet Explorer it won’t work with Edge. Windows Logo, type internet, click on Internet Explorer.
  8. Paste in to the address bar. You may need to agree to enabling the Java plugin.
  9. Scroll down, and after a short delay you should see the game running!

I’m not sure how much longer IE will exist, and this continue to work. When I started development this worked in all browsers (except Opera I think).

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