Noita mod?

Has anyone tried to make a mod for this game?

I tried messing with it. But at the time, documentation was really sparse

Making your own sprites is doable, but the sprites have pixel precise collisions. Making a thick character and/or making them detailed would invariably raise the difficulty.

I looked into it and the documentation seem pretty good and with time it will probably be a lot better considering how many mods there already are for the game

I can think of two concepts if you don’t mind a non programmer sharing

1st question… The hell is Noita?

Well then.

My own thoughts on the game mod was a wizard that can fatten the enemies till they pop with in reason (some can’t fatten) or a wizard that gains size and a spell that turns killed enemies in to a food option. Bigger size could mean more health but lower speed. more magic too could even have perks like Armor that at set sizes reduces damage. and others that negate some of the risks


It seems like it should definitely be possible. I’m talking out of my ass here because I’ve never tried to mod the game, but polymorphing is a feature so at the very least it seems like you could probably make the fat version of the Noita witch as its own separate entity that gets swapped with the standard player sprite whenever they eat too much or whatever, since the game now has a feature of just being able to eat whatever random stuff you find on the ground (Which seems like a really odd feature to add, but I guess she IS a witch, so it doesn’t seem super far fetched for her to just chomp a three-legged eye-spider).
The simplest version of the mod would just be a player sprite asset-swap. I’ve seen a bunch of those around, and I know there was a dev-made mod that added randomized “classes” of wizards that you could spawn as. Once again I’ve never attempted to mod the game so it’s definitely more complicated than I’m making it out to be, but probably possible.


I might take a crack at this over the next few days. From what I can tell based on looking at the documentation and some of the example mods, you can update the player sprite during runtime so it should be possible to have the Noita gain weight/bloat as the game goes on.

I might try to make something reasonably simple like adding a belly as stomach fullness goes up. If that ends up working I might branch out and try to add gluttony perks, weight gain, that sort of thing.

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Why do I ask, maybe some of the developers here need a variety of activities in creating games and someone will be interested in something smaller. Although… if you want to suffer, you can make it so that the character’s visual can change and the player model retains the wg mechanics to have ability to set… for example sprite of Megumin.

would be interesting with the eat function the game added.

If you get something working I’d be up for helping out with spriting as well.

Wanted to say that I had to put figuring out how the Noita mod system works on the back burner because of other projects. I still think it possible but I don’t have the time to figure it out right now. Hopefully someone else can implement something.

It was actually not added but nerfed. Now there is a limit to what you can consume, causing slowdown, health problems and eventually death.

All that would really be needed would be changing those values and adding sprite changing. Maybe use a variation of polymorph for weight?

I dont know if there is a way to “lock away” stuff like sprites and then use them for polymorph, but that would be the way.

I’ve been thinking about getting noita and something like this sounds super neat! Maybe make there also be an aspect of the weight that makes flying harder since you are heavier?

maybe though I doubt I would use that mod personaly. not a big fan of the “weight is negative” play affect. having some pros and cons sure. just not one for only negative

Thats true, theres the obvious “you are fatter so therefore have more health” thingy. Maybe also less knock back from enemy things?

maybe a melee sheild at a weight? from like the blubber prventing the attack from affecting you

Oh you can kick in noita, make that do more damage since theres more weight behind the attack