New Japanese game 'The house of the fat'

It’s kind of a short game, but with some pretty artworks. Also there we have several endings, so, have fun getting them!
Pixiv: 膨欲肉林 - pixiv
Game: 147.7 MB folder on MEGA
Before extracting the game file in winrar smash ctrl+e and chose ‘932 (ANSI/OEM)…’ line, so the game will be extracted correctly.
The game is not mine, just wanted to share.


Is the game in english?

no it not, it is still new.

I’ll try to make a translation a bit later.


I was able to get through the game pretty well with the google translate camera. It still took me a minute to figure out the scrap paper puzzle tho.

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In case you guys need it, there is a tutorial about machine translation in this site:

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Hey, guys. Do you know to win the game? I mean, if you do everything right, a girl appears and capture you just before you escape.

I just figured that was the ending, I’m not positive though.

Just like a game Debdebi made

So the forum has a female tag but on the pixiv page I just see guys. Are there no chunky chicks? :c

There are, it’s just that the playable character is male.


Did anyone find the code in the room after the piano?

So that puzzle took me a little while when I played, but here’s a hint. In the room that connects to the right, the one with all the book shelves on it. you can find to different pieces of paper with two numbers on each. These numbers make the code, but they may not be in the right order.


Figured as much, just wanted to check before trying to brute force it. Thanks!



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main character is a guy the game has a girl looks like she the one making him big. it looks like it’s more like a male character being feed by a girl who wants to lock him up and you the main character is trying to escape her it’s a cute game.


Drat, there doesn’t seem to be a way to backtrack to that small passage you couldn’t enter before. Was curious to see what’s in there.

After machine translating this through Translator++ (The translation is not the best, but it works!) I am happy to say that I absolutely adore this game!! There is not enough male content going around honestly, and even though it was short, I hope their will be a sequel to it from the artist someday! Anyways, enough gushing about how much I love cute fat boys ahah! Those are my two cents!


Played through the game and here is the content.
Male protag, female secondary characters

There is a bunch of lore hidden in the purple boxes in order to get the key for them you need to…

You need to pick up the glass in the dining room and then fill it with the right keg also in the room, then poor the glass of water into the fire place and get the key. You must do this after interacting with the gate but before touching the piano.
This unlocks a bunch of lore and female weight gain sequences.

I love it, although I think all the art other than the guy’s is from the makers pixiv. (as in they are part of sequences that already existed, nothing wrong with it, but that is why some of it can feel a little out of place.)


How do you go about translating? Total dummy here when it comes to this stuff.