Personal Question: Careers?

I am curious how much diversity we have in this community in terms of career fields and occupations. I would usually volunteer to share first, but I will have to pass on this one; I will be graduating from college this summer (no job lined up yet). My impression has been that a significant portion of this community is in a tech-related field, but that might just be because I think most people on this forum are more tech-savvy than me. Please indulge me.

I work primarily as a senior developer at a research hospital, and then do consulting work for another. Technically I also work with grotlover2 on this community project, but he does pretty much all of the heavy lifting right now. I intend to shift my consulting LLC over to investing over the next year or so as my contracts end.

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I studied programming at university, but only ever had one (short-lived) job as a programmer. Partly due to recession, partly due to the languages I was taught being hopelessly outdated. I had a few dead end jobs after that, then purely by chance landed a job as a graphic designer and have been doing that ever since. Well, that and The Weighting Game, of course. Some might say that’s more important than my real-life job :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I guess that makes me kind of techy

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I am on the verge of graduating university as a game designer, I am not bothering looking for jobs due to how difficult the market is atm. Instead I will use the opportunity to simply make more games to get better at my craft. I should hopefully be skilled enough to release games that will make me a little money until I can either find a job or found my own studio. I have a few talented people who are eager to work with me which is exciting on the indie front :smiley: — Of course it goes without saying that once I am free of my university constraints I will want to make games for this community too!

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I’ve been a supervisor in a production facility for the better part of a decade now, so it doesn’t really involve anything primarily tech-related. The idea of knowing how to program has always been appealing, but I never had anything specific I wanted to make in order to learn. The projects here have been great motivation to try again at learning.

I work part time at a library organizing books while attending university. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing after I graduate lol

Fuel truck driver

(and to make twenty characters, here’s this)

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I am a Mechanical Design Engineer, specializing in CAD 3D modeling related to mechanical engineering.

I graduated with an Associates in Computer Aided Design and Technology (quite a mouthful, I know), and am working on my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, but my school is closing down (Baker College in Michigan) so I am debating whether on truly finishing my degree because I have already been working as a MDE for over 6 years and am learning more on the job than at college. I have an open mind to learning so the tech-side of me would be the 3D modeling and self-teaching Twine2.0. I also love to create things, so there’s that, too.

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Graphic designer and screenwriter. Sold three short film scripts, one’s in “cold storage”, another got shot in the leg after the director and the exec beefed hard, and the last one is currently in production.
Not quite careers, but I have also done some VO work, and stand-up exactly twice. I tried to leverage my VO knowledge into a career in acting, but I guess nobody was interested on the guy that looks like the inbred swamp-baby of Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp.

So yeah, pretty funky overall.

I am currently in the Army


Looks like my intuition was largely correct, then. Technology or the arts, it appears. A shame I am not very proficient at either. Thank you all for sharing!

What subject are you studying?

Thank you for your service, and welcome to the community, it seems.

I’m a History major and Political Science minor, although I’ve also studied film

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Hooray for Political Science!

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I work at a store and my job is to work at the garden shop,toys.sporting goods and electronics areas of the store I wear WAAAAAYYY to many hats.

I’m in collage to be a programmer/game developer hopefully I will be able to work for myself I just need to master Getting over procrastination. Or doing it to where I can still get the job done on time and with quality.

I’m a part-time retail worker, in a pharmacy chain. Just basic-level stuff. I aspire to be a psychologist. In my spare time, aside from this site and my gaming habit, I tend to try my hand at amateur writing. Nothing spectacular, but hopefully something that can be shared with other like-minded people.

My experience with technology is limited to playing on computers, games consoles, etc., and breaking all of the above. I’ve smashed more toys than I had any right to in my time…Not proud of it, either.

I’d love to contribute to any story/character elements, if anyone’s interested. Outside of that, I’m kinda useless. Not great at coming up with names, either-kind of an Achilles Heel of mine (I do get it eventually, it just takes forever!)

I am land surveyor.
I master measuring tools and in office I use assisted drawing software.

Quite the resume you have there!

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I’m a mechanical engineer primarily doing HVAC design.

About the same as @kilif though I work more as an application developer and now handle business intelligence as well.

Education wise I have degrees in both Computer Science and Software Engineering with a minor in mathematics but self taught myself most of my practical knowledge when it comes to programming.

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