Noita mod?

Has anyone tried to make a mod for this game?

I tried messing with it. But at the time, documentation was really sparse

Making your own sprites is doable, but the sprites have pixel precise collisions. Making a thick character and/or making them detailed would invariably raise the difficulty.

I looked into it and the documentation seem pretty good and with time it will probably be a lot better considering how many mods there already are for the game

I can think of two concepts if you don’t mind a non programmer sharing

1st question… The hell is Noita?

Well then.

My own thoughts on the game mod was a wizard that can fatten the enemies till they pop with in reason (some can’t fatten) or a wizard that gains size and a spell that turns killed enemies in to a food option. Bigger size could mean more health but lower speed. more magic too could even have perks like Armor that at set sizes reduces damage. and others that negate some of the risks