Just Another Bite! A WIP Minecraft Mod All about stuffing yourself till you're ready to pop!

You know, I’d check if the croissant is marked as a food item in the game’s code. If it’s not consumable, there’s a chance things could go awry like this.

However you need said egg to craft it, and you are meant to only get it back after eating it. Also, I’ll check that too Ty!

Oh that too, it doesn’t give you the egg back then when you use it.
But yeah what I mean is you can pick up the ender dragon egg and resummon the dragon using ender crystals, and it should spawn another dragon egg on the end portal.
Edit: Checked the wiki, No it does not. Only the first dragon drops an egg, and only on microsoft edition does it drop a second one for beating it a second time.

Danggg, well, I’ll have to fix that part too then! but yeah, all in all, I appreciate ya being a bit of a beta tester for me! If you have any ideas for additions, let me know, yeah?

for sure! actually, if you wanna get in better contact, I’ll go ahead and DM you my discord. I’m not familiar with coding Languages, but I’m fairly knowledgeable in terms of code as an arbitrary concept, and I’ve got a whole pot to stir of ideas if you wanna hear 'em :3

Alrighty! I’ll get to that once I have a bit of free time! Thanks again!

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ok! some ideas I’m shelving for ya:
-make a mob rarely spawn that shoots projectiles that give you bloating, making you swell up bigger and slowing you down until you pop, penalizing you for running around with a huge saturation bar~(Maybe even make it drop an item that can be brewed into a potion of bloating?)
-Add a block that creates filling mist when you stand near it(think like the poison totems from God Of War? Useful for traps in dungeons.)
-A deadly bursting toxin that can be refined from harvestable plants that has no cure other than milk, it’ll cause you to grow and swell until you’re completely at the limit, and then some! Maybe some kind of berries, a la sweet berry bushes?


Love the ideas! I’ll have to try to figure out how to implement them, but that sounds dope!

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oh, also, felt like saying this, but also the effects for bloating and blimping do not have any noticeable effect.

Also, last note I think, until the next build is released, but refreshing the extra hearts on the player causes them to be refilled using the oversaturation you’ve already got banked up. Meaning it’s almost impossible to pop yourself with anything less than the meat shank.

Good to know! I’ll try to fix the issue with the food and such, But bloating is simply meant to pause the decay of oversaturation, and Blimping is not finished (I may change up either design)

Ah okay! in that case then, yes, bloating works perfectly as designed, after some quick tests.

i’ve some ideas to toss out into the wind if it aint no problem

  • a underground fungus that when stepped on shots out a cloud of spores that give blimping (when that is done) and be collected by hand to make blimping potions.

  • a emaciated looking zombie that his faster then normal zombies that when it lands a hit gives you the ravenous effect can also drop a item that can be used to make ravenous potions

  • a chef illager that shoots food at you to try to make you go boom

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Considering you linked the Forge version of CPM, I take it this is for Forge and not Fabric?

Another question: How the heck did you make the left breast use the same part of the texture for all sides of the cube? Every cube that I try to add or change just uses the default UV layout and I can’t stack them on top of each other. The CPM wiki doesn’t help either, it literally doesn’t even mention the alternate one.

in the effects section at the top there is a thing called “per face uv” then click apply to all on the left and finally move the little gray spot to the spot you want it.


Question has been asked and answered:
The mod is not for fabric and the developer has not expressed any interest in developing for fabric as well.

This a neat mod
I do have a few questions one, i attempted to spawn in the croissant to test it however when attempting to eat it in Suvival is this a bug or? and how does one mess with the belly settings such as size and such?

Also an Idea for future concepts
-Remember those trip wire traps in forest temples? Perhaps added a variant that instead of firing arrows they fire darts that add a Bloating effect to your character

I think I found an exploit.

Step 1: Let your hunger bar go all the way down to nothing. Basically make yourself starve.

Step 2: Fill the hunger bar back up. Completely fill it.

Step 3: Boom! You get the Stuffed, Regeneration 2, Saturation, and Slowness effects.

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I mean this is just a consequence of completely filling, and then overfilling your saturation bar.

This is, as far as I’m aware, a completely intentional part of the mod. Technically you could eat gapples too to overfill your saturation, its just not a very cost-effective way of doing so. Just the special mod items they add are edible when your hunger bar is full, and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Golden carrots would also be a good way, since they give more saturation than they do food.

do correct me if im wrong but using a mod called apple skin (a mod that show how much food will fill you and its saturation amount.) unless you have a full hunger bar the over saturaion bonus will not proc. i.e from 3 hunger to max using only golden carrots only the last one will overfill the saturation.