[PlushieParsnips's Pandaemonium Project!!] -- Pre-Alpha 1 Release

In a land much alike but very different from our own, there lived a goddess, a tower, many creatures dedicated to the goddess, and those who know too much about all of them…

This is the story of those who dared seek to sate their insatiable stomach for knowledge, souls, and food…

:smiling_imp:PANDAEMONIUM PROJECT!! :smiling_imp:


Pandaemonium Project!! will be/is a comedic RPGMaker MZ Dungeon Crawler focused on a wide variety of hungry fiends that scour both the lovely Purelands and the disastrous Lowly Realm in the names of the many entities, both of this world and from parts beyond. You control 5 main heroines, each with their own inner-and-outer demons that all are hungry for snack time.

You’ll manage your team within the halls of Pandaemonium, a floating castle that acts as both a prison and a school for those that are declared demons. You get your missions, take some classes, and learn about the world and what even is a demon in a world filled with humans, angels, zodiacs, dragons, megami, and full-blown Nightmares from beyond the stars. You may even get close to your fellow school/inmates, learn secrets about them and their demons, and get a very intimate look at their growing personalities~.

Or just eat 'em! They won’t mind too much, they will be back right in the morning!

Introductions & Inspirations

I’m PlusParsnips, currently trying to do a bit of rebrand to Plushie~. I am a degenerate creator with an unhealthy fascination with the occult and my own eccletic array of kinks. I’m hoping with Pandaemonium Project!!, I can introduce people to either my lovely Magical Realm or parts of themselves they never knew was a part of themselves. I’m not too worked up on gathering assistance with this title, but all support will be welcomed.

I also write, which I hope you all can enjoy~.
Please check out my stories from here:
DeviantArt: PlusParsnips - Hobbyist, Writer | DeviantArt
Archive Of Our Own: PlusParsnips | Archive of Our Own

Pandaemonium Project!! has a lot of inspirations behind the wheel of its development. For a small sampling of the ideas that is going into this project…:

  • Shanghai Alice’s Touhou Project
  • Nippon Ichi Software’s Disgaea
  • Square Enix’s SaGa
  • SEGA-ATLUS’s Etrian Odyssey
  • SEGA-ATLUS’s 7th Dragon
  • Nintendo’s Fire Emblem
  • Nexon’s Blue Archive
  • HLF’s Magical Camp
  • WaxeRed’s Apostles
  • 6Six6’s Between
  • Icarue’s Rebirth of Eden
  • 6Six6 & Icarue’s Oathbreakers (I’m helping on that project~!)
  • Xeylef’s To Love a Googirl
  • Massmaniac’s The Last of the Kitsune
  • Fenoxo’s Corruption of Champions II
  • Round’s Roundbound
  • History Dawns Anew’s Lysthiea’s Sweet Escapades
  • FCAuthor + /hgg/'s Free Cities + Pregmod
  • Zenthick’s Apocalypse XL
  • SeaBea’s/ForOtherPurposes’s EVORIA
  • Novin’s Afterlife

Please check them out when you have the time.

Content Warnings!

Pandaemonium Project!! is a lewd game filled with horny, spoiled, gross, delinquent girls…and that’s not even getting started on the demons! Content in this game will be vile to most people and erotic to those that wish to be much more involved, enough for this to have an X-rating. Viewer discretion is highly advised. Content that is planned or is currently debated including for the near and far future includes:

  • Female-on-Female
  • Female-on-Hermaphrodite
  • BDSM/Bondage
  • Expansion
  • Adult Baby/Diaper Lover
  • Furry/Kemonomimi
  • Vore (Soft/Medium/Hard Variations)
  • Oral Vore/Anal Vore
  • Slob
  • Mini-Giantess
  • Shrinking
  • Pregnancy/Hyper-Pregnancy
  • Health Issues
  • Stuffing
  • Feeding/Force-Feeding
  • Weight Gain
  • Transformation Fetish
  • Transgender Fetish
  • Recreational Drug Use
  • Dubious/Nonconsensual Relations

If any of this content may offend or disturb you, I will recommend skipping this title and any future updates to it.

Pre-Alpha Release 1: It Feels Like Nothin’ At All! Nothin’ At All!
This release contains very little of any planned content, either story or fetish wise. This is mainly a technical showcase of sorts of various movement, visual, and combat plugins that is expected to be within the full game. Players will get a short introduction before entering a simple dungeon filled with treasure and enemies. Simply navigate around and open chests, and then feel free to write about how movement, UI navigation, and combat feels. Feedback is incredibly important for the future continuation and production of this title. I will highly appreciate all kinds of words, both positive and negative, for this release.

You may download the pre-alpha [v.1.1 Hotfixed] and test out the various systems below:
MEGA: File on MEGA
Google Drive: Pandaemonium Project!! pre-Alpha 1.1.7z - Google Drive

ALL content is subject to be changed, from names, UI, and systems. Saving is not recommended as nothing is expected to be retained by Pre-Release 2.

Known Issues

Text is slower than it should be, even with Instant Speed turned on. Future testing will be needed to resolve this issue.
Items may bounce into out-of-bounds area. Clicking them directly will pick them up.
The Eat animation looks strange when done when the user has a full mouth. This is subject to be replaced, given it is my first experience making a custom animation via Effekseer and VisuStella Action Sequences.
The Relations tab does not work. It does, nothing just adds Relationship Points at the moment, so it is just taking space.
There are more plugins within the JS folder than is currently being used. Do not be alarmed.
There’s no fat or vore sprites in the game. I am a programmer first, artist second, I rather deal with programmer critique before art one…

Thank you for your time~! See you there!




Pre-Release 1.1 [09/5/2022]
– Addressed loading times by updating NWJS.exe. Should make it load somewhat faster.
– Being Eaten no longer lets you Eat as well.
– All girls now have access to Eat command.
– Inn stage has jump points adjusted.
Pre-Release 1 – It’s Like Nothin’ At All! Nothin’ At All! [09/4/2022]

Progress Reports!


wait so, what do you mean by medium vore

Hard vore without the killing? Something like “yo, can I have your arm?” “Sure, I’m not usin’ it.”
…Everything is subject to change…

You may want to tweak a bit the jumping mechanic, I learned how to exploit it to jump on top of walls:

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The wood pillars I can’t jump to from the ground:


But the light walls I can:

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One question I have in regards to the planned kinks, will there be an option to opt out of some of the kinks or will they all be base standard?


Lol, knew I forgot something…
The little inn stage wasn’t much on a priority in regards to jumping about, but forgot to cover its gaps. Will cover that.

I’m planning to have it be base standard. I want to focus on getting the content right before I worry about how to filter so much down…

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not going lie i thought it be the characters eat the monsters

You can!
The girls should all have the Eat spell on them for you to try it out.
If not, please let me know.

sounds like endo to me still, and tbh that does sound funny if the main character was like a human and her partner was a zombie that gets around eating the other. Like the zombie eats the human to get through zombie environments and the human eats the zombie to keep around human settlements. A puzzle idea for that would be the human in jail with the zombie in their tummy spits up a zombie’s hand and pulls a “Thing” Addams to get the jail cell key that’s in the office spaces above.

Sorry just hearing the idea of how you would have “Medium” vore work got something in my head going.

That’s very much what I had in mind~!
When you have regeneration/reincarnation on standby, you might as well use it and keep your stomach full!

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A very “undead and unluck” feeling to vore and I like that manga a lot! so I’ll look forward to this!

Edit: Also, another reason I’m looking forward to this is to see how someone does vore in MZ too since I’m learning that engine as well.

If you like to replicate the vore system I use, you can download and utilize this plugin~! It will take some intermediate knowledge of MZ to use but following the directions should let you run everything.
Vore DBS MV and MZ Plugins by polyedit2000 (itch.io)
I also quite enjoy Undead Unluck. Has its flaws with its absurd pacing and too many characters, but it’s definitely wild fun all around, can’t wait for the anime!

Also make sure you use the additional code I illustrated in the comment section of that Itch.io page, if you are using the Advanced MZ version!

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It’s not pertaining to the game, but may I ask for a link to your pfp? I really like momiji, so I’d very appreciate getting the full picture.

From my testing before exiting out, it is weird that I can’t struggle but can attempt to devour from within the “orc” in the game. No skill set for the non-magic users to use devour either which confuse me for a second. Also going for the bravery default style of combat is a nice touch btw. Another thing I realize is that the FPS is very unstable right now due to loads of plug-ins doing animations probably cause going from 50 to 30 rapidly due to dust pickup sucks a lot.

サチト on Twitter: “もみじのおなかエロ消化 http://t.co/PghlhJVueA” / Twitter
Thank you, Himazin.

I’ll look into preloading and performance. I will note it can be a little intensive compared to most other projects around here thanks to MZ’s higher requirements and a lot going on, but I’ll work on getting the game to a more stable state as we move forward.

Also I’m…surprised I never consider that there’s nothing that stops you from devourign from the inside out, whoopsie~! This is why I need the additional feedback, easy for me to miss out on obvious stuff as I try to work on balancing all these plates. Thanks for the heads up!

NINJA EDIT: So I actually DID cover that, the girls even have way longer spell lists.
My mistake was that I uploaded the wrong version, the one I didn’t cover this base.
Whelp, nothing like fucking up initial release candidates to feel like a real dev!
I’ll get to posting a v.0012 later today…

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Added a v.1.1 update to quickly address some loading and eating complaints.


The game randomly slowed down for me when moving around the overworld. The character’s just didn’t move as fast, and I’m not quite sure why. Using the escape command takes a while as well. It will pause at the text box, but you know whether or not you escape because the music will change before the action is completed. I also have to mention that the random encounter rate was unbearable. This is definitely an interesting and ambitious game, and I wish the best for you, but there needs to be less encounters.

When you say there will be furry/Kemonomimi content, does that mean it will only contain Kemonomimi and just uses furry as a tag?