Looking for Ass expansion/Ass focused weight gain games

I’ve been looking for games that feature ass expansion or bottom heavy women, but couldn’t find much.
There are Yamanuski, which doesn’t have much content yet, Growth RPG, which i played through multiple times already and Fatties eating fatties, which is great, but i wasn’t able to find more than these.
Any suggestions?


I also already played Lilith’s Throne, TiTS and Corruption of Champions 2.

Vale City and its Arcade spinoff both have a lot of huge butts in them.


True, forgot about them.

Yamanuski Dev to assist

Handler Hazing is a good one. As it has some ae elements to it and is about gaining weight and has a sectiaon devoted to AE

Growth Academy’s Shiori is all about AE.

Research Station M-00 has a girl that features AE. Her name escapes me at the moment.

Cowgirl Casino’s Ellie has a bottom heavy focused weight gain.

Fattening Career has a few girls that are pear focused in their gains. One in particular named Trista gains basically completely (at least for now) in her ass and thighs.

Filling up my roomates’s Sarah gains largely in her ass. There are one or two other girls that are gain similarly (though much less pronounced).


Research Station M-00 only has one. However it has about 6 girls with BE. So you’re really going to have to dig for the ass exoansion. M-00 is very good its just that youre going to have to dig a bit for one ass expansion girl

Thanks for the great suggestions!

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