Paraspirits: An RPG Concept Based Around Using Weight as an MP Resource

While I’m currently in the midst of helping with a major translation project, I keep having ideas for potential games made with MV/MZ (I’ve got all RPG makers for TL purposes).

I’d like to test the waters with this concept and maybe get some feedback on what sounds most interesting. This will either have a female protagonist (who will stay slender) or offer gender choice, not sure at the moment. One of the things that I want to avoid in my games is fat women that fight; I’ve always found it too illogical for me for several reasons.

“Paraspirit Fhalma”
The world was devastated by humans everywhere transforming into abominations as if some sort of occult virus was striking the world, but the worst was yet to follow. Beautiful, inhuman in personality yet of human ideals in appearance, the “Angels” came from another world to slaughter humanity, dubbing it infected. The protagonist is one of the few humans who has survived several years since the disaster began, neither becoming a monster nor succumbing to the Angels’ devastating weapons. One day while scavenging for supplies, they meet a pair of female Angels, and realize that there is no escape.

…until they find themselves possessed by Fhalma, an ancient being of the transformative race of psychic parasites she introduces as Paraspirits. Fhalma herself is bored of preying on sentient minds, and instead offers the protagonist a deal: cooperation in exchange for the Angels’ weakness. This, of course, turns out to be that an intense desire for good food was put into them as a sort of back-door for their creators to easily control them. By offering to cook the Angels something before they kill her, the protagonist is able to convince both of them to spare her life and one of them decides to stay with her.

Fhalma was counting on this, and explains her particular Paraspirit ability to the protagonist: she is able to tap into living things and manifest their stored energy as representations of their wills and personalities.

In other words, feed your Angel(s), use their Spirits (party members that use their mass as grams to represent MP) to fight Paraspirits and Angels alongside the protagonist as well as hunt for food in other parallel worlds, and build a big, well-fed harem. An important balance will be in gathering food materials and using each Angel an equal amount, since they’ll be limited by both their appetite capacity and how much you can afford to feed them.

Let me know what you think. The setting was partially inspired by the Lilith work “Sion: Cruel Magical Angel,” quite possibly my favorite VN (except for the endings).
If this project gets off the ground, expect fat ladies in tight-suits that leave nothing to the imagination.


Play vale city (the first game) if you have not yet. It explores both the strengths and pitfalls of your idea, while also possibly giving you a framework to work with.


When you say the first game, do you mean Vale-City-Game by Narukami92
or another one? This is the 3.30 version but I did see mention of earlier versions, so I was wondering if you were referring to a difference between them.

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I believe they mean to play Vale City and not Vale City Arcade. The different versions of Vale City would of just been that there were three major content releases 1.0, 2.0 and then 3.0 (of course with those having patches and bug fixes inbetween). And Arcade is really just a game set within the same universe that shares some of the ideas and characters and as Vale City.