kobold kare

i’m surprised this hasn’t been on people’s radar

however before i start futa warning but you can remove this by editing your save file
but i’m not they’re supposed to be male so take my warning with a gain of salt

to do that go here
what this contains at the moment
belly growth
breast growth
dick growth
if i’m not wrong change one of the following

floats > Sex
floats > Dicksize


just tried it a bit, and I can’t figure out what makes the belly grow. what did you find? melon just gives breast growth, and hearts do too.

If anyone wants to play the game there’s downloads on the creator’s Patreon in the public tier, so you can demo it for free.

well from what i remember think you do that by milk , water and blood

How get milk…In kobold female?

water doesn’t seem to work and i can’t find a milking machine, how do i get blood?
edit:found out how to get blood, pretty morbid. but it still doesn’t work to grow the kolbolds belly.
edit 2:found out that these things do grow the kobolds belly, but just really slowly and in the case of water temporary, is there a faster way to do it permenantly?

well from what i know try to get more than one squirting devices

so far I don’t know how if the player can obtain the Kobold’s milk , since the breast pump isn’t found in the store but it’s data is still used in game.

You milk kobolds by sticking the regular sprayer on their nipple, pick them up, then fire milk like any other fluid.
I’m pretty sure belly inflation caps very low right now, though, the dev mentioned inflation being re-added in a post after the download link.

Is there a list of recipes anywhere? I heard someone had gone into the game’s files to look, but I didn’t see a list posted.

I…have no idea how the hell to play this. I figured out how to interact with objects, but not how to alter the player model or do anything else.

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generally it’s more about altering regular kobolds than the PC

-start by picking up the water nozzle and tank with right click, then press left click to spray
-spray water onto any eggs or kobolds on/in the ground
-once they’ve popped out of the ground and can be moved around using either left or right click, drop one into the brown box for some cash, then use that cash to clear the blue crusher
-down the path, to the left is a shop where you can buy items and upgrade your rightclick grip, and to the right is a forest area where you can find melons
-if you take a melon and put it in the grinder, you get melon juice, which increases kobold breasts. one melon fills half a container, but it’s better to just plot a kobold down in front of the sprayer
-if a kobold’s breasts have expanded, you can attach a nozzle to them to drain the milk from them, currently milk has no real use other than to fill containers to sell for money.

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You can use the milk to make a belly expansion potion.

Like the other user said, you can’t do anything to yourself in the game, although I think they’re planning to add that eventually.
As for what you can do right now, in no particular order:

  1. Check the house for stuff, one of which is a breast expansion potion that’s somehow a bit overfilled.
  2. Sell things/kobolds by dropping them into that box outside.
  3. Buy things from the shop down the hill, get melons around the lake up the hill.
  4. When you’ve unlocked the grinder, you can throw nearly anything into it to make a chemical, which will spray out the front, hopefully hitting a bottle or a kobold and not being wasted in the dirt.
  5. Different chemicals can be mixed inside either a bottle or a kobold, the game doesn’t care.
  6. Spraying water at an adult kobold will temporarily grow their belly a little.
  7. Nobody knows all the recipes, as far as I know.
  8. To gather hearts (for crafting or selling), slap a dildo or a dicked kobold against the backside of another kobold, then just swing back and forth until hearts appear.

All of the basic crafting liquids:

  1. Water. Drop a bottle into the pond next to the house. The lake doesn’t work.
  2. Milk. Either attach a nozzle to any kobold with breasts, or inflate a kobold’s breasts really big and throw them into the grinder, though I think that taints with some blood, if that matters.
  3. Blood. Throw a fresh kobold into the grinder.
  4. Melon juice. Throw a melon into the grinder. Melons respawn around the lake uphill.
  5. Lust/heart juice. Dick a kobold until hearts appear, throw the hearts into the grinder.
    Yes, the ratios of liquids you give a kobold matters, but nobody’s really sure how much of each thing is necessary.

The belly potion works (water+blood+milk) but I don’t think the max is very big right now.

Also when you go to sleep at night, any kobolds left outside disappear; at least that’s what I’ve seen.

EDIT: I heard somewhere that blood alone is the way to expand their bellies, but IDK.


The mechanics for picking things up are horrendously buggy. As soon as I unlock the ability to hold more than one object at a time, there seems to be a 1 in 3 chance that a held object will bug out and leave me unable to drop it. Ultimately, I decided to skip getting the carrying capacity upgrade and save time by bunny-hopping and chucking objects across the map.

On top of that, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to milk the kobolds. I can grow their breasts and attach spray nozzles to them, but nothing seems to be happening.

attach the nozzle, then grab the nozzle like you’re going to spray it

  1. Make sure you’re playing the v12 hotfix version.
  2. Kobolds with sprayers attached seems to have a sticking problem in your hands, I usually just quicksave then quickload and it unsticks with no bad side effects.
  3. Yeah, like the other user said, you stick one of those bottle nozzles onto a nipple, then pick the kobold up and fire it like any other sprayer.

Also, through a little more testing, I’ve verified that belly growth is done by just blood, that’s it. Fun, semi-related factoid, if you grow the breasts of a kobold to a massive size, then chuck them into the grinder, most of what comes out is milk, heh.

I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a better design solution for having the player obtain blood. What if, for example, the forest up the hill was populated by wild hogs or something?

sup dudes I just want to let people know there has been updates to the game so far