Looking for a game like bitlife

Hey! Does anyone know a game like bitlife that has weight gain in it?

What, like a text-based life sim, but focusing on WG/fetish stuff?
I had to google Bitlife, since I don’t play those kinds of games, heh.

Only thing I can think of is Crusader Kings 2 and 3 to an extent. I have been working on a mod for CK2 to vastly expand the weight gain elements which can be found here: Crusader Kings 2 - 3.0's weight gain - #1050 by failmuseum

It has a medieval them, its technically stapled to a grand strategy game, and it’s not finished yet, but the base game free now (didn’t used to be). New update will be coming out shortly though, so you may want to hold off on downloading it if you’re interested.

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Uh yes, it’s like at text life sim, there is eat options but there is no weight effect. Do you know any that have?

The only ones I can think of right now, there was one that was online-only (down now), and one was someone’s little tech demo thing, but I haven’t seen that one in like five years.