"P-O-I" by Fallboy

Fallboy released a prototype of sorts of their new game. Seems to be SCP inspired, and it carries a darker tone compared to Feeder Fantasy. Here’s the PIXIV link:

And the MEGA Link is here:


it isn’t fully ready, it need update to complete.

It’s a quick little romp, but enjoyable. I think some of the events are not keyed correctly, though?

huh, i actually quite enjoy the concept of a fatty SCP sort of setting. too bad idk a lick of japanese : P

Tried putting it through Translator++, but the text is far too much for the boxes, and I don’t know how to get it to wrap around yet.

If you have RPG Maker MV, you can create a new project and move everything into it to edit the file directly. If I get a free chance, I’ll try to wiggle the textboxes around.

Here’s a machine translated, wrapped patch I made, it’s not that good but it should do the trick.
I don’t know if it’ll work properly on other PCs but I think there shouldn’t be any problems.
data.zip (2.5 MB)
Replace the data folder inside “www” with this one.


when i start a new game it says failed to load img, any ideas?


There’s some descriptions but this is mostly a concept rather than a full game just yet.

Same. I checked the img folder and it looks like some of the files need renamed, they’re garbage characters instead of the Japanese characters.

@omegaseph @chiefrett sjiunzip or setting your locale to japanese and then unzipping again should help. there’s a pretty helpful thread that got posted just yesterday about how to play these japanese games with translation (albeit a little wonky since it’s automated) and without breaking anything.


So far, this is much more to my tastes than Fantasy Feeder is. I personally enjoy this more, especially the scenario behind it all. It’s a great proof of concept and I can’t wait to see what happens with it.
On a side note, I just ate well over 100 of those grains expecting something to happen lol
Should’ve expected as such, but I had to try anyway.


yeah i can’t load it either say’s it fails to load the character file or somethingFAIL

I think it’s supposed to be set to weight, I changed the variable to the gold value, and it seems to be working better that way.

for now, it only have “burger vander”, “don’t feed slime”, “POI-137’s Question” and “forever feast” 4 bad end.

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Gotta say, I enjoy this one quite a bit, even though there isn’t much to do yet! I’ll be looking forward to any devleopments that might come.
I’d offer to make a translation, but I gotta admit that japanese isn’t really my specialty, so yeah.

Finally got around to giving it a go with Lihthia’s translation above and it has a pretty solid foundation so far. It definitely feels like a weight gain experimentation laboratory. My only real complaint is that the alarm constantly playing over and over until you restore power is pretty grating on the ears and that led me to be less interested with reading the lore until after I discovered how to return on the power and given… much of the current build takes place prior to starting up the power it’s unfortunate. That aside, it has a really great frame work to work off of and knowing Fallboy’s ability to make games like the solid Feeder Fantasy, I’m sure this’ll be great too. Hopefully we’ll have a solid translation as well so us English players will enjoy the full experience.


i get this or its japanese can anyone help me?


When i try to start the game this appears.Please help.

Did you extract the file using Japanese Locale?
If you didn’t, it can warp some of the file names so it won’t load them correctly.