Moemon Mod or moemon like pokemon WG game?

So if you haven’t heard, there’s a mod of pokemon called moemon that doesn’t change anything except for making every pokemon in the game a gijinka moe girl. It’s pretty funny honestly and you should absolutely try it. Anyway, I was thinking as I was playing, there should be a moemon style game with wg elements. Maybe even just changing the sprites to fat moemon girls would be pretty funny. Just an Idea I had. Feel free to discuss.


I was part of a group that tried something like that more for BE, WG and a few other fetishs years ago with a Touhoumon firered ver but it proved to be too much for us and the project died.

The issue was with so many touhoumon sprites and there was less then the original 151 pokemon that we couldn’t keep going as we all lost interest due to personal lives. the other issue was also getting the new sprites to actually work, even using the same pallet of colors we found there were problems with some now displaying correctly and base on the tool we used we could find that the sprite end up being too big for the rom or the tool we used could only pull out negative colors

Our group’s main member made a a pokemon ruby hack with all the female trainers were given huge breast that gave us this idea, and I’ve been wanting to try that idea but with Moemon instead, but only for the trainers.

This might be a wordy reply but just take this, if you want to change the Moemon sprites themselves it’ll be a lot of work, so make sure you really want this and take your time on it or can find a good size group to help work on this. Also decide what fetish your going for and how each moemon changes to keep things constant, if your going solo your fine but a group you’ll need to plan this and divide up the work as you’ll be working on 772 sprites if this is Moemon Emerald ver

So good luck with this and succeed where my group failed

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Yeah I definitely see how a project like this would’t go anywhere. There’s a shit ton of pokemon sprites that you would need to change.

Indeed, it can be done as someone/group has done this with those pokemon games to make the Moemon, and Touhoumon games and many more.

If you want a pokemon styled game with your choice of expansion in it then the two above games are ideal as the target sprites are already human like, but this idea was easy for breast expansion as all my team really needed to do was add boobs of gradually increasing size to the existing sprites. Weight gain will require you to redraw all 772 for it to work so your going to need a team of artist willing to work on this project. My suggestion for that would be to create a bunch of blank models for your stages of WG in a few different poses to keep it fresh and then just color and slap on the key features of each mon. This will let you change and update any sprite that doesn’t fit in with the rest and add a personal touch to this project.

You should also look for a programmer that’s familiar with the type of Moemon Rom you want to use (GBA,DS), and has experience with modding that type of rom and who’s willing to troubleshoot any problems and fix the rom as your team goes, that’s why my team had problems with sprites not using the correct colors and being the wrong file size. So one of your programmer’s jobs should be to extract each sprite and give to your artist, and then reinsert the sprites into rom to check for any errors

Hopefully this has help with planning of this kind of project and more members will find interest with it and might volunteers. The programmer(s) might be the hardest due to skills and experience, artists should be easier as anyone with drawing skills will work. You still need a lead artist who will create the blank models and decide on the standard of the sprite work, just coloring three sprites red and calling them the charizard line done would not work; yes the Moemon are girls in maid outfits and normal dresses but they still need those pokemon details to set them apart

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I freak’n LOVE moemon! I would love a version where they’re all chubby even more! I’m not that great an artist yet, and my usable time fluctuates, but my pixel arts moderate… I haven’t drawn chubbies yet, but always use the practice… what I’m trying to say is… if someone wants to try to revive this, I can maybe help with the sprites to a small degree.

I have no marketable skills whatsoever so if anyone wants to steal this idea from me they are more than welcome lol would love to see this play out but it would definitely be quite an undertaking. I have ideas as to how to do it though. maybe stick with the original 151 and only have fully evolved forms gain? Maybe have 3 weight stages for each fully evolved mon. I think that would decrease the work load by a lot

Hm, I had a look into this and there’s a nifty tool for extracting and uploading the files back into the ROM.

I decided to give a try at editing some fat Moemon (keep in mind that I’m no artist all the editing is done in paint but the final sprites in the game look good!)

I kept the shiny sprites un-edited to show the comparison. All taken from Moemon Emerald.

Mightyena f Mightyena

Blaziken f Blaziken

Breloom f Breloom


Didn’t the shiny ver had its own sprites, figured they used a second color pallet so that would bring the possible sprites up to 1544 sprites, as Erill did and ignored the shiny ver that would be the best choice to minimize work. Not to insult Erill’s work but that why a lead artist who job is to make sure the sprites end up in a ideal form, My groups goal was just slapping boobs to everything so we didn’t need detailed sprites but here you might want that higher standard.

@Erill we had a tool to extract and import sprites too, but some of us found problems with it, this was like 5 or more years ago

@Xpansionism for what dex to focus on would depend on what ver of Moemon you want to use, if your using emerald but only change the first 151, then you don’t get to see any of the third gen sprites of that game. But in Emerald your able to catch moemon that wouldn’t be found if it was normal emerald ie. the starters in the wild and some gen 1 moemon that originally needed to be traded

Nice that some people want to help this project and volunteer for it

I feel like moemon firered would be a good base. Although that version has megas and other pokemon placed in the wild from other regions

My sprite editing skills are pretty good, if I do say so myself.
(Or, at the very least, functional.)
I can be pretty inconsistent time-wise, but I’d be willing to chip in here and there if you find yourselves starving for help.

gain? stages? I was just thinking “Moemon, but they’re all fat”. XD

I’m having a lot of fun making these sprites! I’m only doing final evolutions and I think I could try and make a version for people to download once I’ve sorted all the sprites.

A few more…

Swellow f Swellow

Aggron f Aggron

Ninetales f Ninetales

Flygon f Flygon

Salamence f Salamence


Looking good! Perhaps you could do some for unevolved moemon next

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These look awesome! Love the salamence design

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I was giving suggestions for a more ambitous project but This idea works way better lol

2ed this! As much as I love the belly Erill gave Flygon, I actually prefer to keep Trapinch unevolved(Because it’s so damn cute! Especially in the anime with it’s little “chap chap chap”), So plumping up EVERY mon, so we don’t HAVE to evolve a moemon, would be nice.

@Xpansionism Thank you very much! Salamence is one of my faves!

The only problem I see with some of the non evolved Moemon is not having much to work with due to them being very small…

Magnemite Magnemite (what do I do with this?)

Right now I’m only working on final evolutions and some second stage Moemon, but I’m open to suggestions for making them all work!

And just a (not so) small thing I worked on because it’s my profile pic on here…

Venusaur f Venusaur


I’d say for tiny mons like magnemite you could just make them a cute little ball of fat lmao That would be adorable and hilarious

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Hmm…if I want to edit all the sprites in Emerald I believe that’ll be around 200(?) Pokemon.

I’ll certainly make a start! If people have any particular Moemon they’d like to see I’d be happy to move them up whatever production list I come up with!

One problem I’m noticing is the all the back sprites look pretty much the same. I know it’ll be difficult to fix because they’re facing away from you, but it’s something to possibly work on