prefered complexity?

so I want to ask. how complex of a game do people want when going for a fetish?
do you want the barest hint of a game, a simple game or more like me for a proper game to be involved

to better clarify. lets go with a meal Analogy. do you want a short dessert of a pure fetish game. its short sweet but unlikely to have much beyond that. or a meal like lets say a glazed ham the sugar of the fetish is still a key part but know it has actual substance to it from the meat. it takes longer to make and eat though. or finally would you want a steak with a side of a sugary glaze you can add when you wish either using all of it up to ignoring it completely and focusing on the meal itself. of course these kinds of meal take work and are thus rare to have

Depends a bit on the game.

If it’s mostly about a story with lots of visual/written feedback, such as a visual novel, then the gameplay can obviously take a step back in favour of good writing and artwork. However additional depth with choices changing outcomes, money system and the like is of course welcome!

For more involved genres such as RPG’s, simulators, strategy and such, then I’m a sucker for lots of small details and depth! It is important though that the various systems actually work with eachother, so it’s not just padded content to make it look deeper than it actually is, and there should be proper documentation for the mechanics so you don’t leave the player confused.


I can’t speak for everyone, but I tend to prefer simpler games that aren’t too complex.

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I like complex games, they make it easy for me to immerse myself into the fantasy with the myriad of options they provide. Stuff like Boundless would easily be the best WG games if they were ever completed.

But, I understand that larger games are beyond the scope of humble programmers trying to make free shit for us. I just appreciate the opportunity to download something new these days.

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I recently played a game with a puzzle that just walled me, so I prefer games with easy puzzle-solving, but otherwise-rewarding challenges. Whichever mechanic is most central to the gameplay, otherwise, is most important in my opinion. Complexity should really be up to the dev…

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I could have worded my question better. I ment to ask “do you guys prefer games/stories that have actual plot and the like or just a simple game/story all about the fetish” with me prefer games or stories that are more about the game/plot itself with the fetish being a part of it

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I do believe that there are a lot of people here that would like a “proper” game with WG content in it. in the survey I did the question about preferred game depth people generally said they preferred a game to be deep and where neutral-ish on games with little depth. though it is “fashionable” to say that you like your games deep so there might be a difference between stated preference and revealed preference.

I personally would like there to be some more complexity in the games here. in some games I basically skip the game part to get to the fetish stuff which defeats the purpose of making it a the game in the first place.

we probably won’t see many complex games until someone can work on these types of games full time. but when someone manages to do it there could be more people that are willing to try to make WG games full time.


Oooh I gotcha, well in that case I’d say that I like a nice balance of plot/gameplay vs straight up fetish material, and make sure the pacing between the two is on point so one doesn’t overshadow the other.

But again this could depend on what type of game/story it is. If it’s a short experience I think it’s fine to be 90% fetish fuel, but if it’s a longer game/story I want there to be more to it than just that.


Plot, story, and characters are the big three for me. I love my fetish material to have a purpose and a point to it, not merely an existence for its own sake. The reason the character(s) in a game get fat, remain fat, and get fatter, is something I consider genuinely important.

Of course, as stated above, this is not something that is possible in the bulk of fetish games like these. Most of them are very short, so they have to get to the crux of the argument quickly. It is a shame, really. I love an ultra in-depth RPG, but one for WG content doesn’t really seem to exist.



I think a very important factor is that the player should be able to play the game with one hand.

For obvious reasons.

Otherwise, the game needs to be complex enough where it isn’t brainless and is more than a “push button to gain weight.” If the developer can’t make it more complicated than that, they need to focus on art/story material.


Personally, I’m just in it for the fetish material. There could be a story, or not, I’m not going to whine if there is. I just don’t want to have to slog through paragraphs of text to get to what I’m looking for.

I prefer stories/games with a plot so long as the plot is centered around fetish content.

I think the games on the site here do a good job of that. On other sites, I have read some stories where they just never get to the point.

I think games can have a similar problem if the main gameplay loop is too grindy and has nothing to do with the fetish.

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My mood varies, but I tend to prefer games that have some plot to them, though there are times when just fetish works. I prefer games where there’s a sense of agency; the choices I make will matter and this usually comes from having a more complex world, though done well just a few variables can be used to achieve this.

What I am not overly keen on is difficulty; either because I’ve no idea what to do, or because I know what to do but cannot achieve it. I want to enjoy a game, not be frustrated by it.


This is one I’ve thought about a good long while about. The natural response for most people is that yes, they want a more complex game because that means better, right? Putting aside that larger debate, in relation to weight gain based fetish games I think I have my answer more or less figured out. The complexity should come from two places, the gameplay itself, and from the description of the events happening. I think that the thing that tends to kill the mood for me in most material is that in the creator’s need to make something as involved as Death Note, but ya know…with weight gain, they forget that it might be too involved for someone who quite frankly we know is just looking to want off. Now of course I’m not saying the story of our media should be simple and easy to digest, but the focus needs to be maintained on the subject and not how many storylines they can balance. I’ve seen way too many times stories that make very hard to establish exactly what the end goal is, who’s gaining weight, why, how all being wrapped up in an overly convoluted narrative. I believe having a larger world with well motivated characters is always a great thing to strive for, but in this context can be achieved by much simpler means. Go ahead and create your world and your characters, but keep it to yourself, or so to say only give the information naturally. Anything the player doesn’t need to know should be kept secret unless you believe it would be a good, natural moment for the information to be delivered. This can help keep the focus on what people come for. Of course this can still vary based on what kind of game your making, like a noir mystery, but you know…with weight gain.

Obviously, this is my opinion, so feel free to tell how worng and terrible I am.


Yeah this is overlooked way too much and people get way too ambitious thinking a majority will care about the boring story, over complicated game mechanics, or bad controls. I’ve played like 3 fetish games with great stories or in depth moves, but those are so well polished and rare, and even those thought of the 1-hand rule.

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Oh, that clarifies it. I’m usually more of a plot-centric guy. I do like the occasional fetish game, but that’s not really my typical fcus.

A couple of points: If, by your Death Note reference, you mean it should have ended after the Event Horizon of the first part, and there just shouldn’t have been anything else, I agree wholeheartedly. Would’ve been better to leave well enough alone. Also, I don’t know if it was intentional, but the subject of the media being “simple and easy to digest” is one of the greatest puns I’ve ever read. Finally: Your opinion is valid. Regardless of whether I interpreted it correctly or not, I don’t think it would be right for someone to tear you down if they disagreed in the slightest! It’s just bad manners and a poor showing overall.

I think what you said makes for pretty great writing advice in general. Don’t shove unnecessary detail down the players throat, let them find it organically if at all.

I really appreciate the kind thoughts friend, but I’m just joking. Whenever I write long comments like that I want to make sure people get that I’m just saying my piece and that by no means shout I be taken seriously, people get very easily defensive.

Could you swallow it if I said the pun was unintentional?

And…yes? I was more referring to how regardless of if you considered it good or bad, Death Note was an exceptionally intricate and interweaving story and too many people try to replicate that level of nuance in their story and often make a mess of it.

Thank you, writing is a skill I strive for, and have learned that the same general rules don’t always apply to everything.