Online Weight Gain Games

GOOD EVENING! I’m just looking for any weight games that I can play on my browser without downloading them,since I’m stuck using a Chromebook. I’ll take essentially anything,preferably anything with burps.

I don’t know if you know Fatty Text Adventure Game, it’s an rpg and then there’s The Curse Of Something the 2 games are in itch io

@hisano-x and I have a demo for Comfy Campanion 2.0 demo ! Though the first game, Comfy Companion , unfortunately is a download. You don’t have to play it to play mine, just fills in some lore gaps if nothing else.

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If you like burps, here’s my collection of some cool games. Not all of them are in-browser but a good handful are and itch easily tells you which.

Any twine-based game should work with a chromebook (afaik), thanks to the power of html.