Paladin Princess - An Inflation/WG focused RPG - Patreon Launch Announcement

Well now I am lacking to find the 8th piece any advice?

Search anywhere you might expect to find food for starters.
Won’t be outside the city so you won’t have to go too far.

I am pretty sure I looked everywhere. I have no idea where the last piece might be.

How do you play it. I just want to know.

Tried exploring and interacting with whatever npcs you can find yet? May have to grind mobs to deal with a boss or 2

That’s not what I meant can’t get onto the game. But thank you very much.

Can you tell us what is the error or problem when trying to launch the game? The dev can fix it or provide directions as to how to address it

I’m sorry again. But I ment to where do I get onto the game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s in the first post use the download links.

Thank you for the information. This information will be very helpful for any problems I encounter. But again sorry for any inconvenience.

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Greetings everyone. This will be a bit different of an announcement. After giving much thought as to how I would run it, I have finally set up a Pateron page. I understand this may not be the new update you’ve been waiting for (will be released later this year), and you may have your questions as to what’s going to change going forward. Below, I will address your potential questions in a thorough and concise manner.

  • Why? - I believe a Patreon would be appropriate for those who wish to support me as an artist, for those who believe the work I put into making games deserves monetary compensation.

  • What are the benefits to joining the Patreon? - Subscribers will be granted special roles on the Paladin Princess discord server, allowing them to download monthly incremental test builds of the game.

  • What can I expect in these test builds? - The experimental test builds contain all the work I have done up until that point. Expect them to be buggy, unoptimized, and prone to ending suddenly. Minor bugs will be worked out for the next month’s build, and any game-breaking bugs of softlocks will be addressed in a hotfix during the month.

  • What does this mean for non-subscribers? - Nothing will change for non-subscribers. There will continue to be yearly free releases of the most polished and up-to-date build of the game. I will also keep a backup of the free version to update with hotfixes when bugs are found. Subscribers during the month of free releases will receive a beta build two weeks early.

  • I don’t have a discord account. How do I access the test builds? - Message me directly on Patreon and I will give you a link. Replies may take up to a day or more to go out depending on when they are sent.

The amount of content added in the first test build will not be indicative of the amount of content added into later test builds. This version is a compilation of five months work as opposed to the 1 month of work per build going forward.

Without further ado, here is the Patreon link: mgx5 | Creating NSFW Games

And for those who aren’t on the discord yet, here’s a link to that:


Ya. Me too any advice players?

Eeh, just asking. How is there a Pregnancy tag and content but no d*** content?
Jus’ curious, that is all. :no_mouth:

Pregnant characters will already have been impregnanted by the time the character meets them. When I stated there won’t be any dicks, I was referring visual-wise. There’s lots of implied dickery, but you just won’t see any on-screen. It’s a personal preference.


Ok, got it. But there will be sex, still?
Is it like a lesbian oriented game then?
Just to make sure. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Yes, there is sex and it is all lesbian oriented.


Thanks for the info.

The latest update is only until Cherry? It was a nice sequence of events, even though I wished to continue until she popped Lmao.

i think that this game would benefit from a gallery menu to see the cgs that youve unlocked, although im no game dev so i dont know how hard that would be to implement


A scene viewer will be added in the next public release version. I’m planning on going over the top with it, so implementation will be more time-consuming than anything.