plz translate this game

can some this game Fallboy - pixiv ok it well be cool if some do it.

Welcome @Trash_Boat to the site. This game has already been translated. There has been machine translation and people doing a full translations and mods.The original thread for it is here.

There is also a mod version that has a full English translation with the MC being changed to female and some other content added you can check the change log drop down on the first post to see what was added over the orginal version.


yea but that a old ver the one i talking about is ver5.0 that ver need to be translate.

5.0 was translated with the moded version as 5.0 came out august 31st 2021.

I know Fallboy was supposed to release a new version at the end of December (presumably 6.0) but I hadn’t seen anything come out yet (although I might of missed it). Your link however is for the 5.0 version which has already been translated.

EDIT: I had double checked their Twitter and the game update did not come out as planned. There were a few posts about it.


I’m going to lock this thread. There are already threads about the game in question as @Krodmandoon kindly pointed out. There is no real discussion to be had beyond that, so really this is just spam.