Mochi Moshi! [Active Development]

Ooh, questions…

  • If the draft script were a paperback book, how many pages would it be?
  • Are there any notable side characters? If so, who’s your favorite and why?
  • Will the character art be in complete images, or are you doing the paper doll thing (faces, arms, torsos, etc etc)?
  • What style is the music in?

I am incredibly all too familiar with this sort of development process taking place, whether in a large scale environment or even smaller projects. I’m so glad that me getting on here and going “Yeah I’m alive!” beyond just private development posts that people pay for are giving people confidence in our work on the project! The project didn’t get a lot of cash, but it got a lot of cash for a fetish game being crowdfunded and I still feel tied to that and I want to make good on everything I’ve said!
If you’re not a subscriber, and I’m not trying to force anyone to give me money it’s just more of an incentive, anything that you’re going to hear about this game for the next few months will still just be in text. Supporters do get a “Concept Demo” within the next few months, I’m shooting for April as an actual goal now that it’s kind of grown to be less script focused and more an explanation of what I want the game to be.

Sorry for bambling on about all of this crap you didn’t ask or even mention but hey! Thank you again, your words are incredibly kind and it’s people like you saying things like this that makes me insanely happy to work on a project like this.


If the draft script were a paperback book, how many pages would it be?

My co-writer actually gave me this number out of nowhere and she mentioned it was about 150 pages.

Are there any notable side characters? If so, who’s your favorite and why?

There’s a character I wrote called “Uncle” who I really like. Oh and there’s also an owner of a bar that’s stylized after classic TTRPG Inns who basically lets Kazumi spend the night there after getting blackout. There’s a lot of side characters and, even if most of them don’t have names (Except Tony), they have their own little quirks and characterizations that add flavor to the world of Kazumi and her friend (the player)!

Will the character art be in complete images, or are you doing the paper doll thing (faces, arms, torsos, etc etc)?

The way the game is going to be constructed is her breasts, ass and waist all have different sized pieces that can be put together to create the vast body types that the game will have her going through. Even though you’ll see about 65 different Kazumi body types, the way I hope to construct her body will give her about 125 different combinations, if I’ve done my math correctly? Only including body types that is not expressions, accessories or any sort of other factors that’d attribute to this. We’ll see how difficult that is when I get to planning.

That being said, to actually answer your question, it’ll be paper doll, but I want to make a way to where you can “save” a picture of a Kazumi you like using a method akin to picrew.

There will be CGs at the end of specific routes that are complete character art though.

What style is the music in?

“Computer Music,” is the genre of music. It’s hard to really describe what the music is to people who don’t know without directly giving away the artist, but it kinda sounds like this.

Thank you for the questions!

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3 routes and 4 weeks whit different imagse every week based on you choiche so i think it should be 3+3²(9)+3³(27)+3⁴(81)=120 and if there are secret shapes based on your choiche you add them

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There’s 4 routes with 4 weeks but the final week has no branching points, and then your default stage.

So the amount different versions of Kazumi you see is 65 but in order to factor in total it’d be Ass, Breast, Weight all having 5 stages of growth (Starting, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4) so it’d be 5^3 I think? 125 different Kazumis not including Lazy transformation accessories. Because if it was just two routes it’d be 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 10, 11, etc etc, which is 5^2, so adding a third option would make 5 it to the power of 3.

Not to correct your math with my math here, I’m not sure I was completely clear with what variables I was giving out.

Also I know the number of Kazumis you see is 65 because that’s how many “nodes” we wrote total. Intro + the flowchart. To get that number you have
1 + 4 (Starting Weeks) + (3x4) [Branches into Week 2] + (2 x 12) [Branches into Week 3] + 24 (the final weeks have no splitting paths) = 65

I appreciate you keeping me on my toes though! Thank you!


my question is how customizable is the player and can they be effected by the choices just as much as kazumi?

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my question is how customizable is the player and can they be effected by the choices just as much as kazumi?

The main character is not customizable at all and are written with an ambiguous gender in mind so you can self insert easier, but, if you wanted to think of them as their own character instead it’s easy to do that too. Early on I thought about having pronouns or a character name entry screen, but how often do you refer to your friends directly to them using anything other than nicknames or in the second person. Your character having brown hair, blue eyes, long toes, or any set of genitalia has no barring on the story.

The game was written with a specific character dynamic in mind between the player character and Kazumi!

You will never see your player character as anything other than a generically shaped thing if needed in a CG. I think a plan for one of the cgs is to have 60% of the player character’s body hidden behind shopping bags as a gag.

Your choices do matter for your (the player character’s) relationship with Kazumi though! Some endings she ends up in a more direct “they are actually dating” situation, and some are like a “I am her manager.” I think the choices matter for how Kazumi is, both her personality and size, and her entire relationships with others are formed.

TL;DR There is no character customization, all of the physical changes lean on Kazumi, any choices the player character feels towards their own character is reflected on how Kazumi acts towards them.


Here’s a funny piece of developmental material I made back when the game got fully funded. It was basically the pitch for how I was going to do the route calculation and explaining it live to my co-writer. It’s an insane mess but it’s funny to see what I thought was coherent back in early production.

You can see that “Cake,” “Farm,” “Club,” and “Lib” were the 4 original locations serving for WG, BE, AE and ? which are Weight Gain, Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion and the now dubbed Lazy Transformation. Cake and Library (Lib) are the only two that actually made it into the final script. Club got put into other paths and Farm never happened. What are BE and AE’s new intro weeks? That’s a secret~!

Also “Cake, Bake, Grocer, Cafe,” no idea what the fuck that means. I think I was just spit balling ideas.

EDIT: The flow chart is super out of date, again it’s from over two years ago. Every route will have only three out of the four transformation/expansion types!


I apologize if it’s obvious or discussed already, I’m not on Weightgaming much and tend to skim a bit. This little early dev graphic seems to imply doubling up more on a theme is hard and cutting others out is impossible… Say, for example, that I go the WG route and just try to spam it and lazy stuff, is that viable? It seems like no matter where things go, it hits BE and AE eventually. Not that I mind BE! I was just wondering how “dodgeable” certain content is.


Every Route has to have 3 out of the 4 paths.

If you wanted to avoid all breast expansion paths, you would only be able to view 6 out of the 24 routes. Originally the game was going to have all routes interact with all themes but I decided against it to sort of give a climax instead of shoe-in the last transformation/expansion type.

I figure with how loose the themes are for most of these things, if you enjoy expansion or weight gain in any capacity you’ll enjoy every route of the game, barring maybe some of the more extreme Lazy routes which can dive deeper into Neet and minor slob territories.

There’s no doubling up on routes either, there’s no pure WG route, or pure BE route, so it’s basically all going to be a sequence of the four types, then pick from the remaining three, and then the final two with the last week playing out as a sort of “This is the result of everything,” ending.

I invented a system when writing the game to easily keep track of what routes were being written. WAL would mean “Weight Gain Week 1, Ass Expansion Week 2, Lazy Transformation Week 3” while LAW would mean “Lazy Transformation Week 1, Ass Expansion Week 2, Lazy Transformation Week 3.” Different sequence means different events and locations even if the week two is still ass expansion, it’s going to be WA vs LA, Ass Expansion with a weight gain focus vs Ass expansion with a Lazy Focus.

Ultimately if you just want weight gain content you’ll feel very happy exploring the 6 routes starting with W, but you’ll also be happily surprised to play any routes that have a week 2 W as well. This goes for any of the other transformations or expansions. The game is about all four and tries to focus on what it means to be a balance between at least three of those by the end.

TL;DR Every Route will have 3 out of the 4 transformation/expansion types, you can have routes that avoid Breast Expansion or Ass Expansion completely, but they have to have at least one of those, using your example.

EDIT I just realized you meant in the flow chart it had all 4 things in one route, good eye!!! Yeah that’s old! Sorry about that!


Seems like a fun system! I definitively like the idea of experiencing both weight gain and lazy content, without having to worry about mid-maxing a particular route to see the final stages. I am wondering though, how big does the character get? Is it fairly realistic or does she end up with more fantastical proportions

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If you know my art you can understand that I do a lot of hyper sizes for breast and ass expansion, as for weight gain it’s pretty close to how big my largest drawn size is that wasn’t a commission. It’s hard to really balance what I want to do/feel comfortable with doing and also giving people a satisfying final growth stage.

The idea is that, for weight gain, she won’t be immobile at her largest. She’ll absolutely be a fat woman, but I don’t really have a size in mind yet because I want to craft that sort of gradual growth that’ll be satisfying to me personally. It is written that a stage 1 growth for weight gain is a pudgy belly, so going from a flat stomach to having a noticeable gut is a large jump in reality, but for the game it’s just step one. I hope to continue in those sorts of steps, but I honestly don’t have a size I want to publicly say because it might be larger or smaller than that in the end.

Yeah it’s honestly super simple. This is why I advertised it as a “Toy” at first, because it’s very obvious if you know what does what, how to get your desired outcome. Like first playthrough you probably won’t know what location will make a specific thing happen to her, but to those who want to see everything, crawling through it should be very simple! I’m excited to see what people consider their “canon Kazumi route.”


Generalized cleaning update, I think I’m going to update the “Fundraising” document, as well as the first post in this thread within the next week to reflect the current state of the project since a lot has changed!

If people want specific text I’ve said to be archived from that post, I will directly copy and paste everything with minimal formatting in a document for posterity. I’m not an archivist, I just like having proof of my work. Also the weight gaming forum system has a handy button to check all of the different edits a post has had so you can use that too!


I see, personally I’m not really into immobility or blobs so seems perfect for me! And definitely seems like it’ll be a fun system

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Thank you! I’m not really either!

I did think about making the “Secret Route” include something like that, but I personally don’t care for making that sort of art, even if there’s a group of people who would be VERY excited for that.

That being said if people drew immobile or near immobile fan art of Kazumi I wouldn’t be upset in the slightest ;o)


Is there any plans for a sort of like, gallery for Kazumi’s sizes (and such), once unlocked, so one could just peek at them?


Hopefully some sizes can be reused on different path.
Through the picture with path seems to contain such.


Putting these two statements together and answering them with the same answer.

The idea is to have a sort of “build your own Kazumi” with the way I plan the system for all the sizes. I want to design her expansions, weight gain and transformations in a way that allows me to easily put the pieces together so I don’t have to make 65 separate images + expressions and basically a fucked up infinitely scalable thing.

Like someone asked earlier, the best way to put it is that I’m building her character like a paper doll, her arms, head, facial expressions, accessories (as needed), chest, ass and weight are all going to be separate and then pieced together. I will probably have to make separate parts to make sure it’s all seamless and it won’t be as easy as “four tiers of weight + 1 breast growth can make a good combo” because fat isn’t just belly.

It’ll be fun to make everything fit together easier, and a sort of system to “save” sizes is planned but probably won’t be in the game at launch unless super easy. I do plan on making a sort of “Deluxe” version of the game but we’re way way way far away from that.


Interesting development! I have been looking at this project from time to time, and I am mildly curious about how you planned the assets for the game (pun accidentally intended). So how far are you going with those combinations? Because, lets say each asset has 5 stages each, that’s 20 stages in total. Then lets say you can combine any stage, that would be 20 stages to select, times 15 potential ways for combinations, and because you can’t have the asset itself, so you have 300 different combinations.

Keep in mind, this is hypothetical, as I just used 5 stages which I don’t know for certain, nor how you’ll set up the combinations. I kind of went off of your paperdoll analogy, and figured if you have a stage five WG, you could have an X BE, AE, or ?? all that way up to five, and vice versa. So I am curious if you can clarify on the combinations a little more, given my little calculation, which if my assumptions are correct on how the combos are, would probably be a massive nightmare of a game to develop (imho of course).

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Take a look higher in the post and you should find an answer I think