Project Realism v0.2.2 - an open world experience

@bernadmatthew Don’t worry, I’m quite the fan when it comes to slow burn growth myself. Their path will be one of those too! At the moment I don’t plan to do it one fetish at a time, but I can understand the concern. At the moment, I think it’ll be manageable. I also got a few people reach out to me and volunteer to help in places.

@maldy Thank you so much! The free version will release towards the end of this month.


I’m pretty intrigued by the idea of combining weight gain and pregnancy growth, and unreasonably large hips and thighs will definitely please some people. I’m thinking more about how going through both will affect the girl’s midsections myself, but I have heard it said that ‘thicc thighs save lives,’ so maybe it would be good for our health.


Mecha3D, I downloaded to game on my windows pc, however the security on it prevents the game from being installed. Does anyone know how to bypass this issue?

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This game have a very nice looking UI. By the way, if you sleep without talking to Amelia, the event that lets you talk to her will still be available when you get the chance to return to your cell. Triggering that event at that point seems to break the game and prevent you from doing anything else.

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@Argos1_X Windows will flag it as malware, I unfortunately cannot do anything about it. There’s a simple fix, which is to ignore it. If you’re unsure about it, you can look at a virus check here or upload it yourself.

@Lundar Thanks, appreciate it! I will look into the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m playing the first demo of the game and is there Vore in this one at least? because in this one there is no weight increase available but I know that maybe 2.0 already has it ;v;

Vore and weight gain are only in 0.2+. The demo (0.1.1) does not contain them. Vore is also currently only accessible through the weight gain path with Nylah’s dream state.

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The newest version is now available for free on the game’s Itch page here.

Now including a (experimental) Linux version as well. Hope you all enjoy! :heart:


What’s difference between project realism 0.2.2 and 0.2.1?

You can check the discord for a full change log on each version in the updates channel.

Version 2.2
No content has changed, but hopefully this finalizes the 0.2 version.

- Linux version.
- Broken animations on Linux & Mac are now hopefully fixed.
- Full technical rewrite of the Messenger app, making it less of a mess and allowing skipping.
- Other minor fixes.

This game was substantial, surprising, confounding, staggering, outstanding!

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Hey, I love your job! And I just have one question, do you intend to add sounds to the game? (example dialog sound or burp sound effects) thank you very much!!!

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Really glad to hear you enjoyed! I do very much intend on adding sounds, found a couple I like already. You can expect it in the next version.


I felt a little overwhelmed by Nylah when she first showed up. But I think that’s what you were going for. At least it fits the story greatly for her to do what she does. I wonder what’s up with her mind control ability though… Does she also serve a goddess? (Or whatever else artemis is)

The city seems a bit empty with only the main story lines are tended to, but I guess that’ll clear up once there’s more content overall. But where quantity is lacking, quality makes up for it and more. A quite intriguing story with beautiful szenes whenever they show up. Although I found the first couple szenes quite dark and hard to see. Can’t wait to see where this is going :smiley:

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Thanks so much for the kind words, appreciate it! :heart:
I do plan to fill the world out gradually, adding more and more with each update basically.


The game you have here is, imho, fantastic albeit the intro nearly talked me out of delving the depths of what this had to offer, will definitely become a patron when I can, because this game was awesome and I am excited to see where it goes! Only critique is to redo the intro cause imho it’s long and there are parts that don’t feel necessary to it! Keep up the good work!


The current state of the game is unreal and so good as a frame. I have def subbed for patreon and will continue to support as long as progress keeps up. Writing feels solid enough, animated segments are great and absolutely incredible models. Secondarily Please keep the scope focused to fill out central characters more. I’d love to see Jade and Renee get their core 4 kinks deeply explored before other characters or features are explored much.

Secondarily this is hands down the best UI I’ve ever seen for a game in this community. Just so good. The chapter system, the easy to use guide for goals and what to do next, the sprite of the character in dialogue so you can see current size, the measurements shown dynamically for size in all aspects. Just so good.

What do you use to model these characters by the way? They look really good. Does the same program do the animations?


Attention captured.
This is the kind of quality you don’t expect here.

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@Altair123 Thank you so much!! I don’t think I will change past events, luckily I did introduce intro skipping functionality, so there’s that. Will definitely keep it up! :heart:

@Xzanos Oh wow, thanks so much for the incredibly kind review. Will definitely extend the two main character’s story as much as I can! Also for your question, everything 3D in the game is made with DAZ3D and occasionally Photoshop. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello! I’m here to gush!

I was a bit dubious, not knowing what to expect from this game, but my goodness what a treat!

As a developer myself I can’t help but be in awe of the UI and chapter design. I know first hand how hard it can be to develop complex dialogue systems, and the tree structures around them, and I just want to shower your designers with all the praise in the world! It honestly reminds me of something like Detroit: Become Human, and I can’t wait to explore every branch that I’m interested in!

Seems like there is a minor bug with manual saves. I softlocked the game by saving during the introduction to a walkable scene. On load, the scene became walkable before the intro dialogue had finished, causing a key tile to not spawn. Of course, with the chapter system, it really wasn’t a bother! Just figured I’d point it out just in case! :smiley:

When I noticed the hyper tags available for so many kinks, I was extremely excited, and so far the game has not dissapointed! Of course I’m always greedy for more (bigger) hahaha, but I can’t complain about the great work that’s been done! I suppose my only… “complaint” would be that sometimes a bit more is cut off the cg’s than I’d like, however I totally understand if it’s tough to fit so… much in frame hahaha~

The writing is also extremely strong. Once you guys are closer to completion, I hope you’ll be able to give the whole game a deep proofread, to further elevate the things you’re already so successfully trying to convey.

I will figure out a good way for me to donate to your development as I am extremely excited for this project! Excellent work!

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