Minecraft: The Fat Suite V1.0.5

i too make obese minecraft characters

this one uses your skin and has an obesity slider. how fancy!

this one isn’t even obese, liar???


This is amazing! is there a chance you could share the file?

unfortunately, I had actually lost the file a while ago

made a silly little snorlax skin >:)

(doesn’t include the model file yet, idk how to get that :/)


Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a quick little announcement.

First off, an update has been in the works for quite some time. Because I am working on it casually, it’s still going to take some time to come out, but when it does, expect some huge developments, polish, and more!

Also, I would like to give an update to the whole commissions situation. As you may or may not be aware, I have denied people in the past from using my suite for economic gain, as I personally do not make anything from it, and if I didn’t I didn’t want any derivative works making anything from it either. This situation has changed slightly.

@Reppu contacted me and not only asked me very nicely before they did anything, but we have also hammered out an agreement as to compensation for using my models for their endeavors.

If you do not have the time, or the ability, and are willing to pay someone to make an edit of my models, contact @Reppu via DMs for those services.

I cannot attest to the individual quality (though what they showed me was fine), nor to prices, or anything like that. I do not have any sort of oversight, nor association with what Reppu is doing. All I have done is given them my blessing to do this given that they follow the terms of the agreement we made.

If you have been wanting to do this, and want to strike a similar association with me I would ask that you… wait a little bit, because the next update I’m going to provide is going to (in the long run) make editing, and particularly editing textures much easier, and much more modular than before. There also are going to be a bunch of changes. I also am going to be changing my post to feature people like Reppu whom I’ve made an agreement with for their services. There are just some speed bumps before I can make it public. I also am working on it super duper casually in order to avoid burnout. Also, not to mention all the work that goes into making a new size…

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read!

Edit: Oh, and for the record, making edits personally for you or your friends when no money is involved is completely okay! This is just about commissions. I made the suite for people to do things like what the person above me did with their Snorlax model. It’s just when money comes in that a special agreement must be made.

Edit 2: Also, this will not affect the suite itself. The suite will always be free to download, use, and edit to your heart’s content as long as no money is involved.


What is it like making the new update?

Hey so I’ve tried for almost 3 hours to get this whole thing working, and every time I enter the game and press G, and this comes up every time I try, I’ve followed all the steps and I can’t do it, can you help out please??

You appear to be on either a vanilla/bukkit multiplayer server, or on a modded server without CPM installed.

In order to use CPM models without using CPM’s skin method (which I don’t use), you need to be on a server that has a special plugin/mod to do it since your client has to be able to send information to other peoples’ clients in order so that everything syncs up if other people have the mod. This is the reason why Tom disabled this functionality if the mod/plugin is not detected.

If you want to use CPM’s skin method, then you can export my model yourself using my project files as a Minecraft skin, and then you can apply that Minecraft skin to your character the Mojang way, and then anyone who has the mod (including yourself) will see the changes.

If this sounds a bit too technical, then you might want to stick to using my models in single player, or you can wait until my new update where some of the rigmarole involved with applying my models will be removed due to me making big changes.

I might make skin versions of my models so that you can use them, but you will not be able to customize anything yourself, as it will function basically exactly the same to the pre-exported model I provide.

To summarize: You either have to play on a server with CPM installed, play single player, export the model as a skin yourself, wait for my update, or I could possibly do it at the cost of you not being able to customize anything yourself.

I suggest you learn how to export it yourself if you were already planning on editing the skin anyways, since that’s what you’ll have to do regardless.

I hope you get everything figured out!

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Ah I see, thanks mate, this really helped a lot!

oh I was also just wondering, how do you actually edit the skin?

I have a small guide for changing just the skin in the post itself, but anything more would basically me just having to write a tutorial on how to use CPM, which is beyond the purview of this post.

There are a couple of tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube for the mod, so just use one of those.

As I said, the new update (in my opinion) will make editing way easier, but with some trade offs is all I’ll say.

lawl, first time poster on this website cus ive never had anything to say yet… but i made a custom skin for this a looong while ago to make it me and made lots of adjustments over that time, and i never really shared it outside of my friend groups… so i have taken pictures 4 the site

i think i mainly just added the tail and neck pillow and ears and whatever and did the sweater and probably adjusted loads of other things to my liking, lawl… i have also made alt skins of just different clothes as well and it is very fun to do so :3) it gets me a lot of attention…
edit: my post feels VERY LONG!!! sory


I really love the texturing, the tail, and the sitting animation, very nice.

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Been following for a while now but didn’t really have anything to say though… What are your thoughts on Figura? it’s now available for Fabric and Forge and I was wondering if you ever tried it out before.

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Spoilers, man!


Stay tuned.



I ended up making an edit to the Alex models included in this thread for personal use, and figured I would share that.


I also made a few alterations to how the model works, namely:

  • Tweaked where the hair strand cube on the head is positioned, so it clips less with helmets. The back layer of the hair as of currently will clip with helmets, and I didn’t end up adding another cube/squashing the textures to fix this. It’s a small/trivial edit in blockbench for anyone interested in that, though for the original hair-strand use cases the current cube still works fine.

  • Reset the boots/helmet layers to being the default minecraft objects. I did the latter since it increased compat with a mod called TruFirstPerson on 1.7.10, though for anything less old it’s probably irrelevant.

  • Added some quick and dirty custom armor layers for the chestplate and leggings. I like how they turned out, though the leggings are a bit big (and I personally think that’s funny/amusing). This was my main alteration, since I enjoy seeing what I’m wearing ingame, though I had to butcher the vanilla UV’s in order to pull this off remotely convincingly. Chainmail looks weird for the fake collar I made, but that’s about it.

  • Added a snout to the model. This is since my sona/the character I was adapting the model for is a pig. This won’t be included in the downloadable version, but do know that this is probably the easiest kind of edit to make, since it just involves adding some tiny geometry to the face.

  • Edited the origin of the head bone in the model slightly. I did this so the helmet layer and head layers would properly line up, since the pivot points were in a weird location initially, which would cause clipping if you looked too far up or down.

Tips and Tricks

I learned a lot about how CPM and Blockbench work together editing this model, so here’s some pointers in that regard, since the tutorial ™ is still under construction:

  • When importing a cpmproject file, you generally should keep animations, not import them. The importer is in beta, it seems to mangle even basic ones from what I looked at,

  • Save often. The plugin generally seemed prone to making Blockbench crash, on my end, not sure if that was a personal hardware issue or what. What irks me is Blockbench wouldn’t say it stopped working, only turn into an entirely opaque panel of a single color when this happened.

  • Keep base bones where the model likes to put them, at least for the TFS models. The anchor points for armor/limbs/etc are what mods tend to reach for whenever making a playermodel animate, and lining up the helmet/chestplate/leggings hitboxes with their respective bodyparts will allow those procedural animations to look 1:1 with their vanilla counterparts.

  • Edit your UV’s in Blockbench, not CPM. CPM’s editor for UV’s seems really limited, at least on 1.7.10, and you can do horrible crimes a lot of UV tricks by using the editor bundled in with Blockbench. You may need to import and export a model multiple times in order to line up the pixels for the UVs, since CPM doesn’t seem to enjoy partial pixel aligned UV’s on a texture.

  • Wait for the plugin to entirely load before using it, if you’re having it included via URL. I’d consider having the file downloaded locally on your computer instead, since with my internet connection it always took around ~10 seconds to fully load,

  • You can preview how certain armors will look on a model without going ingame by replacing the ‘armor1’ and ‘armor2’ textures in your cpmproject. To have your model properly save, rename both of these textures to armor1 and armor2 respectively (the texture data you swapped will be removed/reverted).

Preview, Downloads, and Final Thoughts

Below are a few links to the file(s) associated with this model, in the event anyone in this thread wants to use it as a jumping off point for their own edits. I won’t be including Zee’s texture, though the model is 1:1 compatible with the regular Alex ones anyways, so it’s no big deal. Below is an impromptu photo op I did showing off the model in a creative world in 1.7.10, plus a few Zee screenshots as a treat.

1.0.1 Screenshots

1.0.0 Screenshots

Below is the download link for my edit of TFS - Alex - Gigantic. I gave it a generic placeholder name, if only since this is just a generic version of the edit I was using personally. Credit is implied due to the model being in this thread, though if you post download links/edits of this elsewhere, you can credit me as Zipp Zee/ZZ in addition to crediting The Minecraft Guy™.

TFS-AlexGiganticArmored - 1.0.1.zip (46.3 KB)
TFS-AlexGiganticArmored.zip (47.1 KB) (11-12-2023)

1.0.1 Changelog

  • Resized chestplate armor to fully cover underbelly,

  • Added ‘sleeves and gloves’ geometry, so armors with full arm textures cover more than the model’s shoulders,

  • Resized UV’s for the fake collar to prevent overlap with armors that use the chestplate top texture,

  • Added a plane that shows the chestplate’s top texture that renders above the fake collar,

  • Added an armor skirt that overlaps with the legging’s hip, to mimic how armors rest on the vanilla player model,

  • Resized jowls and double chin slightly to prevent clipping with helmets that have fully populated textures (IE, masks),

  • Adjusted rotation and scale of the chestplate’s side UV’s (they’re lower res now, but should be 1:1 with the original armor instead of being rotated 90 degrees now),

  • Added a plane that uses back armor UV’s to fill in the small of the back,

  • Readded elytra custom positions from the original TFS model,

  • Added a generic cape part (may clip with elytra).

Many thanks again to everyone in this thread; I’ll be having a ton of fun with the model I cobbled together, and I generally think CPM is a really cool win for minecraft in general, since barely any sandbox games just let you play as whoever/whatever (unless they’re aimless games/engines, like Gmod).


can anybody make an enderman skin?

Oh my god that is cute!
Is it, uh… okay if I ask for the model?

Hello, I need help with gestures, I got stuck in that part of the gesture menu. HELP!

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In case you didn’t know yet, a YouTube kids content creator might have stolen these models to pass off as a mod he made.