Mochi Moshi! [Active Development]

Is there a demo for this game, or possible to play it if you subscribe to the patreon?

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Not yet, the script for the game just got finalized a week ago, and according to their plans they’re starting on “Twine Prototyping” now. The comment right above yours gives a general idea as to their development plan.

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Like the other user who replied to you said, this month I plan on trying to get a prototype out there that will show people how the game is planned on being laid out in a more visual method than just words.

I’m going to be using Twine for prototyping, which is not the program I plan on using for making the game itself. Subscribers of the Project Tier for April and May will gain access to the Prototype even if it’s not finished in April.

The prototype will be distributed on discord only (which is currently for patreon subscribers exclusively ATM) because it’s specifically meant to be a production asset for my co-writer and myself to work through and figure out how we want the game to function beyond that, so I consider it insight on the project more than what you’re subscribing for.

That being said, everyone who is a project supporter and plays the prototype will hopefully provide feedback in the anonymous Google Forms sheet that I’ll also have live to supporters.

Development on the Prototype starts this week (April 8th) actually, I took a bit of a break to catch my breath.

When the prototype is live I will let people know that it’s a thing as well as how to access it and what to expect. Again it’s going to be very limited, one route and will not have any finalized visuals at all. It’s the next step in development before we actually create the game knuckle deep. Thanks to the script though, all of the time consuming stuff is now in visual asset creation, which is very easy to just create dummy images for.

I’ve been rambling on answering way more than just your single question, I’m glad you’re excited for the project! Thank you!