Looking for all SFW furry fatfur/vore games; I'm a streamer and wanna cover them!

Hey guys! I’m kinda new here. I’m a Twitch streamer and YouTuber and also a TOTAL fat doggo of a fur too~

I like covering furryish stuff to begin with, but I was hoping to straight-up have some stream segments dedicated to fatfur and vorefur games…whether playable demos or complete games~ These would have to be SFW (or, have the adult content avoidable?), since I do both stream these and put them on YouTube~

I’ve found a number of great games here already! http://puu.sh/EsXhq/f0ade54320.png The ones with a #V# are games that I had some friends check out and verify are SFW (as I want to go into these games blind). I got everything verified so far except The Big Fat Vore RPG and Weighting Out the Storm.

Could anybody recommend any other games for me to check out for my channels? :smiley: I’m hungry (;3) for as many as possible.


Weighting out the Storm is a-okay in the SFW department. The gain is pretty solid for what’s there, too.
As for recommendations, Fatty Text adventure game is pretty fun. It includes vore, too. I think there’s a download link on the FA page found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13353103/

I’m not sure of these games: FatRuler, Deep_Cave, Tribal Hunter Demo, and Weighting out the Storm.

I’d appreciate it if I could be directed to these, because I’ve never once even heard of them!

could you provide links to the deep cave, underground, and project blorp ones?

What’s FatRuler, Vial of Infinity, and Final Obesity Plan games like?
And can you provide a link to them?

Gee, Ōkui: Beat em up and Eat em up sure sounds really cool, you can cover the soon to be released Alpha of the game

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@Mintpanda1 - Thanks for the word on Weighting out the Storm! And great suggestion with FTAG, I forgot all about that! I’ve added it to my list~

@SelectFilly - FatRuler and Deep Cave were made by FimDelta, a guy who apparently left the scene mostly? There was a website link where I found all his old games right here on Weight Gaming. I found Tribal Hunter and Weighting out the Storm here as well. Maybe just do some searches of these on the forum? I can’t remember exactly the links for them all, but they are all here somewhere.

@DarkShadowWulf and @onipuck - Read what I mentioned to Filly above. All of these games were found right here, so try searching them! I’m sorry I can’t remember all my exact source links, but they’re totally on the forum.

@BellyBelting - Oh hello!! Your game caught my eye already and SUPER-interested me. The art so far is adorable! I’d love to cover the Alpha - when will that be released?


@Charem My calculations (if not wrong) indicate that the Alpha will be released in less than a month

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Interestingly, I found their FA, which had both FatRuler and Deep Cave, but the website linked for download gives me a 403 Forbidden.

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fimdelta/ Here’s their FA, by the way.

you could try out Untitled Furry fighting Game (I think the newest download link is in the description of the Jumba release video)

if you are ok with mods there is a Fat Spyro mod or you can wait for Reyriders mod that he said would be done this month (which I think looks better)

and if you have a very loose definition of furry the Kirby franchise is the vore franchise

I really appreciate the mention for this. If you choose to do a stream or what not let me know so I can send you an updated build that would contain Twiggi.

@BellyBelting - Oooh yay! :3 I’ll try to keep an eye on this, but maybe you could drop me a message when it’s out if that’s not too much trouble?

@SelectFilly - Ah-ha, I found the legacy link that works. Website Navigator 3 - /fi_contents/Softwares/ Not EVERY game is downloadable IIRC, but most of them are from here. Most of the games in my folder that you and the others asked me about can be found here~

@Yamhead - Those Spyro mods are totally jiggly-amazing, I knew about them both actually! But sadly I don’t own Spyro Reignited. Even if I did, my current computer is likely not quite up to snuff with that detailed a game - I plan to upgrade at some point (the more I make as a streamer, the faster this can happen) and then I WILL get both the game and the mod and do a full fatty playthrough of the games. :3

@Yamhead & @Kazecat - Ooh! I’m very bad at playing fighting games but I am interested in this. Sure, Kaze! Drop me a link to the new build anytime!


Oh sweet! I’ll PM you the link for you to try it out. Also you don’t have to be good at fighting games, just try it out and have fun with it. I do recommend a controller for it though. If you do stream please let me know.

@Kazecat - Sounds good!

@DarkShadowWulf - Hey! I finally remembered where I found Project Blorp. It’s on FA here: 2D platformer game by Calorie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net It’s made by Calorie! I think it’s just an abandoned project at this point, but I wanted to check it out all the same.

Also everyone, thanks for asking all those questions! I am really dumb to not have written down link sources and authors for all these things in the first place, and I’m fixing this now and keeping notes! I’ll post this info in each game’s video as I publish them.

Okay, I properly chronicled all the info for everything! …And just to make sure I’ve satisfied everyone’s questions from earlier, here’s a full list of links to all the fatfur games I (as of right now) have collected…

Hopefully that sates everyone who was wondering before! Of course, being a tubby dog, I myself am never sated~ :3 If you guys find any more SFW fatfur games, whether on here or FA or wherever else, always feel free to leave a reply! I’ll always be interested to hear about it!


Huh, no Foodstuffer in that list? Then again it’s just a Columns clone with characters gaining weight if they lose.

@FatAzureDragon - Aaaand you pretty much answered why I didn’t add it. I played it a bit to test, found it a rather slow game honestly (I could swear that Columns’ rounds don’t last NEARLY as long as this game’s), especially for the slow payoff of fats.

As for other games from that site, Fat-2 was skipped because it was honestly too frustrating to play. XP Manjora is too Japanese-text-heavy to be viable. Game0.0 intrigues me but I can’t get it to run. And Ballooner was kinda cute but too simple and also not really a fat game.

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hi! i know this thread is three years old but how did you happen to get manjora to work? for me it keeps saying “vbStrConv.Wide and VbStrConv.Narrow are not applicable to the locale specified” and idk how to fix it

No. My previous comment was the end of those attempts.

huh? but you stated “Manjora is too Japanese-text-heavy to be viable”, so how would you know that if you werent able to open it?