Rimworld Weight gain Mod the second coming discusion

So a while back I brought up the idea of “why hasn’t rimworld had a weight gain mod” I don’t fully recall that but I had some thoughts after playing a few forbidden Mods (Rimjobworld for a example a sex mod) one of them added Breasts dicks and other genitalia as a Health effect in the health pawn option.
So for weight why not have the weight be added their. body changes could be a neat secondary goal but anyone on this site can likely deal with it being pure wording.
of course weight has pros and cons (ending here but will finish up)
Weight Pros

  1. Increased Defense. (likely focused on the chest) the extra fat adds some defense though more from melee over range.
  2. Increased Melee damage (slash and blunt) melee attacks that use weight in the attack will have their damaged increased due to the added weight to the swing. note stab/pierce damage is unaffected.
  3. Can go Longer with out Eating before malnourishment sets in. part of this idea is a change to how food/hunger works. with the fat stages a pawn has to get to a set stage before being malnourished. Fat is a fuel for when food is lacking. its how bears make it though hibernation that eat a lot and store it as fat then uses that fat while they sleep.
  4. Increased Social impact. the rim is a harsh deadly place. food can be scace and you have to be in your best shape to survive. so that fact you can afoird to have a pawn or many Fat and “lazy” means your doing well and Traders will be impressed with your colony and more willing to bend on prices and the like.
  5. Increased Cold protection. all that fat is a great insulator. I mean thats why seals can stand the cold despite not being all that furry, it’s blubber
    More if they seem reasonable.
    Weight Cons
  6. Slow Movement speed. all that weight slows you down after all.
  7. Raised heat sensitivity. just like how the fat adds to cold insulation it keeps heat in lowering head insulation
  8. Bigger target. as any hyper weight fan knows all that mass makes for a bigger target.
    4.maybe, Possible armor restrictions. this one is depatable. I don’t want anyone who wants a person to gain weight to also be restircted in armor. and while for main armors I could easily argue that it could be shaped for a large pawn I don’t want to limit anyone to small set of gear.

Muscles and weight Loss.
gaining the weight is all and good when your colony is doing well and can afoird it. but maybe something happens and you can’t but your best pawn is a mass of fat. you need ways to remove it.
and whats the point of exercise if you only lose something from it.
So I think that a muscles system should be included But not counter to weight but complementing it. you can be fat and still bench weight.
Weight loss methods. Normal heavy labor. mining farming hauling that that a lot of moving around. reserching and crafting being more stationary would likely lead to more weight gain.
exercise gear. as always treadmills dumbbells punching bags the like lose weight and gain muscles
Libosuction. have a doctor remove the fat. just cuts away a lot of the weight maybe turn it in to some kind of item. likely leave a scar and needs a modest doctor for it never helps with muscles


I was going to get back into Rimworld, too, what with the recent update, but I’m waiting on some mods of mine to update, because I don’t like vanilla anymore.

I’m interested in this idea a little bit, so I’m commenting on it to be apart of the thread.

same with the waiting. though this is just a concept I got no programing I just bring out a possible method from other mods I have seen

should be rather simple if one can figure out a way to dynamically change the body from thin to average to fat and/or hulk

speaking of, there are already four (five) bodytypes in rimworld by default so it should just be a simple(ish) job of hediffs and the conditions under which they get removed or change

Oh I ignored the Body model aspect. I mean I have mods that add more possible bodies and some don’t work with races. so I ignored those in my concept if someone wanted to make art great. but I was not thinking of them and personal concept would not go only 4/5 possible bodies/ stages

Someone is working on a Vore Mod(Nabber / RimVore-2 · GitLab) for RimWorld, although what he has so far does not visually effect that Pawns weight.

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I got that mod. its one of the three main forbidion mods I got the second is one based around hyper pregnancy. would be playing but a powerfail on my house fucked my game and it glitched when ever I had mods loaded

I would say that with RimWorld if you have been playing since A17 just do a full game reinstall since so much changed it just breaks easy

hmm have to try that thanks

A Rimworld weight gain mod based on health could probably work really well. Eating while full could activate progression to get an “overweight” trait, which then can progress to “fat” and eventually “obese”, which can lower movement speed but raise hit points?

And eventually, with the new expansion, there could be ideologies worshipping fat, with feeding rituals and bonus happiness from being fat


in theory this could also allow one to be underweight for the inverse effects and beefy if one did a lot of physical tasks like combat and building

I had the thought of levels of weight starting at 0 and thats just average weight, -1 Skinny no real cons with being a bit lighter and faster. a bit light on weight but still healthy levels. -2 thin some cons in like defense and such bit much faster. -3 Malnourished pure bad.

I’ve been plinking away at something to this end. I was considering using harmony to add on to the pawn eating method. I’ve got the hediffs made but haven’t decided on how exactly I want to change pawn appearance yet.

OH good job. I ignored the apperance aspect since in my Concept idea it’s not as needed. Its great if around but not 100% required

The biggest obstacle for me is the lack of documented API for modding. The mental effort to learn game code from 0 would be huge. You can see all classes & functions in assembly explorer sure, but without documentation or guide it’s a pain in the ass; especially considering that the number of classes is HUGE

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Would adding a new job for the Pawns be an issue since having Feeder as a job makes more sense then a Doctor or the Warden taking care of the overweight character after they reach immobile

I don’t think it’s necessary since pawns (doctors) will automatically rescue downed (or immobile) colonists and keep them fed. There might be some work that needs done for prisoners and slaves but I think it’ll work out of the box.
Yesterday I got Harmony to work a bit (it now will run custom code after a pawn finishes eating). Today I’m going to try to set up some custom defs and see about how I want this to work.

Reading this again I realize I misunderstood what you said. No, I don’t think adding it would be too hard. The way I’m thinking is that in addition to the Food stat, there is also a “hunger” stat or something like it that goes does with Food but faster. If the pawn is dying from malnutrition or their food stat isn’t dealt with, then the doctor or warden would still deal with it. However, if the Feeder job was actually being done (whenever the hunger stat dropped) then they would be fed by the feeder. In this case as long as they have a feeder who is actually doing their job then the doctor warden wouldn’t have to.

I think that what you’re describing doesn’t need an extra need variable, it can easily be factored in as a trait ie; ‘Hungry’ or ‘Ravenous’, with appropriate modifiers. It could impose mood debuffs if you haven’t eaten in a while, leave Food too low for too long. In return, you get buffs from being satiated, eating good meals, prepare and consume food faster.

Anything you do to limit the number of extra ‘need’ bars you have to track will make for better mod gameplay and reduce UI clutter (plus any modding needed to free up UI space). The only extra bar I think a weight mod would benefit from is for weight itself. Existing traits like ‘Gourmand’ are also relevant to a weight gain mod and should be considered.

As for anything graphics related, I suggest messaging/asking Tightfit, who started the first rimworld modding thread. Being able to have a dynamic visual representation of weight stages would be pretty damn cool and once again, limit the need to constantly look at bars to mentally process ‘ok, this person is thin/buff/chubby/fat, I should act accordingly’.

exactly, by adding a new job you would fill the fetish role but also be able to dedicate a one or more Pawns to the task. What haven’t seen in RimWorld is ways for Pawns to develops traits aside from the Chem addictions and being seriously wounded, so maybe utilizing the addiction systems setup for a Gluttony trait might be beneficial

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