Lysithea's Sweet Escapades Redux - A Weight Gain RPG based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses

My mother passed away this morning.

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Oh I am so sorry I know it is hard when someone pass it going to be a hard few months but take things one step at a time and you should be okay know that if you feel down PLEASE talk to someone it help so much.


Sorry to hear that man. All I can say is keep the loved ones close together and keep being productive to get by the hard times.


Im sorry for ur loss take as much time as u need


Sorry… Please, take care…


Yike you the second person i know that have a mom pass away…

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Im sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself.


I know the feeling of losing a family member over night… The hardest part has yet to come, though.
Hold in there. Don’t stay alone if you can help it.


I do not know you well so I beileve it hypocritical of myself to give condolences or platitudes
so I shall say this instead
you are not alone, you are surrounded by those even here who even if they can not completely understand and grasp your pain or sorrows will to the best of their ability to support you
even penniless loons like me
we will listhen to what you say, we will not disparage and though I do not understand why such a fellow would block you, it is most assuredly his loss to have allowed a tentative friendship, of which the irony of him appreciating persona and yet sundering a social link is not lost on me, even if made by transaction it in my opinion is foolish, and we be it of this commuinity or others stand by you, afterall you have given to this commuinity should it not at minimum give a listhening ear?
May things get better from here
do pardon my tangent and soapbox @HerefortheGoodShit


Hello all, it’s time for another, far more positive update.
Chapter 4 is very close to completion, I’d give it about 80% done. It needs to be cleaned up and made properly presentable, as well as given it’s proper side/fetish content.
Chapter 5 is also near completion, though once again it needs the fetish content.
There’s not much more for me to say, so instead look at how cute my obese wife is.


Glad to see there is some good progress!

So if I understand correctly, the next update will add the next weight stage (that being, obese) and that would just leave the two remaining stages for future updates right?

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This…This is pure beauty right here. I am going to now download this game and play.

Edit: Had to quit playing the game cause there’s no way to beat the dragon

There’s many ways to beat the dragon, and I appreciate your love for the sprite.
You can ask/look at the gameplay thread I have linked above.

Yes, Obese will be in the next update.
No, I had to cut immobility as a stage due to how impossible that would be to program and frustrating it would be for players. I liked the idea of the girls game over-ing wherever they wanted just from eating too much but that is clearly not feasible when looked at realistically. The final weight stage will be Barely Mobile, though there is a chance immobility will make a return as some kind of “Assisted mobility” stage.


Apologies for the rudeness, had a stressful day and getting killed by the dragon constantly added a bit to it. I’ll check out how to beat the dragon, though I wish there was a “Insta kill” Item eventually.

Beat the dragon, thanks to the hints and tips! Thank you!

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There will be no insta kill item.
I’m glad you beat the boss though.


Is there a way to make escaping easier? Or a way to skip around chapters? With how hard this game is, I’m not really enjoying it.
For now, I can’t play this game at all.


Okay, then don’t. Play something else.
The difficulty is already being addressed, which is something I mentioned time and time again in previous posts. I will not make it possible to skip chapters.
There is a disclaimer about the game’s difficulty at the top of the page.


Hello everyone, time for another quick update.
In good news, the first playtest of the game was put out not too long ago, and I’m currently debugging all the issues, so we can get to adding the fetish content not long after.
I’m glad that things are progressing at a solid rate now that thing’s have slowed down IRL.
Unfortunately, there are parts of the game that have not aged well, due to newer experiences and programming knowledge, leading to some early portions of the game needing some quick fixes. Nothing to drastic, I’m not remaking any scenes or anything of the like.

As a small reminder, once the Ko-Fi makes over $2000 monthly, I will be able to focus all my effort on these games, it takes as little as $5 to help fund this game.

To leave this post on a far more fun note than monetary troubles, here’s a upcoming peak at the obese Marianne, tight fitting version. All girls will have a ‘tight’ version of their fat and obese sprites.