Lickity-Split! - ImpossibleSnail's entry





Keep up with patron’s growing demands!!! Randomly-generated babes are here for a “cheat day” treat! Create the perfect ice cream combo to keep them hungry for more! And make it snappy!!!

Hints for playing:

  • You have three strikes and a timer, let either one run out and it’s game over!
  • Press esc to access the menu and pause the game
  • Press “M” either at the start of the game or in the menu to toggle music/sounds


  • Game is now easier, timer has been extended and you get more time back for success
  • Additionally, the cap on the maximum amount of time you can recover has been removed
  • Difficulty scales more as topping count on higher scoops is less than the ones before it

Let me know what ya’ll think! And remember the babes are randomly-generated. If you get one you like I’d love to see everyone’s results~! (Remember starting a new game resets them)



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Wahoooo!!! Super excited to give your game a shot!!!

A fun short game for sure, definitely fun for short bursts of gameplay. The only thing I can think of that’d improve the game is being able to use mouse to play, since it’ll definitely help when it comes to the larger orders


This is a cool game, kind of reminds me a little of Cook Serve Delicious, but you get to see the results it has on your customers! It’s gets really tough when the second scoop of ice cream comes in, though, I can’t make it past that stage. I think the idea of mouse support would be cool, but alternatively, setting each ingredient to a seperate key on the board lined up like the ingredients, like:


with the letter on each of the ingredients so people can just look and type

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That’s actually a VERY good idea!!! Unfortunately I don’t have time for major changes rn UmU wish I’d thought of it sooner lol.

Maybe if I ever come back to this one I’ll do something like that~


Very nicely done on the artwork. Only problem was that it really doesn’t give you enough time to get two scoops ready. Additionally (this is just a gripe of mine with all games that do this), it seems silly to me to have some kind of time restraint in a fetish game that prevents you from enjoying each size the characters get to. I don’t have time to look at them very much… just time to make ice cream. The pause menu obscures them as well so that isn’t even a solution.

This game is cool and all, but I don’t see weight gain here as a legitimate mechanic in the game.

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Possibly some kind of unlockable gallery system would be the best approach to this? That way the player could experience a sense of progress and enjoy filling out the gallery of all the customers?

I haven’t had a chance to play the game yet, and I’m not too sure if there’d be enough time to implement but I feel that’d be the easiest way around the player not having enough time to appreciate all the artwork.

Edit: Potentially an untimed trial mode so the player can play at their own pace?


Understandable! Maybe a quicker option for this version would be just making it a bit more forgiving? longer timers, more timer regained for each success, etc.? As is, it feels almost impossible for slow-brains like me to get past the two-scoops level.

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I have been getting a lot of feedback like this. It’d be easy to bump the timer a tad so I’ll likely go ahead and do that since it seems the easiest solution.

I think I had my head in game difficulty too much I neglected to really consider the fetish part more lol.

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The game is very well put-together, but as has been noted, the difficulty is a bit high for the control scheme. I personally have trouble because I need about a second to process what the fuck I’m looking at when looking at each individual scoop.

I think a way to get around this without bumping up the timer is just to make the scoop on top have fewer ingredients than the one on the bottom, or just lower the total ingredients overall. I think it maxes out at 4 per scoop? So you immediately go from 4 things to put together for an order to 8–which is a super jarring increment to have to deal with when the game hasn’t scaled like that up to that point.

Dedicated buttons for each scoop and toppings, or being able to use a mouse definitely would help. Both for being faster, and not as uncomfortable. Yet I managed to reach the max size. At least I think it’s the max size, so it’s certainly not impossible. I guess another method to try to ease that difficulty is when you start getting more scoops, that adds more time when it’s finished to make up for the extra time needed to make it.
Otherwise it’s pretty fun to see what cute girls can be made, even if the pool due to time makes it limited in some aspects, it’s well drawn enough it’s not that big of an issue.


I’m super eager to play the game, your other games are top notch! However, I need some help. I’m on a mac and running the .exe through wine, but I get hit with this whenever I try it out: Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 4.03.24 PM
Any suggestions? I’m pretty new to this scene, so its more than likely just me not doing something properly.

Can say the difficulty is much more manageable now. Still tough at the higher levels but at least now I can get to the max weight… (at least I think I did lol)

Fun game, great artwork. New update made the game much more enjoyable to play.

Fun little game. glad you lowered the difficulty. This goes without saying, but I love your artwork.
Other than that, it’s pretty fun. Very basic game

Sorry UmU something like this is usually an issue on Wine’s side. I don’t even have a mac so I can’t say what to do in this case.

No worries! I’ll figure it out. Looking forward to trying your game out when I do!

Holy crap this game is too good: the artwork is amazing, the game play quick and easy to get in fact I do not have anything real bad to say about this game.

Absolutely brilliant, Impossiblesnail! I love it so much!