Lysithea's Sweet Escapades Redux - A Weight Gain RPG based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Many of us liked her anyways though, its part of the charm lol


I actually like Carol’s arc quite a bit. She and the bartender are nice OCs


I’m sorry you dislike her so much but if the flashback is too long, I recommend pressing the Z button to advance the text.
That should help cut down the length.

I just wanted to give a quick update on the game. I’m still on hiatus until the end of this college semester, but I’ll be working on a small side project in the mean time to keep my skills somewhat sharp.

Don’t worry, this game will be nowhere near as technical or deep as LSE:R, the story and character won’t be as involved either. This game will be a pure, fat fetish fantasy.

In other words, it won’t detract from LSE:R’s development or become a main project.
It is shaping up to be one of the most down bad games on the forum, which is saying something.

I will make an official post regarding the game when it’s done-ish, but till then, know that I am working on something and that LSE:R will hopefully come out even better with this side game keeping me from getting rusty.


On a related note, I’m glad that the poll ended so positively!

I will be opening something for donations in the future, I just need to find a site that’s easy to use and isn’t too committal so people that can cancel their support whenever they want.


new to the game but enjoying it so far!

Though i am asking for help…

I’m kind of confused around what to do after getting the cactus. I assumed it was wandering around the slime cave, but even then, I’m not sure what i’m supposed to be doing exactly… can anyone offer some tips for a beginner?

The Cactus root can be found be going to the lowest levels of the Dampened Depths.
It’s very much a “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon excuse to explore the area” type deal.

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i might have misspoke - i have the cactus bc the innkeepers friend gave me one (forgive me, im blanking on the name) - i assumed i had to go into the dungeon now for the slime things that were mentioned as well - just not sure how to progress the story exactly after i receive the cactus from the innkeepers friend

Once you get the cactus you need to explore through the dungeon to find the Moss required. It’ll be at the bottom.
I misremembered which of the two items the Cactus root was.

Hey all, Dawn here.
I’ve been working intermittently on LSE:R doing little things here and there to help speed the process along.
The side project has been growing a bit bigger than I expected. It’s nowhere NEAR the size of LSE:R, but there’s already 12 different women with their own routes. The only major problem is the system I’m trying to produce to get this all to run smoothly.

Anyway, I do have something for LSE:R to share, Obese Hilda!

Please look forward to BOTH games in the future!
(And do not blame me if my side project awakens some new fetishes within you.)


nice man those sprite just get better. and cant wait for the next version of this and that new game. hope you get the system working smoothly.

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I have a good idea for a extra content if you are interested in it.
It’s the bad end of Carol boss fight where you don’t choose to use Reflect and both Lysithea + Hilda become pigs for Carol, on the part Lysithea talk in her head that she have regret but don’t know why she feel it and decide to forget all then continue to be a pig the rest of her life but now instead of game over, we will now have two options on Lysithea wondering why she feel regret part that is remember and fight back or accept your fate.

  • The accept fate option will be continue how that bad end should continue in the game but now instead of just straight game over, we will now have a short cutsence that is a whole month or two months have pass, now both Lysithea and Hilda have become literal blob of fat whose size have taken over almost 3/4 of the dungeon size with Carol doing what she do but a little chubby for horny purpose then a game over
  • The remember and fight back option now will be that Lysithea in her mind try to reason and fight the thoughts of accept become fully a pig, her reason side win and she come back to sense and see that both her and Hilda has become way too fat to even move or do anything relate to fighting but now Lysithea realize that she can still somehow use magic but a little and learn + craft new magic with her mind
  • So now the objective are try to learn hallucination + telekinesis magic in secret ( at night or when Carol is not around ) and slap some sense back to Hilda while still act like how the bad end should go for two months because if you can’t achive Hilda got back her sense or Lysithea learn two magic that I mentioned to fight back Carol.
  • Carol will now decided to focus feeding Lysithea because special festival in the village ( you decided on what it is ) + her hatred for Lysithea, when that happen all of Lysithea sense and reason in her mind gone down the drain with how much food being shove into her and we go back to the accept fate ending
    But if you achive one of the two condition above now we will get to two good endings:
  • The first good ending is Lysithea learn two magic I mention and now use it on Carol to make that while Carol see that she is super feeding Lysithea but in reality she is feeding herself till bbw state + fall unconscious.
  • The second good ending is Lysithea slap back her sense and have enough strength to hold someone for a long time now when Carol climb down from feeding Hilda before focus feeding Lysithea, Hilda will quickly hold Carol and Lysithea will telekinesis all of the food Carol prepare and shove it into her + Reflect on Carol struggle of using food teleport on Lysithea + hallucinate Carol that even if she try to use any magic on Hilda to let go of her but in reality she still use it on Lysithea while she have Reflect on her, this will go on till Carol reach bbw + fall unconsious like the first good ending
  • When you have win the fight with Carol now Lysithea use her wrap + telekinesis to transfer her and Hilda fat to Carol which make Carol now reach immobile or blob level ( depend on you on which level of fat Carol become ) but because her magic is not on the level of Carol so both her and Hilda can only slim down to chubby level
    And the story will continue based on the ending where you use Reflect on Carol boss fight but the only thing different is Lysithea and Hilda are chubby
    Added note: You can have the option to skip a week or a month if you achive one of two good ending condition because the conditions only took three weeks but you need to learn and upgrade your telekinesis magic to able to move a huge cake
    And explaination on how Lysithea learn telekinesis is she learn it from watching Carol and process it in her head
    Hallucination is the librarian drop the paper on how to learn and upgrade it on specific day because she carelessly drop it near the inn which roll back to the dungeon and got to Lysithea chest so Lysithea learn it then use telekinesis to move the paper to underneath her butt then sit on it to hide it from Carol
    On how she can slap Hilda sense back eventhough on that bad end both her and Lysithea mind are already so broken is Lysithea realize because she can use her mind to learn and use magic now, she try and develop a magic or way to enter mind and reason with that person mind
    Warning if you try to use it on Carol, she will be mad and go to feed Lysithea to unconsious from three days and took one more day for Lysithea to satisfy her hunger because hey hey she still fat asf
    How many level of magic to upgrade to and how hard of Hilda sense to slap back are on you to make if you interested in this
    If you like you can decided to change the fat level of Lysithea and Hilda on success of fighting back Carol from chubby to obese if you like to make it multiple option
    I can understand if you don’t want to do it because jesus this will take a long time and more money to do the sprite + game model of Lysithea and Hilda being blob of fat

I’m sorry on the second good end part the autocorrect fuck up the name but it’s Hilda slap back her sense