Lysithea's Sweet Escapades Redux - A Weight Gain RPG based on Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Hello everyone!

This will be the last progress report before the game is properly updated!

That sounds good right? Well there’s some good news and some bad news about that.

In terms of programming and coding, at least my hand in it, it’s mostly done. All that needs to be done is writing some fat massaging scenes, writing out the scene for the Pig TF scene, and adding to the fruit inflation scene on the beach, so only side content now.

The issue that is keeping the update from coming out at the moment is the art side.
I have had multiple artists working on the project need to leave due to ‘life issues’, all of whom were working on separate issues and now need to be replaced. Between making new blob faces for the girls, new sprites, an actual title screen, fruit sprites, and actual art for our main antagonists, the CG stills for looking into a mirror to see how fat you are, the game is missing a lot of the necessary art.

The game COULD be put out very soon, tomorrow at the soonest, and I simply make a patch to update the game with all the art assets I need later, using the placeholders we have now. You know, do it the Game Industry approach: release it now, make it playable later. Instead I’m going to hold off on it until I have everything I want so I will only release one complete update.

I apologize for the further delay. It was foolish of me to believe all the art assets I wanted would be completed by March considering the workload and the people I have available to work on it.
The update will be out soon however, we are merely waiting for all our fancy fat ladened sprites to come in!


glad you figured out your coding problems, can’t wait for the update!


I figured out some of it, but it’s the help of others that helped me solve the issues.


it’s absolutely ok. You and the others are working so hard on this. Being how big this update I say its find that the fans like myself can wait a bit longer. Being what in store.


All the scenes you’re teasing and the looking into the mirror CG has me extremely excited for the new update! Thanks for the transparency by the way. Sorry you’re dealing with the stress of plans falling through. I am glad that you plan to release the new update later in a state that you are proud of! Good luck with getting all that good ass art you need, and don’t beat yourself up too much bout it. You ain’t an oracle, and that’s all good cuz you’re making this cool ass project! Best of luck and can’t wait to see all this new update when it comes out, and I’m sure when it does, all that extra polish you’re giving it will make it really shine!


Hi there i am beggining a new campain in this game and i think i got a softblock at the point where you come back from the mountain(To learn the shield think spell) You are supposed to talk to the lady who teleported you back but the only line i got is something like return when you learned the truth and i cannot do nothing like sleep or go out until i talk to her so help please?

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Hi, just have a question… wich one is the last playable weight stage? Fat, Obese, Barely Mobile or Immobile? and if there a way to reach them in the current ver.?

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If memory serves correct you can only get up to fat in this current version, but here’s hoping for the next update to add the others

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i really hope the creator does that, i really want to see what is like to have those 3 barely mobile and go around with “belly rollers”

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