Project Realism v0.2.2 - an open world experience

Project Realism is an adult relationship simulator with heavily emphasized transformation fetishes.
An open world text adventure that utilizes visual novel aspects to tell its story. Using 3D shots and visuals, while also portraying additional side characters with AI.

Main fetishes:

  • Breast expansion*
  • Ass expansion*
  • Weight gain*
  • Pregnancy*
  • Giantess

Additional side fetishes:

  • Bimbo
  • Vore
  • Blueberry inflation
  • Muscle expansion

(* with optional hyper content)
If any of these aren’t your thing, most of them are able to be turned on/off.

What makes it unique?

  • Open world (using a 2D tile map)
  • Combines storytelling you mostly see in HTML-based games with visual novel aspects
  • Stunning imagery, with quality over quantity in mind
  • A choice map representing your story progress & possibilities
  • Realistic text messaging system
  • Appealing and user friendly UI
  • Inventory system
  • To-do system, guiding you through the world

The introduction features dark themes, for those who would like to know beforehand:
(SPOILERS) Contains drugs, kidnapping, forced body modification.

Itch: Project Realism by Mecha
Discord: Discord
Patreon: Patreon

0.2 Release (NEW)


While the introduction is the same, Nylah’s scene is now fully fleshed out, including:

  • Final breast expansion image
  • Final ass expansion image
  • Weight gain path
  • Giantess path
  • Pregnancy path
  • Blueberry inflation path
  • Hourglass
  • Nipple expansion
  • Bimbo
  • Muscle expansion
  • Vore
  • (+ a little extra for those who like hyper weight gain)

On top of this, the general story has been extended. This includes added story for Renée, Jade & Nylah.

The base of the world has also been created, adding two districts that you can explore. Do keep in mind, it will still feel relatively empty as it was simply too much work. That’s not to say that there aren’t any activities for you to find!


This isn’t the main selling point, but it feels good listing all of these!

  • Improved UI
  • Improved settings
  • Developer menu
  • Save/load menu
  • Event viewer
  • World map
  • Inventory
  • Shop interface
  • …and more for you to find out. (I probably forgot some)

I truly hope you enjoy this update. :heart:





Welcome to weight gaming @Mecha3D. This seems pretty interesting. I love the visuals and the layout and ui looks clean. I really like the inclusion of the choice map, the measurements window, and being able to freely move it around. It’s an interesting idea to combine a more text adventure world layout with visual novel style storytelling and I think it is done well here.

There were a lot of quality of life features planned out like togglable fetishes and rebinding out keys which are appreciated. I would love to be able to alternatively click to move within the 2D map as well. For how small the saves appear in the chapters menu I don’t think it’s obvious that you can load the checkpoints. I didn’t see the load and delete options on the checkpoints until I had already played through a section a second time. If the plan is to not have a load feature on the main menu to pick a specific save point, maybe allowing the player to click on the save to bring up more options when nothing is selected might be a good inclusion or being able to right click for another window with load and delete appearing might be more obvious due to the size.

The only way to change fetish toggles is from starting a new game. I would think this might be to not break saves and routes by turning things on mind route but I found myself accidently leaving a few options toggled off with no way to turn them on other than starting over. If the toggles would not break saves or routes it would be nice to be able to toggle things from the settings menu as well.

The “door’s” or exits to the rooms were not super obvious to me at first I don’t know if anything needs to be updated with them but for me I was lost on how to get into the operating room for a quick second before seeing it finally.

I like the writing and storyline so far it’s interesting and I’m curious to see where it goes. And for when weight gain gets added. As a side note with the romance storyline be more vanilla content and the master-slave be more “hardcore” content? Or will those choices just generally set the tone for how the playthrough will go without limiting certain types of content.




Hey, thanks for the welcome, and of course the feedback!

Other people have pointed out the checkpoints being a little difficult to spot as well.
I do like the idea of simply showing a popup when you click on a checkpoint, I might use this approach. Also, the reason there’s no independent save/load menu is because I wasn’t sure if it was needed. Although I could definitely make this a feature, if enough people ask for it or once the game gets large enough where it is for sure needed.

Content preferences
I will put them in the settings menu like you said, since it “technically” shouldn’t break anything.

Confusing navigation
I’m also not so sure what I could do about that, I guess maybe make the connection lines a tad brighter?

Story lines
One of the main reasons the story splits up is because I know some people won’t like the dark theme the game has, so going the romance story line would be a more “vanilla” route.
The other route however, would retain this dark theme while also introducing new mechanics that come with it. My plans are also prioritizing the romance route first.

All in all, thanks for the very descriptive review, appreciate it a lot, truly!


The chapters menu serves kind of the same purpose as a load menu, though it’s not obvious that’s what its function is until you click into it and find the load options. Outside of also serving as a storyline map. It might be redundant to have a feature that does the same thing really but I will say it won’t be obvious to someone wanting to reload from a certain checkpoint that the chapters menu does that, in my opinion.

Makes sense. I like the more non vanilla fetish routes often in games. I however, am not big on the master slave nicknames and while some games let you choose naming or nicknames within similar routes. I was wondering if the route would serve as an outlet for the more “hardcore” dark elements or strictly play into the specific master/slave elements.

Honestly what if the line that connect the square with any open room were just a different color? Brightness could be the better, more ascetically pleasing choice though. You already have lines in most places to convey walls, I wouldn’t mind those being a different color than the lines that connect each floor space as well. But I’m not sure if either of those things would ruin the look you are going for.

When you have actual doors with icons and other events near them I think they are obvious and represented well. There are just a few cases were there is an open “door” or “exit” that was not super obvious on first glance to me until I further understood the UI after a minute or so.

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How do you fix this error?

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The slave master path will definitely have more darker elements to it, yes. Although it does not force you to use any nicknames, it will, like you said, just set the tone. :slightly_smiling_face:
(although the game has the functionality of changing a character’s name)

Also thanks for the extra input, I will look into it!

This mostly happens if you’ve installed the game in a location that is not the default one the installer says.
If you did install it in the default location, I would advise you to join the Discord and send me a message there (or DM).

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Tried the default path and it works. Is there a way to download it to a different location?

is it possible we could get some gameplay pics?

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I was not expecting this, and whilst I’m may not be the biggest fan of these types of games I did end up sort of liking it. After my playthrough where I made the boring choices of not transforming anyone, it made the game feel less like a fetish game and more like a serious visual novel with adult themes, granted it’s only a demo, but these are my current thoughts of the project so far. The concept, gameplay and story is all very novel, though it alone won’t make a good game, so I am very interested in seeing the course you plan to take the project in

Everytime I try to open the game it crashes immediately, what am I doing wrong?

If you mean installing it in a different directory, I’m not sure, every person with the error you had installed it somewhere else, unfortunately.

I will try to add some. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad to hear the game did actually interest you somewhat. And yes, still a lot of content to be made.

Could you perhaps join the Discord server or send me a DM? That way it’s easier for me to try and help.
The game has worked fine on Windows versions above 7.

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(ignore this, this is just to have 20 characters so I can send this message .-.)

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Will there ever belly Belly epansion/inflation themes?


WOW thats amazing if you do belly stuffing content you will steal my heart.This game have a great potential.


Demo is great! Really enjoyed it, there are a lot of cool elements here. I particularly liked the measurements popup (a really cool way to deal with the weirdness other games have to tackle of having a “stats” page in the menu or something similar) and the chapter select that is also the story summary.

I also like the story itself, I have like a million questions that make me excited for future updates.

Gameplay-wise it’s also good, the 2d movement map and the visual novel portions don’t sound like they should work together, but you actuall made them work really seamlessly. I always felt like I was in the right “mode” for what I needed to be doing. I also liked how open many of the choices were, I especially noticed that in the body workshop room.

only two not-great experiences. First was trying to load a save, I was zoomed out to see the checkpoint I wanted t select and couldn’t see the load/delete options until I zoomed in a bunch. For fixing this either a popup over a checkpoint with those options when you click on one, or clicking a checkpoint in the chapters menu automatically zooms you in on that checkpoint? Not sure how easy/difficult any of this is to accomplish.

Second was that there were a few open doors I didn’t see at first, the most important being the one leading out of the body workshop near the end of the demo. Once I found it I saw the line, but it wasn’t obvious to me when I didn’t know it was there. Common fix for this type of issue is to mark the doorway on the tile you enter it through, either with an arrow on the tile pointing to the doorway or just add an extra tile to each doorway so it sticks out and is easy to spot against the wall.

Really liked the game, excited to see more!


Sounds good. I will check in when weight gain is added.


This was a very nice demo. I enjoyed the visuals and atmosphere of the scenes. I really appreciate the attention to lighting that is all so easily discarded, but I imagine the additional work it must take to keep things consistent and of high quality. The sizes shown already makes me excited for the type of content I want to see. I think the pacing is great and the UI is mostly intuitive and pretty exceptional. I really appreciate the live character measurements display as seeing raw numbers is somehow part of my kink. I am engrossed by the story and curious as to where it will lead.

A few notes, as a frequent VN player, it was unclear how the save feature behaves when I started playing. I think explaining it at least once for a first time player may be helpful. (You need to go to the chapter map and go to a checkpoint. From there you can see and select a save to load). You can imagine the anxiety players have about saves when they are used to slapping them down every two seconds. The other one is the inability to change content preferences during a play through. This may be important for plot reasons, so I imagine permanence of choice is necessary, but I think it’s important to note that a player needs to make these changes. My first play-through I didn’t even notice the options until I got to the scenes.

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