Make your own weight gain story

Make a story of fictional character gaining weight. Fantasy, Sci-fi, drama, action, Cyberpunk, and even steampunk.
What are your daily thoughts of weight gaining. How many ideas go away in your head and don’t remember it later in the day. Write your heart.

Just to clarify I want this post to be solely about gaining weight nothing of vore and inflation


Wait this is like a request, right?

No, just want to see what peoples imagination is like. To see how people view their ideals of what weight gain is. Also I read a lot of of DeviantArt comments of people saying they have an idea to make a story and never do it. This was an attempt to make people feel that they can make a quick story at the top of their own head and see if its good or not.
Also I encourage helpful criticism if they plan on doing longer stories.


Yeah, it is sad when a story is half finished. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a quick little story, about a thousand words or so!

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This sounds like a fun little writing challenge, if I got some free time I’ll give it a shot :+1:. Do you want people to post it here or DM you?


I would like people to post it on the comment section. I want others to read peoples art and give them feed back if they can improve upon it. I like people to develop their imagination to improve oneself thinking.

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You know what, hell yeah, Ima do it!

(also, it’ll be on a word document, because yes.)

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sometimes i just have really wierd dreams about female weight gain


My first one, I was 12, and it was of (don’t laugh) a male emboar. I’m pretty sure it’s because emboar is one of my personal favorite pokemon, and at the time emboar was my favorite pokemon. The strangest thing is, about half way through, I think he lifted his belly, and I could actually feel the heft. It was awesome.

So, can i make a WG story so you can see my ideals about what is WG?

It can be anything that is solely weight gain. Read the last sentence of the description of this topic.

Alright, but do i publish the entire story on there or do i pass it through DM?

Post it here. I want others to see peoples art. I encourage those to give proper criticism and appropriate responses. Just try not to make it to slutty and nswf. Don’t want people to report it for being too much.

The best way to get stories is to commission them from writers.

“It’s the Year 20XX, there is a breakthrough in technology leading to all diseases and organ problems a thing of the past, obesity rates in (placeholder) is rising and you, (placeholder) are resistant to the idea of this, you decide to find out the correlation, is it just a change in culture, or something greater then that. You decide to try and find out.” That’s the plot to my story, just think of what could happen next, weight gain, immobility, whatever the hell you want. All leading up to you finding or not finding out the truth and how you’ll decide to live the rest of your life.
I also had an idea of a cursed ring in a home that’ll make you gain weight, don’t remember where I posted that, but I did.


Ok, let me think of a story.

WHoA mAn, I GOt A wICkED idEa MY dUDeS!!1!1

lol, joking aside, I got a cool story plot if someone wants to use it:

Basically, fat becomes banned, and it’s illegal to be overweight, or be into it, and a rebel group tries to revolt, the protagonist group. Now, did I take this idea from a post I made? Yes. Is it a good story idea? Depends, as I ain’t gonna be writing this, but if someone wants to, there is the storyline (please post it here, I can’t make you, but the topic maker would really like that ;D) I am still gonna write a story for this topic, but it’ll be a mario weight gain story. Well uh, I mean, a character IN the mario universe gaining weight. If you think it’s cringey, well, to be fair, I chose 20 different game universes, and rolled a 20-soded dice, and got the mario universe.

Anywho, get ready for the story coming, and again, please feel free to use that plot, I certainly won’t be, and also, please put it in this topic, again, I can’t force you to, but the topic creator would really appreciate it! Other than that, I hope you have a great day! ;D


Which Mario character you’ll use for your history?

Don’t laugh:



Bullet bill

One of these three XD

pfffff. I throught about someone with the body-shape of a human or some koopa, I don’t think Bullet Bill have mouths or anything, but it’d be nice to see a story of a fat bullet bill stuck in some cannon, Spiny is okay i guess, blooper is totally insteresing about how it’d work.

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