Vale City Arcade

Vale-City-Arcade by Narukami92 (

This was created by Narukami92 and Vale-City on Deviantart.


Oh I completely forgot this game was being made. So glad to hear that a version of it is out.I hope this kinda fixes a few of the problems I had with the previous game.

I think it’s the same game, but he took the story bits out to just focus on the combat and character designs. If that sounds up your alley, go for it.

Combat was kind of my entire problem with Vale City, so I’m probably gonna pass.


tossed around a bit with it, and yea its basically the battle system only with new bodies.
some changes are how items can be stacked to 999, almost everything is available from the start, and obviously, new characters.

currently if you wanna just fuck about id recommend just gettin a fuck ton o cash from an editor and buyin everything.

He’s banned cheating so if you try an editor, it’ll crash the game.

i mean i used the online one just to add cash and its workin fine for me.

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After wading through way too much front-loaded information, I thought I could learn as I play and dived on in. Had my arse handed to me in the first fight - a long and tortuous battle where I just ran out of food so couldn’t do anything. That your opponents can just revive themselves as well felt like a piss-take.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who can really appreciate the battle system and understand its nuance to its fullest effects, but with a bloated list of food items, stats and skills, plus an avalanche of accessories and items with only a pittance of starting funds with which to blow it on, I just don’t have the patience for this. Whilst I’m not necessarily one for hand holding, the opposite end of the spectrum is presented here with tossing the player into the thick of it with no direction.

Which is a shame as it gets top marks from me for visual presentation, although maybe not for UI presentation. The battle interface is all over the place with the most critical menu tucked into a corner

I feel there’s a lot more refinement to be had in the battle system and the flow of gameplay as it feels like there’s unnecessarily high barrier of entry for starting players.


wich one? I use the online “” when i change the money and i load the save it’s back to zero.

Where would one find said saves? I’m planning on changing PCs at some point.

From what I gather the game pretty much assumes the player has already gone through Vale-City 1-3.0 and kind of just throws you into the thick of it. Even then, you aren’t really given a clear direction and kind of have to figure everything out through trial and error. If you are a fan of games like Shin Megami Tensei III then this might be right down your alley, but if you’re like me who just wants to appreciate the story and artwork (which the game has a lot of the latter, unsurprisingly) then you might find it a bit frustrating to play.

Personally, the combat feels a lot less forgiving than Vale-City, with enemies seeming to always have more food on hand than you, so it just feels like a neverending battle of attrition until you finally run out of resources and subsequently squad wiped. I’d say if you aren’t willing to learn the quirks of every character and item then you might wanna give this game a skip for the time being.


yea thats the one i used.

odd that it didnt work for you though.

Okay so after a few attempts I finally finished the first battle …. Which took nearly forever. Not sure if that was a problem on my part. But man was it annoying when you think you’re about to beat them and they just regain all their life points .

And for some first thoughts: It’s…ehh. The art is great but there’s a few other things that sorta turn my enjoyment down a bit. Maybe that will change with some more playthrough time so this may become outdated sooner or later.

Could you upload your save with the extra money added? I’m also getting 0 gold when trying to add money

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I’m intresting also a start save with extra money, i really don’t understand why is not work us…mabye is version i play with the 1.07

It’d be funny if the 1.06 to 1.07 change was implementing anti-cheat measures. I can’t find patch notes or any sort of changelog otherwise, so for all I know this might have happened.

I likewise don’t have the patience to figure out the first fight, and when I went through the game files to snipe the art, apparently the dev put all the important art in Actor Sheets which are a major pain to browse in an image viewer. I don’t have the patience to crop them all one-by-one, so this game is a bust for me.

(btw, I never even ran into the enemy self-reviving because they’re meatshields that I can’t kill but one-shot my units. I’m probably very bad or something.)

I’m trying to remember…there’s some way to alter the code in the files to do stuff like making food free without it triggering the crash. It’s not too difficult but I have forgotten how. I like Vale City and their works but I can’t believe they made a single-player game so restricted when it comes to cheating.

I tried to mod the save but I download V 1.07 and that broke the game so I thought I would mod the prices of the food to zero and that also kill my game, I got to hand it to them this is a Hard game to cheat in and that good and bad thing.

Cash is stored as three variables changing 1 or 2 will set gold to 0 or crash the game. Changing all 3 identically works as a cheat.

so, yes, I cheated in 1.07.

best way to do what I suggest? Buy an item that leaves you with an odd amount of money so like say buy an apple to be at 288 gold. Then use a save editor online the decodes to json, open the json in windows notepad, search for 288, change it to something like 988 (all three instances) then use the save editor to encode, then overwrite the one and only save file that game allows. bingo. works.

at least in 1.07. I haven’t tried it in 1.08 yet.


Found a mod online for version 1.08 to add all the food items to your inventory and give you the maximum gold value. You just have to use this file to replace Map011.json in the data folder and start a new game. Tested it through the first battle and seems to work okay, but keep the original file somewhere safe in case there are any hidden bugs or traps.

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For what it’s worth, aspiring game devs out there, if the feedback on your game sounds like this thread then you dun fucked up. Cheats and unlocking content is one thing, but when people go out of their way to avoid actually playing your game? It’s remarkable that the Dev nor anyone supporting them don’t see this as a problem, beyond the “issue” of cheat-prevention.

The takeaway from this? Don’t let your ego blind you from the questionable design choices you are inevitably going to make on your game development journey. Own, learn and grow from those mistakes, as bitter a pill as it may be at times. Failure to do so leads to things like this.